13 Board Games Like Cranium That Are Challenging & Engaging

Looking for a fun board game like Cranium? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together 13 super fun games that will challenge your body and mind.

Games Like Cranium That Are Challenging & Engaging

Board Games Like Cranium

Time’s Up

  • Includes an electronic clock, score cushion, and 525 cards, taking into account consecutive games without players encountering similar cards again and again.
  • Great charades game that has three rounds for players to appreciate.
  • In the first round, players can say or do anything, second round players can just utilize a single word to depict their card, and in the third round, players can just demonstrate without making the commotion.
  • As players portray and showcase their cards, the others attempt to think about what is on the card with the goal that they can procure focuses.
  • A fast pace party game that moves rapidly, keeping individuals intrigued by the game and keeping players from getting exhausted.


  • Suitable for guardians and youngsters, making this an incredible alternative for a family game evening.
  • The creative game requires both creative mind and mystery and urges players to be pretty much as innovative as conceivable when concocting thoughts and tales about their cards.
  • There are various extension packs accessible to grow interactivity.
  • The first player picks a card and expresses a word, sentence, or expression that is addressed by the image.
  • Other players need to play a card that best addresses what the principal player said.
  • Players procure focuses by making up great stories, speculating effectively, and thinking of smart thoughts.
  • Offers incredible replay esteem, as no two games will be indistinguishable as players concoct their own tales about the cards they have.


  • Players switch jobs in this game, continually causing everybody to remain alert and guaranteeing that you’re not at any point very ready for what is coming straightaway.
  • As residents, players should figure out who is the werewolf, utilizing their capacity to reason and focus on signs to discover the appropriate response.
  • Werewolves need to plot together to kill one resident during the evening while at the same time keeping their actual personality covered up.
  • Other jobs in the game incorporate diviner, specialist, smashed, witch, an alpha werewolf, and game mediator.
  • Great game for up to 35 individuals to play immediately, which is ideal for a colossal gathering.
  • Sort through falsehoods, allegations, and misleading to attempt to get to reality with regards to who is a werewolf and who isn’t before you are killed.

Say Anything

  • Great game for becoming more acquainted with others without anybody feeling like they are called out.
  • One player peruses an inquiry and every other person needs to record their answer, after which the leader will pick their number one answer.
  • With the entirety of different players attempting to figure out what answer the pioneer picked, a speedy game will leave everybody giggling.
  • The top-notch parts are intended for a ton of utilization and incorporate dry-delete sheets and pens, just as 80 inquiry cards.
  • Players take turns posing the inquiries so everybody will get an opportunity to be the forerunner in the game.
  • There aren’t any set-in-stone answers, which will hold players back from feeling like they committed an error.


  • Fast game, just takes around 20 minutes to play, making it an extraordinary choice when you are in a rush.
  • Can be played by just two players, yet is wonderful with additional.
  • Contains in excess of 280 cards, a clock, 10-sided pass on, tokens, and paper to follow along.
  • Offers an extraordinary way for relatives to associate over the photography and workmanship on the cards.
  • Players cooperate to make brainteasers, concoct exhibitions, do draws, and settle difficulties.
  • By cooperating, players aren’t only ready to more readily finish the current difficulties, however, will likewise bond and feel nearer together than if they were contending.

Wits and Wagers

  • Great game of luck that doesn’t include ability, which implies that all players will have an equivalent chance to win.
  • Great for at least four players, making this an awesome gathering game for bigger groups.
  • Even players who don’t have the foggiest idea about the appropriate responses get an opportunity of guessing the right answer, as everybody suppositions and afterward wagers on the most probable answer.
  • Since everybody bets a supposition, all players will have the chance to find the solution right, regardless of whether they aren’t certain of the appropriate response.
  • Offers a quick-moving play, causing individuals to remain alert, and since there are 125 cards, it’s not difficult to perceive how the game will be diverse each time you play.


  • Players alternate moving the dice, choosing a combo or solo card, and afterward perusing the card resoundingly to different players.
  • The player then, at that point needs to adhere to directions imprinted on the card and complete the test that is recorded.
  • Players can procure points by winning the test before the clock goes off, which will permit them to then place the tokens that they acquired on the game load up.
  • To win Cadoo, players must have four tokens in succession, or have the most tokens on the board if no player can get four in succession.
  • By alternating and supporting one another while they contend and complete errands, this is an incredible game to assemble associations with different players.


  • With two degrees of trouble, it’s not difficult to ensure that all the players can comprehend the game and capitalize on playing.
  • There are 80 junior cards and 120 adult cards to keep the games going for quite a while.
  • Includes the entirety of the important segments to play consecutive games with no personal time.
  • Great for individuals who are imaginative and the individuals who aren’t, as it is loads of fun regardless of whether the drawings aren’t awesome.
  • The perfect approach to loosen things up with a gathering of individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea about a great deal about one another.
  • Very little pressure is put on individuals who can’t draw well.


  • A group game only for adults that loosens things up at any occasion or gathering you’re facilitating.
  • Players can pick between six distinctive gathering games to appreciate, known as “What Nots,” “Clay Smoothie,” “Mime Twist,” “Hum Punch,” “Straight Up,” and “Shooters.”
  • Players structure groups and contend with one another to win the difficulties gave and to gather the different liners from the table.
  • The group that can gather seven liners by winning seven difficulties will win.
  • Not just does this game accompany the segments and the difficulties, yet in addition to the materials that you should finish the set difficulties, which guarantees that you can begin playing immediately right away.

Pick ‘N’ Choose

  • Players need to work in groups to have the option to figure the word that shows up at the highest point of a card.
  • One player from the group will have the decision of how to help their partners surmise the word.
  • Different exercises to show or depict the word will have distinctive point esteems allotted to them.
  • Some exercises incorporate drawing, emulating, murmuring, acting, chiseling, and utilizing words.
  • More troublesome exercises will have higher point esteems doled out to them when the gathering surmises the word effectively.
  • Perfect for gatherings of two to eight, albeit bigger groups can without much of a stretch play, yet this implies that players will not get as numerous turns being the individual showcasing the word.


  • Players work in groups to attempt to figure a word that one player is carrying on.
  • The first group who can figure four out of the five words on their cards will win the round and will score a point.
  • This quick-moving game makes certain to keep all interested parties, even individuals who are definitely not an enormous fanatic of getting before gatherings.
  • Because players alternate acting, no one will feel like they are the focal point of consideration.
  • Great game for players, all things considered, significantly more younger children.
  • Includes 280 cards with 1400 words, which implies that you can play a lot of games.


  • In this word game, players will attempt to get their colleagues to figure a specific word without giving any conspicuous hints.
  • Players must be exceptionally innovative when giving signs to their colleagues or they can have focuses deducted.
  • The included kick the bucket can be utilized to cause the game more troublesome when players feel like they have a strong handle of how to effortlessly play the game at its fundamental level.
  • Players should be fast reasoning and ready to think and react quickly with the goal that they can score focuses.
  • Includes 162 unique cards, which implies that this game has a great deal of replay esteem, as gatherings can appreciate long games or different ones in an evening.


  • Includes 320 game cards, with a blend of simple, medium, and surprisingly harder cards so you can partake in the most ideal game that is taken into account your capacities.
  • Players put four cards into the clock, set it, and need to showcase the words on the cards utilizing exemplary strategies utilized from acts.
  • When the group surmises the word being carrying on, then, at that point they need to snatch the card so the clock doesn’t pop it back down.
  • The group that can figure the most words will get the most points and win.
  • Players can alternate acting so everybody gets an opportunity to be toward the front.

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