13 Simple Board Games Like Tic Tac Toe That Are Easy to Learn

Who doesn’t love playing simple board games? They are not only easy to play but are also easy to learn. If you’re someone who loves board games, you must be looking forward to the names of those that are as simple as Tic Tac Toe.

Games like Tic Tac Toe have been gateway games for showing your friends and families how to play board games.

Simple Board Games Like Tic Tac Toe – Easy to Learn

Simple Games like Tic Tac Toe

To know about the 13 board games which are as simple as Tic Tac Toe, keep reading.

Connect 4

  • Two players alternate dropping shaded plates into the frame
  • Players attempt to get four discs in succession while simultaneously hindering each other from scoring
  • Games are generally short, which is incredible for youngsters with more limited abilities to focus and considers plenty of games to be played in a brief timeframe
  • Turn-based play is incredible for kids who are figuring out how to take turns and to play with an accomplice
  • Bright tones are welcoming and fun and sure to motivate kids to need to play this great game
  • Thanks to the strong edge and pieces, this is an incredible game to play with kids who may somehow or another be difficult for games


  • This exemplary two-player game incorporates a game board, 64 reversible circles, and plate holders
  • The play is extremely straightforward for most players to rapidly get, yet the technique is vital for players to have the most obvious opportunity with regards to winning
  • Players must have a methodology of how they will get the most discs of their shading on the board
  • By encompassing their adversary’s discs, they can flip them to their color, which is the most ideal approach to assume control over the board
  • As the game advances and there are fewer spots to put the circles, players must have the option to think and prepare for the most obvious opportunity at flipping the most discs to the same color


  • Two players each have an assortment of stones in openings on their sides of the board
  • On each end of the board, there is a bigger space where players attempt to store their stones
  • Players scoop stones and drop them, individually, into the openings around the board
  • When players end with a stone in their bigger space they can go once more
  • While players are attempting to get the most potential stones in their bigger slot, they are likewise attempting to keep the other player from taking all the stones
  • Because of the turn-based play, no player will get exhausted when playing this game

Guess Who

  • This exemplary game for two players requires every player to pick a person and afterward attempt to figure what character their adversary picked
  • By posing explicit inquiries about the highlights of the characters on the board, players can take out the characters that their adversary didn’t pick
  • It gets simpler to discover who their adversary picked as players keep on narrowing down their choices
  • Players must be perceptive about the person that they picked and furthermore know about what questions they can ask straightaway
  • Understanding which inquiries to pose to will assist you with narrowing down the accessible characters that your adversary picked and will help you sort out the appropriate response


  • Two players alternate putting black or white stones on the board
  • Players attempt to wall off areas of the load up for themselves while simultaneously encompassing their adversary’s stones
  • The end of the game possibly happens when the board is totally filled or when the two players consent to end the game
  • While this is definitely not a quick moving game, it requires a ton of technique and preparing
  • Players can without much of a stretch figure out how to play the game in only a couple of minutes, however, strategy takes a lifetime to master


  • This current game is an incredible wind on works of art and is ideal for two players to appreciate
  • Players need to join components of Connect 4, Go, and Tic Tac Toe
  • As players think two-dimensionally to put their pieces, they need to stop their rivals while additionally attempting to get five in a succession of a specific shape or color
  • While some technique tabletop games can keep going for quite a long time, this is a high-speed game that is an extraordinary choice for when players are in a rush
  • Components are excellent and put away in pockets in the container with the goal that they don’t get harmed or lost when away
  • Since players can play off of their rival’s pieces, this game has an additional component of stress


  • Each player is in charge of a bunch of red or black pieces
  • The objective of the game is to catch the entirety of the adversary’s pieces and be the keep going one with any on the board
  • Players can catch another piece by hopping over it, making it conceivable to chain together a few leaps
  • When players arrive at the opposite side of the board, they can be “crowned” which permits them to then move backward and forward
  • Basic rules are straightforward
  • While the game takes a ton of karma from the outset, step by step players should depend more on the ability to get an opportunity to dominate the match


  • Fun coordinating with the game has almost no pressing factor for players, which is incredible for more youthful youngsters
  • Players alternate turning over a couple of facedown cards as they attempt to discover a couple
  • When players discover a couple, they will eliminate them from the game and save them for themselves
  • The player who has the most matches toward the finish of the game is the victor
  • Not just do players need to recollect which cards haven’t been turned over, yet they additionally need to recall where certain cards are with the goal that they can discover sets
  • It’s not difficult to make this game simpler or harder relying upon the number of sets of cards you remember for the game


  • Everyone who plays Tenzi gets 10 dice and afterward needs to move their dice as fast as conceivable to attempt to get a similar number on everyone
  • The first individual who can get a similar number of all dice and afterward shouts “tenzi” wins
  • Players must have the option to figure out which number is the most ideal choice for them to attempt to get on all dice
  • Because all players play without a moment’s delay, this game moves rapidly and has relatively little personal time
  • Great game for amateurs and small kids to play, as long as they can recognize the numbers on their dice
  • Great game for as not many as two individuals

Chutes and Ladders

  • Because this game doesn’t need any perusing, it is an incredible game to play with more youthful kids
  • Children can rehearse their considering and number acknowledgment they play the game
  • All players are attempting to advance toward the highest point of the board without unintentionally arriving on a chute and sliding down to the start
  • Players turn a spinner and afterward move that numerous spaces
  • Some players luck out and end up on a stepping stool space that permits them to scale and sidestep various different spaces that they would need to go through
  • The brilliant shadings on the board are welcoming and energizing for more youthful youngsters

Turtle Flip

  • Perfect game for a couple, however up to six players can play
  • While it appears to be a customary round of memory, this game has a wind and assists with showing more youthful players directions and value of the number
  • Thanks to the high speed of this game, it will keep the consideration of considerably more youthful players
  • When kids play with guardians, they will acquire social abilities and more certainty
  • The rules are extremely essential and simple to realize, which implies that individuals can begin playing immediately
  • Thanks to the pleasant representations on the cards and the brilliant shadings, this game will satisfy children of all ages


  • Two players each have a bunch of one or the other black or white pieces
  • Players alternate moving their pieces, every which have various moves that they can make
  • In an endeavor to place their adversary’s King in “checkmate” players get their pieces all over the board
  • It takes a great deal of ability to have the option to take the rival’s pieces without having your own pieces taken too
  • While the game has genuinely straightforward principles, it consumes most of the day to win chess

Shut the Box

  • High-quality segments incorporate a strong solid wood case, transparent cover, 9 number tiles, and 2 wood dice
  • Great game for youngsters and for grown-ups
  • Players roll the dice and afterward, they need to close the numbers that can amount to the number on the dice
  • When players can’t close any crates to amount to the dice that they have rolled, then, at that point their turn is finished
  • The next player opens up the entirety of the numbers and closes them two by two or each in turn
  • The player who has the most minimal score toward the finish of everybody’s turn is the victor

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