14 Cool Board Games that Start with C

Have you been looking for the most interesting and cool board games that you can play during fun game nights? Since we are all locked in our homes, house parties have become even more common than before. In order to entertain ourselves, we often call our friends for dinner or lunch and spend a gala time.

During such a time, board games can add to the flavor of the time spent together. Check out the names of the coolest board games which start with C.

Cool Board Game Names that Start with C

Cool Board Game Names that Start with C


  • This is a classic 2 player game in which the players have control over multiple pieces
  • Each of these pieces has a set of moves that they can make
  • Players take a turn in capturing the opponent’s king to bar them from escaping
  • When the players start moving, they have to either chase their opponent and defend their own back from the attack
  • There are several strategies that are used in this game, though it’s easy for the new players to choose since the rules are basic and they make enough sense
  • Since players lose the pieces, they require deciding on a different technique to win


  • Players need to work for designing their own castle while still ensuring that the one which they build will meet the requirements of the king
  • While players are busy buying and building tiles from other opponents, they also need to set prices of the tiles so as to turn a profit and buy more tiles
  • Players should follow the king’s plan to improve the chances of winning the game
  • There are 12 different rooms of various sizes and shapes from which you can choose
  • All castles speak a story and display their floorplan when completed


  • It is an ideal game for 2 to 8 players.
  • In the game, the players have to find out the location of their secret agents without contacting the agents of the opponents, meeting a civilian, or speaking to an assassin
  • One player plays the role of a spymaster and is aware of the location of the various secret agents for the players of the team
  • The spymaster offers clues to the players which are the code names of the agents
  • Players take turns in playing but they should focus on how their opponent plays to find out their agents
  • The real identity of an agent is revealed when a player guesses it


  • This game might be easy to learn but it has a strategy that is involved and which makes it an ideal game for the players to enjoy and the seniors to master
  • The game is made keeping 2 players in mind and each of them captures the discs which the other controls
  • By plunging over the discs of the opponent, the players win the game
  • When a disc moves to another side of the board, it is ‘crowned’ and can travel both backward and forward on the board
  • It is possible to take multiple discs at once


  • The game is ideal for 1 player but 4 players can also play the game
  • Can be very easily understood and enjoyed by players who are even 8 years of age
  • The tiles are of premium quality, they are designed beautifully and are thick
  • Players need to lay the tiles in the game to build the kingdom and design castles
  • They can reorganize the riles at any point of the game and this is perfect for young players
  • Has a total of 80 castle tiles, 4 grass tiles, 4-character figures, and a sand timer


  • The game is designed for 2-4 players who play the roles of leaders who have been given the charge of safeguarding a historical civilization
  • Each player has his own set of skills and can use them to their benefit without enhancing the civilization
  • This board game is modular and hence it is different each time you play it
  • Players should research technology, combat battles, and lure leaders to the communities while improving cities and buildings
  • The players begin the game with a scout, a city, and an army figure


  • This is a classic game where 2-6 players try to find out the murderer in the dinner party
  • By gradually weeding out the chance of too many weapons, murderers, and murder locations, players may answer who, where, and with what the murder was done.
  • This is a turn-based game that moves pretty smoothly but the players have to be aware while others alternatively take turns to wipe out suspects
  • When the players move through the gameboard, they move via a mansion, looking for answers
  • Through careful strategy, players will be easily able to solve the murder


  • A group that has 8 players can place bets on racing camels and decide the ones that come first and second
  • The speed and movements of the camel are decided by the roll of a dice
  • The sooner you are able to place a bet, the more will be the chances of winning as long as the bet is proper
  • Dices are released when players have already placed the bets
  • Features like camels run in the wrong way keeping players guessing what’s going to happen in the following game
  • With a nice design of the board game, this game is interesting and attractive


  • The players of this game are in charge of 6 pirates and they have to work hard to help them in escaping through passages located underground
  • Pirates can move when a player plays a card, match the symbol that is placed on the card to spot the pirate while moving
  • Through shrewd strategy, players will know how to plan ahead for moving the pirates back so that they can gain additional cards according to their need
  • It’s easy to run out of cards and it is by moving the pirates backward that the players can gain more cards


  • Players need to work for building a castle
  • Since the players have an indistinguishable deck of cards, the game requires enough strategy and skill but not has luck
  • 2 players take near about 45 minutes to play the game
  • All pieces of the castle are interlocking and durable and this means that the game is durable
  • Since there’s no competition, this is a perfect game for players. This game builds cooperation and demands more focus on the game


  • At the beginning of the game, each player has got 5-character roles which they got to choose randomly. As each character has power, this sets the tone for the game.
  • With the progress of the game, players need to utilize the deck to boost chances of deduction, luck, bluffing, and arbitration
  • The rules are easy to understand and can make sure that the game continues in an interesting manner
  • The cards are of premium quality and they have high-end artwork
  • Each of the players uses the actions of characters in their hands and they gain influence in the game and gains most of the income


  • Each of the players is in charge of his gang which consists of 4 thieves and who is fighting with the opponents to try to gain maximum treasure from different chests
  • Though players can feel confident regarding their skill to win when they have enough treasure, yet it makes them a target for opponents.
  • Players can work to try to not just get treasure from chests but also work against each other and steal treasure which the opponents worked so hard for
  • There’s an option for players to target the opponents or the chests which are bid to obtain the loot


  • By ruling a Roman dynasty, the players grow their trade, try to please gods, and send colonists to the remote places of the world
  • This is a strategy game that demands the players focus on financial development
  • It is vital to produce few goods that can be utilized for enhancing the chances of winning
  • Rather than using cards or dice, players should have a strategy to know how to win the game
  • The players get more cards through the game and these cards are used for allowing actions during the game and to turn them into victory points


  • Each player has to be an ambitious merchant and try to become a successful entrepreneur of the city
  • Fame is usually measured by expanding the trade district while being able to handle deliveries
  • Players need to compete against each other, try to earn popularity, and establish feasible trade to win
  • The game is best for 2 to 5 players as they can manage their resources, trade with each other, and know the economy
  • The tiles are in Latin and hence the game is not dependent on language
  • The game lasts for 1-2 hours, and when the rules are intuitive, players need a strategy

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