12 Board Games Like Clue Full of Mystery and Suspense

There’s no doubt that clue is a classic. But with the wide array of board games available in the market these days, it is time to refresh your collection with brand new board games which are similar to Clue.

Fun Games Like Clue Full of Mystery and Suspense

Best Fun Games Like Clue

Are you someone who has been looking for board games that are similar to Clue but different in essence? If yes, here are few such examples that you may take into account.

Mystery Express

  • A great secret game that has players on a train, attempting to discover who has killed an individual traveler.
  • All players endeavor to attempt to uncover who the offender is before the train arrives at the station, which squeezes the players and expects them to concoct an incredible system for the game.
  • Crime cards address 5 distinct components of the game: business as usual, thought process, time, suspects, and area, expecting players to attempt to think of the right allowances.
  • The player who can answer who, what, where, when, and why before the train arrives at the station will be pronounced the champ.
  • Features various tokens that are great and effectively discernible from one another.

Lady Alice

  • This allowance game is intended to be fitting for more youthful players and can be appreciated by players above 8 years of age.
  • Includes bluffing, interest, energy, and underhandedness as players attempt to sort out who seized Henry Morton Stanley.
  • Players additionally should have the option to reason where the hijacking happened, what time it occurred, and surprisingly the item that was taken.
  • Players must be honest when responding to inquiries regarding what individual, weapon, time, or spot they have in their grasp, or the game won’t function admirably.
  • By recommending various combinations, players can gradually sort out the solutions to their inquiries prior to proclaiming that they have all the information important to dominate the match.

221B Baker Street

  • 2 to 6 players can appreciate settling 75 unique cases with this game.
  • There is an extension pack that is accessible for players who need considerably more situations to tackle.
  • Players need to get and comprehend a wide range of hints that will assist them with tackling their cases.
  • Great game for entire families to play, as the grown-up components, are not very overpowering for kids to fathom.
  • While gameplay appears to be straightforward and the principles are extremely straightforward since there are such countless cases to play, it’s not difficult to concoct another circumstance and appreciate something totally unique each time you open the case.
  • Has replay value.

Mr. Jack

  • 2 players can play this game and are accountable for 8 unique examiners who are attempting to sort out who killed a casualty.
  • One of the 8 examiners is actually the professional killer, and one player strives to attempt to evade catch and keep others from realizing that they have the murdered.
  • The other player will attempt to uncover data prompting the capture of the suspect.
  • Because there is just a single allegation in the whole game, players need to ensure that they are sure about who they blame or they can lose the game.
  • The rules are exceptionally straightforward, yet the game can be played from various perspectives and with various methodologies, which makes each game not quite the same as the one before.

Scotland Yard

  • Players need to go around London utilizing venture-out passes to pursue a criminal brain.
  • Exchange venture out passes to go by underground, taxi, or transport trying to find the perilous crook.
  • One player plays as the crook and attempts to get away from recognition and catch from different players, doing all that they can to remain silent and leave behind not many signs.
  • There are 13 rounds in the game, and a couple of various ways for the game to end, which makes it invigorating for all interested parties.
  • The criminal can win by getting away from the catch, or different players can win by tracking down the lawbreaker or impeding all stations that they would need to move to later on, which will keep them from having the option to getaway.


  • Great game for creating thinking, rationale, and technical abilities in the players.
  • Players should have the option to be adaptable in their reasoning and arranging as the game can change continually, compelling players to think of an alternate method to attempt to dominate the match.
  • The whole deck is managed out to the players, with residual cards face up on the table.
  • All players are attempting to track down a hidden gem card that is covered up before the game starts.
  • Players record the data on their own cards and afterward cautiously conclude what sort of jewel cards their rivals have, focusing on the shading, type, and diamond on the card to figure out which one has been taken out from the deck.


  • 2 to 4 players can play this expedition game where they attempt to discover chests of gold that have been covered somewhere down in the wilderness.
  • Offers huge loads of replayability since the players will all have various hints that they can add to the pursuit.
  • The game board comes in 3 pieces and has an imaginative plan that permits it to be set up to make 32 situations.
  • Each of the 32 situations is unique and will give an alternate kind of ongoing interaction for players to appreciate.
  • The alluring game has great outlines that add a ton of excellence to the general game.
  • All players attempt to be the first to arrive at the fortune with the goal that they can guarantee it as their own.

Police Precinct

  • This semi-agreeable game permits the players to cooperate to attempt to sort out who has killed the head prosecutor.
  • Players need to gather proof by depending on their specialized topics to help accelerate the game and make anxiety conceivable.
  • Players need to manage different sorts of wrongdoing that are happening, extra examinations, and concealment of proof.
  • By traveling through the 6 city squares of the game, the players work their courses through the gather crime location proof, talk with witnesses, find the murder weapons, and inspect body decks of cards that are remembered for the game.
  • Players may not discover any proof whatsoever in specific spaces of the guide, contingent upon how the cards were rearranged, which gives this game phenomenal replay esteem and keeps individuals from realizing how the game will end before the finale.

Letters from Whitechapel

  • Has one player endeavoring to beat all the different players, with the capacity for 2 to 6 individuals to play at a time.
  • The game depends on the genuine story of attempting to chase Jack the Ripper, which a lot of players will cherish, as it adds to the truth and interest of the game.
  • The pawns and tokens are all wood, which makes this game somewhat greater than others.
  • The players who are chasing Jack need to cooperate to attempt to discover pieces of information that will lead them to his area.
  • Meanwhile, the player who is Jack needs to pick the area of their hideaway, record their developments, and attempt to keep one stride in front of individuals who are attempting to trap them without coincidentally parting with any data that will prompt their catch.

Spy Alley

  • Players need to profess to be spies for their nation and need to gain proficiency with their rival’s personalities while as yet keeping theirs stowed away from others.
  • By utilizing deductive thinking too as codebooks, players can attempt to sort out who their adversaries are.
  • Players likewise depend on passwords, camouflages, and keys during this game.
  • The 6 distinct covert agents have characters and keeping in mind that data can undoubtedly prompt their distinguishing proof, every player will do all that they can to keep their personality covered up.
  • By moving pieces around a gameboard, following bearings on cards, and monitoring new data, players can gradually uncover the reality.

How to Host a Murder: The Last Train from Paris

  • In this game, there is not only a CD that features not just music but is also great for setting the tone of the game. There are details about the murder that the player will solve.
  • The players are given their own manual which they need to follow while solving the murder and winning the game.
  • Players need to decide who committed the murder, using details offered in their books and clues from other players.
  • The game can be easily completed very soon but it turns into a fun game with friends which can consume an entire evening.
  • This can be turned into a large party through the usage of grandiose props, flair, and costumes to make the game become lively.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

  • Each player has a unique role to play in this game and this role determines the skills, the talents, and everything that the players have
  • Post a secret time in the game where the players need to alter roles, they are just 5 minutes away from deciding who the werewolf is
  • There is a free app that is used to make the game enjoyable and engaging
  • Each player has to take the skills and personality of the person which they represent to best enjoy the active fun game
  • You can combine other games with this one to make it more engaging and for creating the best epic battles

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