15 Board Games Like Scrabble to Challenge Your Brain

Are you looking for some board game that will be pretty challenging for your brain? One of the first names that come to your mind is Scrabble but what are the other games apart from that? Check out few such names.

Board Games List Like Scrabble to Challenge Your Brain

Board Games Like Upwords


  • Players make words by setting letters on the board and stacking letters on existing ones
  • Turn-based play guarantees that everybody has a turn
  • The higher a player can stack their letters, the better their score
  • Includes gameboard, 100 letter tiles, 4 elastic feet, 4 tile racks
  • The rules are like Scrabble, so clients can undoubtedly begin playing
  • Ideal for youngsters and grown-ups
  • Can be played in bunches up to four or solo for additional training
  • Players should have the option to alter their perspective on words they will play when different players take their spot

Big Boggle

  • Once the clock is begun, all players need to look through the accessible letters and attempt to make words
  • Younger players can play by making words that are three letters in length, however more seasoned or further developed clients make words that are four letters or more
  • Players need to look for words that are shaped by abutting letters
  • Each player gets three minutes to attempt to discover however many words as would be prudent, zeroing in on the most noteworthy point esteems
  • Words with more letters will get more focuses
  • The twofold letter cube included in the game permits players the opportunity to make longer words all the more without any problem
  • Great for players that are age eight and up, as long as they are spelling


  • In each round players need to pick a card from their hand to associate with the cards that are on the table
  • After setting cards, players need to name a word that starts with the showed letters
  • If players can’t put a card or name a word, then, at that point they need to get the entirety of the cards from the table
  • The first individual who can dispose of all the cards is the victor
  • Encourages players to learn new jargon words while they are playing
  • Great for little gatherings who are keen on further developing jargon and word perception


  • Once players have their tiles before them, they all competition to attempt to spell five words
  • Players must have the option to utilize the entirety of their 20 tiles when spelling words to win and they can trade out the tiles that they can’t use to take new ones
  • The first individual who can utilize all the tiles in spelling words is the champ of the round and they get an option 25 extra points added to their score
  • After somebody has spelled five words, then, at that point any remaining players add the points on the tiles as would be natural for them to include their score
  • The first player to get to 100 is the general winner


  • Two to four players can partake in this game and since they all play at the same time, no one needs to hang tight for a turn
  • Individual play implies that there is little worry about somebody playing their tiles where you needed to put a letter
  • Each player has their own arrangement of shapes to utilize and tries to use whatever number of their 20 cubes as would be prudent
  • The letters on the blocks are randomized before play starts by moving them, which implies that no player will have similar letters
  • Players have three minutes to finish their lattice until somebody wins, and afterward two more to attempt to beat the main champs’ score

Nerdy Wordy

  • Players contend to make two to five-letter words
  • All words are played on a 5 x 5 grid and can associate with a scaled-down, individual Scrabble board
  • There are two plates and two arrangements of letter solid shapes, so players have their own parts to work with and don’t need to battle for utilization of the pieces
  • While it is intended for only two players, it’s feasible to purchase more sets so that enormous groups would all be able to play immediately
  • The compartments snap tight for simple stockpiling and travel, making this an extraordinary game to take on the road


  • Players roll 10 or 13 dice, contingent upon their score, and attempt to make words that have at least three letters
  • Because players can just utilize a type of each word one time, they need to think outside the box when concocting words
  • Additionally, there is a breaking point on the number of expressions of every length you can make
  • When the three minutes are up, players check up their points dependent on the words they make and they can acquire rewards for making explicit kinds of words
  • Rerolling is possibly permitted when a player gets all vowels or no vowels


  • As soon as players see a word in this game, they need to holler it out and snatch it to assume responsibility for it
  • However, different players can undoubtedly take words back by adding a letter to it to make another word
  • As the words develop, players get more energized and stronger and the game turns out to be more aggressive
  • Because players need to continually be searching for new words and for approaches to enhance previously made words, they should have the option to change their strategy without a moment to spare

Double Quick

  • Up to four players can play on the double and contend by building crosswords from their letter tiles
  • The clock goes off like clockwork, making all players take two additional tiles and add them to their heap or crossword
  • Players can score double points on certain letters by utilizing them in two words
  • Some letters have higher points in light of the fact that they are harder to use in the game
  • When the clock is up, all players will tally their points to see who dominated the match
  • There’s not a ton of pressing factor as all players work in their own space


  • Players race against one another trying to construct a crossword lattice out of their letters
  • When any player can utilize the entirety of the letters that they have, they yell “peel” and all players need to take on another word tile
  • Since new tiles are continually being utilized, players might need to revamp their statement network consistently
  • Great for more modest gatherings or families who are searching for a speedy word game
  • Speed is key as champs center around moving rapidly, not stressing over points on their letters or contending with one another

Juego de Palabras

  • Players are tested on their phonics abilities as they compete to shape words in Spanish
  • This planned game permits players a ton of breaks as they structure words, which keeps players from feeling wore out or tired
  • There are 112 shading coded blocks that snap together effectively to shape words
  • The blocks all have various letters and blends of letters on them
  • Perfect for two to four players to cooperate and to rehearse their Spanish spelling
  • Scoring is simple, similar to the guidelines, which implies that most players can without much of a stretch comprehend and begin partaking in this game immediately


  • Players attempt to make extremely long words to score the most noteworthy
  • The board is intended to urge players to settle on longer words as opposed to attempting to utilize short ones to score the most points
  • Strategy is an enormous piece of the game and assumes a greater part than having a huge vocabulary
  • Typical games just take 18 turns, which implies that the game plays rapidly and it is hard to get exhausted
  • Features 12 wild tiles that can be utilized to address at least one letter on the double in a word
  • Wild tiles can be utilized in any capacity in different words


  • A short word game that plays rapidly and is extraordinary for players age eight and up
  • Challenging for the two novices and for further developed players, which implies that kids and grown-ups can play together
  • Players need to organize the cards that they have in their grasp into words
  • Each round, players will have more cards managed to them, making it both simpler to make new words and harder to utilize the entirety of the letters
  • The highest score toward the finish of the match will dominate

Play on Words

  • Great for one individual to deal with jargon or for groups to go up against one another
  • There are 80 cards, including special cases, flip cards, combo vehicles, and letters
  • Thanks to the extra uncommon cards in the game, it is significantly more than basically constructing words with the cards in your grasp
  • Players are managed their cards and afterward attempt to frame words, thinking about the exceptional cards that they hold


  • Players have consonant cards in their grasp and afterward roll the vowel dice to attempt to make new words
  • The player who can make the most noteworthy scoring word wins the round
  • There are two vowel dice and 108 consonant cards
  • While players can take as much time as necessary making words, they need to rush, as the final word played will just score one point
  • Great for figuring out how to spell and for friendly rivalry
  • Point rules can be acclimated to make the game more open and charming for more youthful players if required

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