12 Board Games Like Civilization with Maps, Empire Building and Fun Themes

If you are someone who loves to play board games like maps, you must have played the game called Risk or played few other classics like Settlers of Catan.

Apart from being interesting games, they are all games with maps and that requires a solid map-based strategy.

Board Games Like Civilization with Maps

Board Games Like Civilization

If you’re looking for the names of few games that are similar to Civilization, here are few names that you should consider.

7 Wonders

  • Perfect for 3 to 7 players, as every individual needs to attempt to assemble their own city by getting all required resources. They also set up business courses, and shape a more grounded military.
  • Players need to draft the cards that they can utilize, cautiously picking the ones that will help them meet their objectives.
  • The quick ongoing gameplay implies that in any event, when you have 7 players partaking in this game that it won’t drag or become exhausting.
  • The game is isolated into 3 unique ages, and toward the completion of the third age, all players will score the points that they have depending on military contentions.


  • Takes around 1 hour for 2 to 4 players to complete the game.
  • There are various expansions accessible for players who need to build the capacities in the game, appreciate new ongoing interaction, and grow their reality.
  • Players must be challenging, prepare, and think of extraordinary strategies to make their own human advancement that is superior to the ones that their adversaries can make.
  • In a request to win, players should score various accomplishments that can be gotten by acquiring various focuses when certain developments are assembled.
  • Cards address various thoughts, innovations, and social progressions that players need to make for their human advancement, which makes it hard to get the vital cards. Hence, players should have the option to think and react quickly and change their arrangement for mastery.

Clash of Cultures

  • Designed for 2 to 4 players, and everyone should attempt to transform a little settlement into a huge domain and assume control over the world.
  • Players can’t simply zero in on working on their city, as they likewise need to investigate headways that will assist them with working on their remaining in the game.
  • The game highlights 48 distinct advances for players to investigate and is truly adaptable so players never run into impasses with the game.
  • Settlers need to settle on the advantages that various sorts of structures and urban communities will manage the cost of them when taking their actions so they can think of an essential method to win.

Through the Ages

  • Changes to the first game have been made that keep the equivalent ongoing interaction, yet this has worked on the way that the game capacities.
  • Enjoy new forms of art, better mechanics, including a less arbitrary military advancement framework, and rebalanced cards for simpler and all the more reasonable ongoing interaction.
  • Players have a little clan of individuals that they need to attempt to extend to make the biggest and best progress out of all the rivals.
  • By mining and cultivating, players can get the important assets that they use in making and extending their urban communities.
  • Players need to ensure that they have amazing militaries, are talented strategically, and keep their residents glad to have the best chance to dominate this match, however, and still, at the end of the day, they can tumble to another player who has better strategy and planning.


  • Each player will appreciate around 10 to 15 minutes of playtime with this game, and it tends to be played by 1 to 4 individuals.
  • Players need to move dice and gather cards to construct their human advancement and endeavor to turn into the most grounded one in the game.
  • All players need to zero in not just on attempting to turn into the most grounded player, yet additionally in battling different countries and even nature to win.
  • Providing food, fabricating an economy, and making accomplishments to dazzle the remainder of the world are exceedingly significant as players attempt to administer the world and become the most-cherished country.

Twilight Imperium

  • Set in space, players need to confront each other in a bid to make their own galactic show, and they attempt to get the entirety of the essential assets while working around one another.
  • The game includes in excess of 1,000 segments, and gratitude to the huge size of the game just as the random board arrangement, there isn’t any opportunity that you will wind up playing a similar game twice.
  • Players have control of remarkable civilizations that have their own advantages and disadvantages as they attempt to become rulers in the world, depending on loyalties, war, exchange, and governmental issues to attempt to acquire control.
  • Each group has certain highlights that will separate it from others in the game and guarantee that players all partake in another experience when playing.
  • While there are various ways that can be taken to accomplish triumph, just a single player will actually want to win.


  • 2 to 6 players are in charge of an immense interstellar civilization and attempt to contend with opponents for progress and to be the most grounded in the cosmic system.
  • Enjoy extension packs when you need to further develop the way that the game plays and guarantee that you have the force and weapons that you need to accomplish your objectives.
  • Players should govern one of 7 significant animal varieties by extending an area through investigating, attempting to colonize regions, thinking of new innovation, and making monstrous spaceships that are solid and incredible enough to withstand fights and war.
  • While this is an extremely elaborate game, the interactivity moves rapidly enough that players will remain intrigued.

Roll Through the Ages: The Iron Age

  • Perfect game for somewhere in the range of 1 and 4 players to play, and in any event, when utilized as a performance game, it is truly pleasant and can be testing.
  • Players need to choose how they will best form their human progress, zeroing in on ports and ships for exchanging, armed forces to overcome others, and urban areas to house their kin.
  • Stretching assets excessively dainty and zeroing in on such a large number of things on the double is a quick method to lose the game.
  • Players will investigate procedures utilized by Rome, Greece, and Phoenicia as they manage debacles, feed their kin, and erect landmarks in their urban communities.
  • There are dice, including a destiny bite the dust, that will assume a tremendous part in the karma that every player has in the game and regardless of whether they can arise successfully.


  • Players will appreciate around an hour and a half of play in this round of triumph while they attempt to turn into the leader of the most grounded gathering of individuals in the game.
  • All players need to make a solid effort to select new soldiers for their armed forces, construct boats, urban areas, and strongholds that can be utilized to ensure themselves and their kin.
  • Not just will players control fighters, however, they additionally have rationalists and will encounter managing fanciful animals and even divine beings all through the game.
  • The first player who can fabricate 2 megalopoleis is the champ, yet players should be cautious and keep their eyes on their adversaries, as it is simple for anybody to abruptly take the triumph for themselves toward the finish of the game.


  • 2 players fight it out in an inquiry to control their old human advancement.
  • Romans can play against Carthaginians, and Persians can play against the Greeks.
  • Each player will begin the game with 3 cities in their ownership, and each can deliver the assets gold, marble, and iron.
  • With these assets, players will endeavor to foster their own civilization and manage the region.
  • Towns need to not just form dividers to insure themselves against other people who might hurt them, yet they should likewise prepare their military, enlist more troopers, and discovered new urban communities.
  • The first player who can handle 9 personages is the champ.

Mare Nostrum

  • Includes mind-boggling parts that are planned not exclusively to be exceptionally appealing, yet additionally to be solid and keep going for quite a while.
  • Game rules are exceptionally sensible and are straightforward, which implies that players will not have a ton of issues showing the game to new players or seeing how to alternate.
  • Designed for 3 to 5 players to appreciate the 90-minute games.
  • Players need to lead their realms to attempt to assume control over the old world.
  • Expanding impact will permit players to take over more land, and this is cultivated by winning brilliance and distinction.
  • Players should assemble new sanctuaries and urban communities, fabricate advertisements, and trade caravans to win.

History of the World

  • Players are accountable for various human advancements and need to utilize the qualities that their specific progress has to assemble themselves a realm and rule the world.
  • Each player needs to attempt to motivate their residents, make innovative advances, and manage catastrophes in their endeavor to administer the world.
  • All players alternate playing, allowing everybody a reasonable opportunity to win.
  • With an excess of 190 excellent plastic pieces, it’s simple for all players to see where they have dominated and order and move their soldiers.
  • Designed for 3 to 6 individuals to play, this game gives somewhere in the range of 2 and 3 hours of extreme and fun ongoing interaction.

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