12 Strategic Board Games Like Sequence with Patterns & Abstract Thinking

If you thought that board games are only for entertainment, there’s more to it. We all know that the best way to learn is through an authentic and immediate experience which leaves us asking for more.

Playing board games is an ideal example of gaining such an experience – it is not just entertaining but also exciting and engaging.

Board games also stimulate instant involvement and boost your abstract thinking capabilities. Here are the names and descriptions of the 12 strategic board games that can help you improve your thinking skills.

Games Like Sequence with Patterns & Abstract Thinking

Sequence with Patterns & Abstract Thinking

La Boca

  • Players work in moving groups of two that sit opposite one another and attempt to finish horizons that are on various challenge cards
  • Since players can just see the picture according to their perspective, they must work with one another to put the squares in the right positions
  • The quicker a team can finish their structure, the more points they will score
  • Since the clock is continually ticking, players feel the pressing factor of having the option to work quicker and harder
  • The top-notch wooden pieces in this game are a delight to hold and to feel and are intended to be strong and not to chip or lose their shading
  • Since there are two trouble levels to browse, players can pick how hard they need the game to be


  • Players take turns as they draft diverse shaded tiles from the stockpile to their own player board
  • Players will procure points dependent on how well they had the option to put their tiles and to brighten their castle
  • It’s feasible to acquire extra points by finishing sets or explicit patterns
  • Players who waste tiles will have their scores brought down
  • The top-notch segments are brilliant and appealing, lending the game a modern air
  • While the standards are not difficult to follow and the game is not difficult to learn, there is a great deal of procedure and preparation that can make it more troublesome


  • This game is a kind of workmanship plan where players pick the best tiles and textures to make exquisite blankets on their sheets
  • Since the accessible patches that can be utilized will not generally fit completely together, players must have the option to think differently and plan ahead
  • Players need to comprehend the system of the game to pick the best fixes and to consistently have a stock of catches to make their blanket more wonderful
  • While players can put their patches any place they need on the board, they need to keep them near one another to have the option to put the most patches


  • Every player has six tiles that differ in design and color
  • Players place their tiles in straight lines that match as per color or configuration, attempting to finish columns of six without rehashing any shape or plan
  • As players dispose of their tiles, they draw new ones out of the pool
  • Each play will acquire points, contingent upon the number of tiles was put, just as the number of tiles they contact
  • The game gets tough as players branch off of existing lines of tiles and attempt to discover room on their board for their own
  • The player who has the most elevated score toward the finish of the game is the victor


  • This system game consolidates some famous components from different games to make another experience that is energizing and requires memory and methodology abilities
  • Includes two mystery safeguards, two-game sheets, two dry delete markers
  • Players cooperate in groups or alone to competition to attempt to figure their adversary’s mysterious square
  • Every turn carries players nearer to uncovering reality and winning
  • Players need to alternate recording the mysterious square and furthermore speculating, recording reactions and attempting to kill potential responses to figure the genuine answer
  • Thanks to the mystery safeguards, there isn’t any chance for players to cheat, and players, all things considered, will have a similar opportunity to figure the appropriate response


  • Players need to attempt to keep their token on the board longer than some other player, yet this turns out to be increasingly difficult as the board starts filling and there are fewer vacant spaces
  • Great for two to eight players and just requires 15 minutes
  • Players can work in groups in case they are uncertain of how to best play the game or need the benefit
  • The tiles on the game have winding lines on them, and every player lays a tile on their turn and afterward moves their token to the furthest extent that it can go
  • Tokens that run into the edge of the game or into another player’s token are eliminated from the board
  • Players must have a system at the top of the priority list to push rivals to the edge while broadening their own course


  • Players cooperate in a group to attempt to fix a breaking down spaceship
  • To have the most obvious opportunity to get away from the black hole, players must have the option to speak with one another
  • There are a couple of accessible developments to make the game longer or more charming
  • Rules are not difficult to learn and the game isn’t troublesome, making it extraordinary for players
  • Players need to confront glitches by flipping cards before them and utilizing them to fix the frameworks
  • While the entirety of the important devices is near, they are fanned out among different players, making it hard to get your hands on what you need


  • Players need to sort out some way to reproduce the examples displayed on the card by utilizing their solid shapes
  • Each game has three distinct rounds, and each round will have an alternate card
  • The player who can coordinate with the example on the card initially is the champ
  • Players can work independently or as groups to attempt to beat their adversary
  • Thanks to the idea of the game, it is an exceptionally high speed, requires fast reasoning, adroitness, and the capacity to see balance right away
  • This is an incredible game to work on spatial thinking and memory
  • There are 4 plates, 4 arrangements of 16 blocks, and 80 cards, which implies that this game has a ton of replay esteem and is extraordinary for gatherings to partake in together


  • Two to four players age eight and up can fight it out in this habit-forming puzzle game
  • Players can rapidly get the standards of this game, yet must-have a procedure as a top priority to accurately put their tiles to arrive at the plunder
  • Players or groups who can move quickly will be ready to procure more points, making it simpler for them to dominate the match
  • High-quality segments guarantee that the game will keep going for quite a while, and incorporate 64 gems, 4 islands, 12 gold chunks, 16 sanctuaries, 16 swashbucklers, 15 sanctuary fortunes, and 144 wilderness tiles
  • Due to the manner in which the game is played and set up, there will not be any two games that are something very similar


  • Players go up against one another with one player as the spymaster
  • Each player is attempting to think about who their spies are, depending on pieces of information from the spymaster to help them discover their representatives
  • As players track down their own representatives, they hazard uncovering specialists from the other player, discovering regular people, or inadvertently reaching the professional killer
  • Once a player reveals the professional killer, they naturally lose
  • The spymaster needs to give pieces of information to every player to help them track down their spies
  • The signs that the spymaster gives are generally only single words and can undoubtedly highlight various words on the table, requiring a great deal of centers and thought from the spymaster and different players


  • Fast playtime implies that players can partake in a game in only 10 minutes, making it extraordinary for killing a modest quantity of time
  • Designed for two players, albeit more could function collectively, albeit effective correspondence would be vital
  • There are seven tiles for every player and they need to attempt to have the option to get them in all cases
  • After a player can get all the tiles to something contrary to the board, then, at that point they are the victor
  • The rules are exceptionally essential and straightforward, however, there are a large number of potential blends for how the game will be played, making it extremely thrilling and considering a lot of replays later on
  • Players need to zero in on moving their cards, yet additionally impeding their adversary


  • Portable game is incredible for carrying out and playing on the go
  • The game can be played with more than two individuals as groups can utilize the decks that are included
  • Thanks to the quick speed of the brief rounds, this is an incredible game to press in when you’re running short of time
  • Players need to utilize procedure, confusion, and memory to beat their adversary
  • Each deck has 50 cards
  • The object of the game is to attempt to discover and assault your rival’s crown card
  • Players have five heaps of five cards before them and spot the crown card at the lower part of one of the heaps
  • Each player alternates assaulting their adversary with a card, the one with the most minimal worth loses that engagement

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