11 Board Games Like Dominion – Have You Seen Them All?

Dominion Deck Building game is one of those breakthrough games that begun an entirely different genre. This is a particular genre where you build your deck throughout the course of the game. This is another version of engine-building where the engine is the deck.

The game has a medieval theme and, in this game, you are mostly in your own quest of winning the maximum points. So, if you’re someone who has been looking for board games that are similar to Dominion, here is a list for you.

Dominion Alternatives that Dominion Fans May Like

Dominion Alternatives or Games

Icy Scavengers

  • All major players in this game are the heads of different clans who have endured an ice age.
  • The clans are completely set in opposition to one another with an end goal to survive and need to develop their clans, battle with others, and surprisingly feign to achieve triumph in turning into the main tribe
  • Players have a base camp that includes a Tribal Leader who has uncommon capacities and the capacity to assemble structures that can be utilized during play.
  • Requires somewhere around two players for the most ideal ongoing interaction.
  • Unlike some other deck-building games, this one doesn’t feel like deck building is the fundamental center, and rather permits players to zero in on their methodology, also.
  • The conflict stage can be skipped if all players don’t participate, which speeds up the game and considers more limited interactivity.

Valley of the Kings

  • Great independent game, however, can undoubtedly be blended in with the main Valley of the Kings game assuming players need to partake in an alternate game when they play.
  • Deck-building game guarantees that when players play they never need to stress over having similar cards twice.
  • Since each card can be utilized in three diverse manners, players need to ensure that they have known the best use for each card before they play it.
  • Players can go through their card like money, utilize the activity on it, or even bury it in case they are keen on getting triumph points.
  • Players need to oversee building their deck, yet in addition, watch out for their accumulation of points.


  • This huge game highlights a two-sided board and models that actually should be painted before play.
  • Players start the game with a couple of cards in their grasp, however, all through the game work to make a more successful deck that will permit them to lay rails, yet additionally place stations over Tokyo or Osaka.
  • As players acquire points from the rail lines that they oversee, they work to turn into the most impressive rail route chief in Japan.
  • Features unbelievable replay value, as the cards that you are managed will not at any point be something similar, which implies that you can partake in this game consecutive without agonizing over getting exhausted.
  • Learning bend is tiny, particularly for players who have played deck-building games previously and see how they work.
  • There are a few cards that are more impressive than others, and when players realize which ones they will be, they can rapidly figure out how to control the game.


  • This game is exceptionally simple to learn and offers quick interactivity, which makes it an extraordinary alternative for new players who have very little involvement in deck-building games.
  • There are just about 600 cards notwithstanding a game board and decide book that is both in full color.
  • Players can browse various extraordinary Marvel saints, like Hulk and Wolverine.
  • Players additionally need to pick a genius scoundrel, like Dr. Destruction, and utilize their cards under their deck.
  • If players can overcome their lowlife, then, at that point they are positioned by the number of points that they acquired.
  • While this is a deck-building game, it has a vibe of being more helpful, which is a good time for gatherings.

Puzzle Strike: Shadows

  • There are 10 new shadows characters for players to browse.
  • Instead of managing cards, which can be hard for players to deal with, this game has chips, which are a lot simpler to rearrange.
  • There is another multiplayer mode for players to appreciate and there are extra parts too.
  • With nearly 350 chips, four screens to conceal the chips you have, four fabric packs, and four sheets, there are a lot of excellent segments for players to utilize.
  • There are above 411 million distinctive initial conditions in four-player games.
  • Each game will be distinctive because of the bank beginning with various chips each time you play.
  • Does not need to be utilized with the first, making this an incredible independent game.


  • Between three and five players compete for power over the universe.
  • There are 100 plastic boats and 50 distinctive extraterrestrial societies.
  • There are various extensions that can be utilized with the game to make it more pleasant and to broaden the play.
  • There is a ton of connection between the players, which will keep individuals from getting exhausted when hanging tight for their turn.
  • Each alien society will adjust the principles of the game, which implies that the game will change a little each time players communicate.
  • Players need to realize how to make collisions with others and make arrangements or they will not have the most obvious opportunity at winning.
  • When one player draws near to winning, then, at that point it isn’t unexpected for different players to gather as one to attempt to stop them, which can keep the game fascinating and extremely testing.

Star Realms

  • An incredibly versatile game that fits in a coat pocket, permitting players to take it with them anyplace for a speedy game in a hurry.
  • A single copy of this game is sufficient for two players, however, you can add extra copies for up to six individuals to play on the double.
  • The excellent craftsmanship rejuvenates the entirety of the photos on the cards.
  • Players need to develop their military and afterward utilize the ships that they made to shield their assets and take from others.
  • By exchanging with different players, players can add capacity to their battle, create new impacts, and attempt to lessen their rival’s score to zero to win.
  • Contains a sum of 128 cards – 80 in the primary deck, two 10 card individual decks, 10 adventurer cards, and 18 twofold-sided scorecards.

Baseball Highlights 2045

  • Players who love baseball and need to assume responsibility for their own group will cherish building a group in this quick deck-building game.
  • Not just do players need to deal with assembling an incredible group that is sufficiently gifted to win, however, they additionally need to stress over game strategies and how to work in their group’s capacity.
  • The game not just incorporates straight activity between players, yet in addition has a solitaire variation and surprisingly three and four-player competition choices.
  • Combine various boxes together for bigger competitions with numerous individuals.
  • Due to the mechanics of this game and the manner in which it is played, it has incredible replay value, making it a great choice for players who need to have the option to play the game again and again.

Blood Bowl: Team Manager

  • Two to four players can appreciate one to two hours of playtime with this savage and invigorating deck-building game.
  • Players attempt to alter their group so they can contend and win in the Blood Bowl season.
  • Hiring new staff, drafting extraordinary players, overhauling the offices, and bamboozling will permit players to take control and win.
  • The game plays rapidly and isn’t hard to set up or to comprehend, making it incredible for new players who haven’t invested a ton of energy with deck-building games.
  • Because the game has an expanded spotlight in dealing with the group in the game, instead of simply on the actual game, players need to ensure that they are working effectively assembling and controlling a quality group that they can take to triumph.

Thunderstone Quest

  • Players host to amass their gathering and deck to be ready to investigate dungeons, fend off beasts, look for and gather treasure, complete journeys, join major parts in organizations, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
  • Offers drawing in dream play for two to four players.
  • Includes two missions, however, more can be added with the utilization of development packs.
  • The interaction to assemble decks is extremely coordinated and effectively comprehended, which implies that new players can play just as cutting-edge players will.
  • The side journeys remembered for the game assistance improve ongoing interaction and keep it from slacking.
  • All players will appreciate having their own figures to utilize, and since the entirety of the parts are so top-notch, there will not be an issue with pieces breaking or being harmed.

Cryptozoic Entertainment DC Deck Builder

  • Players will pick between a wide range of DC superheroes.
  • Every superhero has an uncommon capacity that will permit them special procedures and capacities that the other heroes don’t have.
  • When a super miscreant shows up in the game, it will in a flash assault all the players, so everybody should have the option to shield themselves.
  • With an excess of 200 cards, it’s simple for two to five players to make incredible decks.
  • All players start with a deck of 10 cards and add five on each turn.
  • Using power, players can purchase more grounded cards to add to their deck, and with enough force, players can crush the supervillain.

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