11 Board Games Like Hero Quest – Have You Seen Them All?

These days, games like Hero Quest are highly famous as they are not just great to play but also easy to learn. There are people who usually want to try out something new and maintain the same gameplay strategy.

If you’re looking for a list of board games that are similar to Hero Quest, you’ve come to the right place.

List of Best Board Games That are Similar To Hero Quest

Games That are Similar To Hero Quest

A lot of aspects come into existence when we started making this list. Check out the names of 11 board games that are similar to Hero Quest. Here are the names that you should keep into account.

Descent: Journeys in the Dark

  • One player has the job of the over-burden, and up to four different players will play as saints who set out on perilous journeys, investigate caverns and demolishes, and fight beasts to acquire cash all while attempting to prevent the overlord from dominating.
  • The measured board pieces are double-sided, which takes into consideration a wide range of ways for the board to be assembled, coming about countless arrangements for ongoing interaction.
  • Players collaborate to attempt to finish various targets while neutralizing the overlord.
  • Features incalculable diverse expertise and legend mix for another game each time.
  • The companion app can be utilized instead of the overlord, welcoming players to more readily investigate the game and its prisons and furthermore controlling the beasts on the planet.
  • Decide between a mission or a single quest based on how long you need to play.


  • A modular board with 36 tiles implies that each game played will have an alternate arrangement and players will not at any point experienced a similar game twice.
  • One player attempts to control the gathering of people who are investigating hell, battling against armed forces that they find and attempting to survive the ordeal.
  • The other player is in charge of the devils and attempts frantically to stop them.
  • Only for two players, which gives the two individuals partaking in the game a lot of playtimes and keeps players from feeling like they aren’t given a sufficient turn in the game.
  • Six situations are incorporated and will furnish players with long stretches of gaming.
  • When players have finished every one of the six situations, they can either decide to make their own or download another one from the organization’s site.
  • Players should have a technique for endurance, and also be willing to change their methodology as the game advances.

Castle Ravenloft

  • Designed for one to five players, this game offers fun ongoing interaction regardless of whether a player needs to play all alone. However, it is equally pleasant with a bigger group.
  • Features different situations for players to browse, which will keep players from playing a similar game twice.
  • With many testing missions, it’s simple for players to concoct a game that they haven’t delighted in previously.
  • Cooperative game guarantee that all players feel like they get the help that they need to win, particularly in case they are new to this sort of game.
  • High-quality segments improve interactivity and incorporate 40 plastic beasts and saints, 13 sheets of prison tiles that interlock with one another to shape a particular board, 200 treasure and encounter cards, 20-sided pass on.

Dungeons and Dragons: Tomb of Annihilation

  • The game is intended for a helpful gathering of two to five players to play together, yet works similarly too for a solitary player to partake in the situations too.
  • With various situations to look over, it’s simple for players to pick one that claims to everybody so players don’t get bored.
  • Features 225 great cards, in excess of 300 tokens, 42 miniatures, 20-sided pass on, 40 interlocking tiles to make the measured board, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
  • A great approach to get acquainted with D&D, which makes this a superb game for amateurs who may not comprehend helpful roleplay games.
  • All players have an equivalent chance to play, which will keep anybody from standing by excessively long for their turn and getting exhausted.

Warhammer Quest: Shadow Over Hammerhal

  • The player who picks the job of Game Master is responsible for controlling both the account of the game, just as the foes.
  • Other players are all adventurers who find regions underneath the city while affecting the way that the story advances.
  • There is character movement, however, it isn’t as nitty-gritty or as troublesome as other comparative games.
  • Players who need more assortment in their foes can decide to add colorful enemies, which will improve interactivity and help players who have played a great deal partake in the game without getting exhausted.
  • Players are urged to make their own accounts.

Fire of Eidolon

  • Since the prisons and the saints are on the whole procedurally created, quite possibly this game will be a similar one twice, making it ideal for bunches who need to have the option to play again and again.
  • Gameplay lasts for 30 to 40 minutes, making this a more limited choice than numerous other comparable games available.
  • Inspired by 19-piece pretending games during the 1990s, this game has a great deal of sentimentality for many individuals.
  • Offers agreeable pretending.
  • Features a lot of in-jokes that individuals who appreciate retro computer games make certain to comprehend and to appreciate.

Warhammer Quest: The Silver Tower

  • Components contain 51 miniatures, 36 fortune, and ability cards, 40 investigation cards, 13 double-sided tiles to make the particular board, and 6 person cards.
  • The manual and experience book are both 40 pages, loaded with data, and straightforward and apply to the game.
  • The game is made for two to four players who will cooperate to attempt to vanquish the pinnacle collectively or they can decide to attempt to win the magnificence alone.
  • As characters are utilized in the game, they level up and will acquire strength and abilities.
  • Since the board tiles are double-sided, it’s not difficult to make a game board that is not quite the same as some other one played previously.
  • There are a large number of various game combinations.

Zombicide Black Plague

  • Cooperative play is extraordinary for players who are keen on dominating a match all together.
  • Great for one to six players who need to kill zombies in a dream-like setting.
  • Each player has the job of a survivor and needs to assist battle with disposing of sorcerers and zombies that are constrained by the game.
  • As survivors learn spells, discover weapons, and battle zombies they will acquire insight, which will make them all the more impressive.
  • Players will turn out to be all the more remarkable, however, more zombies will ascend to fight them simultaneously.
  • The objective of the game is to finish the given journey while killing however many zombies as could reasonably be expected without biting the dust.

Massive Darkness

  • Story mode has 10 unique journeys for players to appreciate.
  • Players cooperate to attempt to crush the beast.
  • As players can pick their own class and legend for their person, it’s simple for players to make new characters that haven’t at any point been utilized previously.
  • Players have the choice to finish whole missions or oddball undertakings, contingent upon how long they need to play.
  • There are 75 point-by-point figures in the game, which improves ongoing interaction and makes it greater.
  • Characters level up to become more grounded and better ready to battle all through the game as they gather stuff, and players need to utilize the included player sheets to follow abilities and experience acquired by killing adversaries.


  • Unlike other comparable games, this one has an extremely quick arrangement time and fast play so players can begin partaking in the game right away.
  • Great for players who have a D&D foundation, however is an incredible prologue to this kind of game for new players.
  • Offers prison slithering, just as plate flicking to attempt to battle and control players.
  • One player is the manager and is responsible for all the beasts in the game, while different players play helpfully and are the saints who are attempting to crush the beasts that generate in the game.
  • Each character has uncommon capacities that they need to exploit to dominate the match.
  • Different plates that the players flick at the beasts in the fight enjoy fluctuating benefits and highlights, permitting players to attempt to pick the best weapon for each fight.

HeroScape: Rise of the Valkyrie

  • There are 85 interlocking tiles that are utilized to fabricate the load up, just as landscape adornments, making a novel load up each time the game is played.
  • Ten fight situations are utilized to develop the landscape and give players another experience each time they play.
  • There are expansion sets that have more landscape tiles and characters that can be purchased to work on the game.
  • With two variants of the game to play, a fundamental form for only two players, and an expert adaptation for two to four players, it’s not difficult to set up the ideal game.
  • Older players might need to add extra principles or capacities to the game to make it work with their inclinations and capacities, however, this game is incredible for players, all things considered.


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