13 Board Games Like Settlers of Catan – Have You Seen Them All?

We love the idea of playing board games in fun evenings with our friends and family members. What are the other ways in which we can entertain ourselves during this pandemic situation? Well, there are not many ways apart from playing board games.

If you’re someone who has been looking for games that are similar to Settlers of Catan, here are few that you may take into account. Scroll down to know more.

Board Games To Play If You Like Catan

List of Boad Games Like Catan

Stone Age

  • Offers an hour of gameplay for two to four players.
  • Players get back to the stone age where they need to initially gather the crude materials that they need to fabricate homes, acquire information, and make more grounded weapons.
  • Luck has an influence on how well you do in this game, albeit a great deal has to do with how well players deal with their assets and deal with their kin.
  • It can be not difficult to inadvertently extend yourself excessively slightly, bringing about your kin starving to death.
  • While it’s exceptionally fun with more players, there is a lot of contests with just two individuals playing.


  • Players work to attempt to gather beans that they would then be able to sell for gold.
  • Since there is restricted developing space and there are in every case new beans to plant, players must be exceptionally key about how they will deal with their yields to have the best collection.
  • Players can exchange beans that they would prefer not to different players who need them in their fields.
  • The high-speed activity of this game will keep players from getting exhausted and guarantees that it very well may be replayed on numerous occasions.
  • Having a strategy about where and when to plant your beans is the most ideal approach to assume responsibility for the game.

Ticket to Ride

  • Offers an astounding measure of replay esteem, which is extraordinary for families who love to mess around together.
  • Contains 225 colored train vehicles so players are able to extend their train as far as might be feasible.
  • Gameplay endures somewhere in the range of 30 and an hour.
  • Players need to gather and afterward play their train cards to attempt to finish rail route courses through North America, associating urban communities as they go.
  • There are various distinctive ways that players can score points to attempt to win.
  • Players can procure points by associating long courses, just as asserting a finished course between two urban communities.


  • Has various developments that can be purchased and utilized with the game to expand the pleasure, playability, and difficulties.
  • While the thought behind how to set up and play this game is moderately straightforward, the ongoing interaction is exceptionally captivating. This keeps a great many people unquestionably intrigued when playing this game.
  • When you choose the large box of this game, you will consequently have all of the extensions.
  • There are in excess of seven distinct kinds of meeple that you can have, just as in excess of 150 unique tiles to play with.
  • Uses a blend of procedure and chance for players to win.


  • Contains an excess of 300 wood parts and 50 tiles, 9 loads up, tokens, and 360 cards to make a game that is exceptional each time you play.
  • Players start the game as ranchers with minimal wooden shacks and very little else to their name.
  • Players need to develop their family, yet remember how much food they should take care of them.
  • Feeding relatives is conceivable through planting a nursery while enhancing dinners with wild creatures that are killed.
  • Each turn just comprises of two activities, so players must realize how to prepare so they can make the most out of their turn.

Puerto Rico

  • An economic and cultivating-themed tabletop game that is extremely fascinating and offers around an hour and a half of ongoing interaction for each game.
  • Perfect for game evening, as every player will play an alternate part to play, including manufacturer, commander, merchant, major, miner, pioneer, and specialist.
  • Players can act during each turn of the game, which keeps individuals intrigued and propelled in playing.
  • Players must have the option to deal with their kin, set up structures, work on their manor, and still auction or boat their merchandise to new areas.
  • Unlike other comparable games, this is an extremely smoothed-out game that is intended to be not difficult to play and not become hard to comprehend.


  • There is almost no copy work of art in the game, which makes certain to keep players keen on playing.
  • All of the wooden solid shapes are huge enough for players to deal with effectively without a battle.
  • Even however the game will in general run rapidly, there is a great deal of technique required as players attempt to choose early what will be the best move for them to make.
  • It’s truly workable for the losing player to rapidly dominate the match if different players don’t remain alert, so it’s significant for all players to remain intrigued and trust each other.
  • With three variations, it’s not difficult to play another game each time, so this game has incredible replayability.

Greenland second Edition

  • Oversized cards don’t simply give all of the data that players need to partake in this game, yet they additionally make it exceptionally simple for players to clutch them during the game.
  • There are 60 cards included, each addressing innovations, occasions, girls, creatures, and resources of Greenland.
  • More than 100 tokens are incorporated, as are six dice.
  • Players contend in this endurance game to attempt to accumulate food to help their kin, crash contending species, and endure the cold climate wherein they live.
  • Each turn addresses one age of individuals, so players should have a methodology about how they will get the assets that they need.

Ad Astra

  • This instinctive game requires planning and technique with the goal that players can attempt to overcome space.
  • With space enough for three to five players, this game will in general get exceptionally included, yet at the same time is speedy enough that most players will not be exhausted while looking out for their turn.
  • Players need to direct a group of future mankind to investigate the universe, utilizing new innovation, discovering homes on planets, and investigating relics of lost human advancements.
  • Each player attempts to be the person who will actually want to make the most developed and sweeping progress in the game.
  • Players can change the assets that they have when beginning in case they are stressed over the game being excessively simple or excessively hard.


  • Offers one to two hours of interactivity for two to five players.
  • This methodology game expects players to realize how to prepare for future moves when they will haggle with different players, exchanging, and selling their products.
  • All players play the part of a sixteenth-century broker in Genoa and need to convey messages, satisfy orders, and own structures that are in the city.
  • While not a helpful game, players need to figure out how to arrange and cooperate at specific points to get what they need and move nearer to winning.
  • The player who has gotten the most cash flow toward the finish of the game is the champ.

Railways of the World

  • Features refreshed markers, rules, data, and parts.
  • Has various extensions that can be utilized to improve ongoing interaction and permit players to partake in an alternate gaming experience.
  • Players have a train and a mission to fabricate their railroad organization and have the greatest railroad realm in the country.
  • By interfacing urban communities, growing quicker and bigger trains, and traversing the country, players can bring in cash and acquire power in the game.
  • Contains 156 shaded plastic train miniatures that are not difficult to control and unbelievably splendid, 135 shapes to address merchandise, 24 engine placards, cash, 43 bond certificates, noblemen, love cards, and markers.

Airlines Europe

  • Move-based technique game sets major parts in opposition to one another as they endeavor to build up an aircraft and attempt to acquire one of only a handful few air licenses accessible.
  • There are extraordinary opportunities to bring in cash in this game, as an ever-increasing number of financial backers attempt to empty cash into the aircraft, yet just the players who can impact the financial backers will actually want to make money.
  • Players need to depend on ability and exchange to get the financing that they need, yet in addition, need to realize how to put away their cash to make the most to dominate the match.
  • The gameplay keeps going around 75 minutes and is ideal for two to five players.
  • Requires players to see new strategies and subtleties that aren’t accessible in any remaining strategy games.

Lords of Vegas

  • Players are rivals who need to construct gambling clubs in Las Vegas and have the option to attract the most clients to get the most cash flow.
  • All players start with void parts where they can assemble their little club and work to further develop them and extend them as they get more cash and get more mainstream.
  • Rival players can attempt to forestall each other from growing by working nearby, which can permit them to try and assume control over your club.
  • Strategy and luck consolidate in this game as players battle for control of the city.
  • Players need to realize how to bet, sell, purchase, and exchange with one another to get the assets that they need to administer Las Vegas.

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