13 Board Games That Start with O

Board games are a savior during times of boredom, especially now that we are locked inside our homes due to the pandemic. While it is true that most of us are busy with our smartphone games, yet at the same time, it can’t be denied that board games have not lost their popularity.

Awesome Board Games that Start with ‘O’

Board Games That Start with O

If you have been trying to find out the names of board games that start with O, you’ve clicked on the right post. Here are 13 different choices for you.

Ocean Labyrinth

  • Similar to a game called ‘The aMAZEing Labyrinth’, players need to travel through the game board in a journey to arrive at a specific image that coordinates with the card that they have.
  • Since the game board is changing constantly and moving as players put their tiles in on the sides, it tends to be hard to track down the best way to take them.
  • Players should go through passages and stop when they go to a divider, which is the reason pieces are continually being moved and supplanted, yet each move from a rival can without much of a stretch square future moves by a player.
  • When a player can arrive at an image, then, at that point they need to continue on to the following one in their hand, and the main player to contact them all wins the game.

Once Upon a Time

  • This is a cooperative game where players cooperate to make a story, utilizing cards that are intended to show normal components that are remembered for fantasies.
  • One player plays the job of Storyteller and makes a story by utilizing the cards that they have.
  • Other players attempt to interfere with the story that the Storyteller is making by utilizing their cards to stop them so they can take on the job.
  • The victor is the player who can dispose of the entirety of their story cards, just as play their Happily Ever After card.
  • Thanks to the extensive craftsmanship and thick, strong cards in the game, it has extraordinary replay esteem and will engage all players.

Octopus Garden

  • Players assume the role of octopuses who are in rivalry to attempt to make the most excellent submerged nurseries.
  • By chipping away at their nursery and further developing it, players can make alluring and bright fish, for example, clownfish and seahorses while shielding their clams from being eaten by sea stars.
  • This tile-laying game is turn-based and has unbelievably flawless and nitty-gritty tiles that structure the board.
  • Players need to pick what tiles they will remember for their nursery and afterward buy them.
  • While the reason for the game is straightforward, seeing how to place the tiles on the table in the best request, how to ensure submerged creatures, and how to try not to surprise feather worms is significant with the goal that players can win.


  • This is a game of investigating the submerged world, players depend on card-drafting to move and associate with one another.
  • Every player is a submarine pilot who is attempting to track down the most various species under the water, just as the biggest coral reef.
  • Each player sends their jumpers down to gather treasure that can be utilized to work on the sub.
  • The subs are completely isolated into five sections, with every last one of them upgradable autonomously from the others.
  • Each part of the sub controls an alternate capacity that the player has.
  • With a wide range of approaches to score points and to work on the subs, each player gets an opportunity to win.
  • With synchronous play and just 15 turns, this game ends pretty fast.


  • This is a battle game, somewhere in the range of 4 and 12 players go about as masters in the Eastern grounds and attempt to take up arms against one another while as yet keeping up for certain strategic connections.
  • The lands are consistently occupied, yet in the event that the pioneer is inaccessible, others will move forward and attempt to dominate, so players must know about how they will actually want to control their assets and keep them from being taken.
  • Not just do players must have some thought of a system that will assist them with dominating this match, however, they additionally need to realize how to feign each other for the best outcomes.
  • The alluring cards are brilliant, and the different pieces are wood and entirely tough.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

  • This speedy game is ideal for 3 to 10 players and highlights procedure, hazard, and attempting to discover who in the gathering is the malevolent werewolf.
  • Every player has an alternate task to carry out, which guarantees that players stay intrigued, in any event, when it isn’t their move.
  • The players who are werewolves are attempting to stow away from the others, including the Seer and the agitator.
  • Since every player has their own arrangement of capacities, they work to attempt to sort out who is the werewolf before the dusks with the goal that they will not get nibbled and afterward turn.
  • Can be joined with One Night Ultimate Werewolf Daybreak for significantly more play.

Outpost: Amazon

  • Set somewhere down in the Amazon, this agreeable game expects players to cooperate to attempt to endure the abhorrences that anticipate them.
  • Games just take around 30 minutes, and since there is an insignificant arrangement, this game is incredible for players who are in a rush.
  • The cards in the game address everything from fiascoes to vital supplies, making each draw of a card energizing and somewhat unnerving.
  • Players need to persevere through shocking climates and endure horrendous monsters in case they will be ready to survive the Amazon.

Organ Attack

  • All organ cards are managed out to the players and put face up before them.
  • Using various illnesses and diseases, players attempt to eliminate their adversaries’ organs.
  • Nothing is as simple as it appears, as players can utilize immunizations and have a medical procedure to work on the proper health of their organs and keep them from being eliminated.
  • As sicknesses must be played on organs that bode well, players must have a technique for how they will assault their adversaries and eliminate their organs.
  • While there is an instructive part to the game, a portion of the cards are somewhat senseless.


  • This exemplary game expects players to be exceptionally able and to attempt to eliminate body parts from a patient without incidentally setting off the bell.
  • During the game, players draw cards that mention to them what body parts should be taken out, and afterward, they need to utilize tweezers connected by wire to do as such.
  • If a player coincidentally contacts the metal edge of the opening where the body part is, then, at that point the bell will find.
  • By effectively eliminating body parts, players can bring in cash with an end goal to have the most toward the finish of the game and to win.

On the Underground

  • Players contend to attempt to fabricate the best underground lines.
  • The objective is to have the most points toward the finish of the game, and players can do this by interfacing their lines to various regions on the board and by having travelers utilize their lines for movement.
  • Every player will control somewhere in the range of two and four unique lines and need to adjust their time and assets on their chance to work on their lines.
  • During their turn, after they work on their lines, players should then move travelers along the lines.
  • When the game is out of destination cards, then, at that point there could be as of now not a traveler marker on the game, and players need to zero in on just structure their track to get the most focuses.

Over the Line

  • This charades and Pictionary mix is extraordinary for a grown-up party, as the topics are not suitable for more youthful players.
  • Each player has a go-to pick a card and act or draw what is on it with an end goal to get different players to figure.
  • There are 350 cards remembered for the game, which implies that the game can last endlessly into the night as players cycle through the cards.
  • The 90-second time keeps all players genuine and keeps any one individual from getting everyone’s attention.

One Night Revolution

  • This quick game expects 3 to 10 players and furnishes every player with their own mysterious character.
  • The design of this game is extremely straightforward and takes into consideration players to rapidly get familiar with the standards and begin playing.
  • Every player has their own job in the game and needs to discover other people who are in their group to attempt to accumulate data, switch jobs, and even assist their colleagues with revealing who is a source.
  • Because the game is so short, players need to work rapidly in case they will be ready to win, as the game is over once the day is finished.

Open Sesame

  • In this memory-game players re-institute “Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves,” yet gamble so perceive how much fortune they can amass without stalling out in a cavern and losing everything.
  • Each player goes about as either Ali Baba or a hoodlum and turns which job they play all through the game.
  • Thieves should rehash a developing rundown of articles without committing an error.

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