11 Different Types Of Cube Puzzles

Solving cube puzzles may initially start sheerly out of curiosity but once you start solving, they can soon become a hobby. Not only that, solving cube puzzles are also a de-stressing activity that lets you eliminate all your worries.

Whenever we speak of cube puzzles, the first thing that comes to our mind is Rubik’s cube. Learning to solve a Rubik’s cube needs lot of will power and patience. Though solving this cube requires lot of time, especially if you’re a beginner, yet at the end of the game, it is highly rewarding.

Solving cube puzzles can improve your memory, patience, problem-solving skills and also map out your steps. These games help in keeping your mind active and improves speed, agility, and reflexes.

So, if you thought that the Rubik’s cube is the only type of cube puzzle, you’re wrong. We will give you a list of 11 types of cube puzzles that you may choose from.

Multiple Types Of Cube Puzzles Listed Below

Different Types Of Cube Puzzles


Undoubtedly, this is one of the most common and popular type of cube puzzle that you may find in the market. This is outright challenging not just due to the multiple combinations it has but also because of the fact that there’s just a single solution to this puzzle.

The sides of the Rubik’s cube can be twisted around each other, leading to sides which are mixed with a combination of different colors. The aim of the Rubik’s cube is that you have to put all the colors together so that each side constitutes of a single color.

People of any age will enjoy the Rubik’s cube and the older users will need a skill set to solve this puzzle.


A mirror cube is similar in size and design to a Rubik’s cube. However, it differs in the fact that the sides aren’t made of equally sized squares. Hence, while you can twist the sides of the cube and make it rotate, they won’t always be in the shape of a cube.

As the cubes can spin out of the cube and form various shapes, it is tough to turn them in such a manner that they become a cube again. The stickers on the outer portion of this cube puzzle don’t offer any clue as to how to solve it.

There are numerous combinations of how you can twist the sides and turn them to form a cube. When you form a solid 3D cube, you win the game.


This is a cube puzzle which is made from various types of wood, which results in a luring puzzle that can look great even though it is not solved. This snake cube features an elastic string which serves to connect the parts of the cube.

All the sides of the cube can be linked with each other in the shape of a 3D cube but this is a big challenge. You can easily pull apart the pieces and stretch the snake. However, with so many variations of how the snake can be formed back in place, it can be tough to solve the puzzle.

The good thing about this puzzle is its small size. It is easy to play on the go and you can spend time in public transports.


This is a wooden cube puzzle which is not just fun but also attractive. This is because the cube is made of durable monkeypod wood which is of high quality. This is a rather hand-crafted puzzle which is designed for a great final product.

There are seven different pieces which are shaped uniquely and which constitute the cube. When these pieces are placed in the right location, they easily fit under the cube game.

Since all these pieces fit within the game when they are assembled properly, it is a viable option for users who are looking for a cube puzzle which can be stored easily. It isn’t easy to put them together but you’ll learn the trick.


Unlike Rubik’s Cube which has 3X3 squares on each side, this specific cube puzzle has an alarming 11X11 faces. You can well understand how much difficult it is to solve this game. On the contrary, this cube is comparatively easier to twist and turn into various combinations.

This cube puzzle weighs just under 2 pounds and is heavier than other puzzles in the market. Nevertheless, this heavy weight makes it more enjoyable to use. The colors added are bright and hence it encourages and invites users to complete the puzzle till they win.

With each side of the puzzle, there are unlimited number of combinations and this can be a bit frustrating for the beginner players.


This is a cube puzzle which is also used as a fidget toy. This makes it an ideal option for people who are looking for things to do with their hands in the event of a nervous situation. The infinity cube is small enough to be played with only one hand and hence can be fitted inside your pocket.

This cube has ergonomic design and modern appearance of a cube puzzle and it won’t look messy even if kept in a modern office. It is made out of 8 ABS plastic blocks which are held with metal rivets.

There are number of ways in which you can open and close this cube and all the pieces will fold in on their own to form a solid cube.


This is undoubtedly one of the toughest puzzles in the market. While a 2X2 cube can be solved easily, this puzzle heightens the challenge level by consisting of four 2X2 cube puzzles that link and touch each other.

Each of your move will have a ripple effect on the remaining cubes of the puzzle, making it easier to alter sides and color. This also makes it tough for users to repair the mistakes they have done.

All the cubes of the puzzle turn easily and users needn’t worry about the cube getting stuck or being tough to turn. All these stickers are of premium quality and they’re designed to stay at the right place without even peeling.


This cube puzzle has been specially designed for speedy cubing and it has durable stickers which won’t peel. The internal system is created to work easily and quickly without the requirement of any added lubrication. This makes it a game that can be played regularly.

User should twist the cube to brings the sides to a proper alignment without any portion of the cube sticking out of the remaining parts. As there are several combinations, the sides of the cube comprise of triangles and other tricky shapes.

This cube puzzle is built with a strong core so that it can withstand regular use without the possibility of breaking or popping out of place.


This is a wooden cube puzzle which includes the users in filling up the empty cube with interlocking wooden pieces without leaving the space inside or having pieces stick out of the top.

The design of the pieces is done in such a way that they can fit easily into each other. However, this makes it tough to fit the pieces in a manner where there will be no leftover space. As the puzzle pieces are precision cut and fitted closely, there are no issues with gaps in the game.

Unlike other cube games, where there are not many pieces to use, this puzzle has a total of 54 pieces and this means users have to plan ahead of time if they wish to win it.


Unlike few conventional cube puzzles which are derived from squares, this cube has a strange modular shape that alters with every movement or twist of the puzzle. This makes it tough to get back to the original cube space.

The pieces that remain on the side of the cube twist due to the design of the gear and this leads to a cube puzzle which is hard to solve. But this will lead to a solid cube when it is completed properly.

This cube has anti-pop technology which is used to design the puzzle so that it prevents any part of the puzzle to pop out. The corners of the puzzle won’t lock up or twist. This clearly means that regardless of how long this cube has been used, there’s no worry about the sides or edge breaking off.


This is a rather fun cube puzzle for a person who wishes to give back monetary presents but also make sure the recipient works hard to receive that. The user has to turn and twist this cube to move a small ball which unlocks it.

It is a simple process to drop bills or coins through the top slot within the cube but it’s hard to get those things out. You have to solve the puzzle in order to open that cube.

This game may seem easy at the first look but once you start rolling the ball, you will find yourself moving through a maze to earn that money.

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