14 Immersive Board Games Like Betrayal at House on the Hill

Are you looking to try out some board games like Betrayal at House on the Hill? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together 14 options for your next game night.

Board Games Like Betrayal at House on the Hill

Board Games Like Betrayal at House on the Hill


  • Offers helpful play for two to four players who cooperate to attempt to prevent infections from spreading all through the world and killing mankind.
  • Players need to utilize their activities to have the option to move between the different focal points of the world while setting up research stations and treating the infections that they find.
  • Each player can furnish the others with the important cards to attempt to win.
  • Random epidemics can stop any advances made, making it hard to win.
  • Offers incredible replay choices.
  • The rules are genuinely straightforward and to clarify, which implies that this game can without much of a stretch be appreciated by more youthful players, also.

Elder Sign

  • Perfect for Lovecraft fans, this game is set in a ghastliness circumstance that can surely be exciting to all players.
  • Standard games last somewhere in the range of one and two hours.
  • Innovative dice mechanics keep the game from easing back down and from the gameplay becoming exhausting.
  • Players are set in opposition to beasts in their mission to track down the Elder Signs that are stowed away in the game so they can win.
  • Tends to be somewhat tense, however doesn’t include a great deal of narrating, so this game doesn’t turn out to be included to the point that players will not have the option to partake in a quick game with companions.

Last Night on Earth

  • Features eight distinct legends to control, just as a measured game load up that will guarantee that ongoing interaction is diverse each time.
  • Players can pick to play as saints who are occupied with attempting to retaliate against swarms of the undead or they can pick rather play as a zombie, attempting to spread a plague around the town.
  • There are various situations to browse, permitting players to partake in another game each time they choose to play.
  • Ideal for between two to six players, in spite of the fact that players can without much of a stretch group up in case there are such a large number of individuals who need to play.

Mansions of Madness

  • This agreeable game can be played by one individual or up to five, making it incredible to keep available for game evenings.
  • The companion app is important to play the game and is accessible on Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android gadgets.
  • There are four distinct missions that players can decide to appreciate, and all have various difficulty levels and lengths.
  • 32 plastic figures are incorporated and are a piece of the in excess of 500 distinct segments that are remembered for the game.
  • There are various game developments, downloadable substance, and conceivable outcomes that you can appreciate with this game to guarantee another experience each time.

Mice and Mystics

  • Players are tricky mice who must have the option to navigate a human palace to serve their lord.
  • There is incalculable fear that players will confront while traveling through the palace.
  • With various mice to play as, each with their own arrangement of qualities and shortcomings, it’s simple for players to partake in another game each time they attempt to play.
  • The always-changing climate keeps players from feeling like they are in charge and will keep the game invigorating and moving along at a high speed.
  • Use the Cheese System to horde cheddar pieces that can be utilized to open new capacities.

Castle Ravenloft

  • Shorter ongoing interaction of just around 60 minutes, and can be appreciated by only one player or up to five.
  • Includes extraordinary parts, like 40 plastic beasts and saints, 200 fortune and experience cards, 20-sided pass on, and 13 sheets of cardstock prison tiles that are moveable and interlocking.
  • With moving missions and different situations to look over, it’s simple for players to set up another game that no one has played previously, which will hold individuals back from getting exhausted while partaking in this game.
  • There is a wide range of extensions that can be utilized with this game.
  • Miniatures are great and worked to last without breaking or being harmed.

Forbidden Island

  • Perfect for one to four players, everybody playing needs to cooperate to track down the secret fortune on the island and departure to the helicopter before the water covers the island.
  • The high speed of this game is extremely energizing, and since the standards are so natural to clarify and comprehend, it’s an incredible game for beginners.
  • Players appreciate the agreeable play and need to help each other to accomplish their objectives.
  • Because the scene is continually changing, it’s significant that players can refresh their procedure consistently for the most ideal outcomes.

Legend of Drizzt

  • The various situations, agreeable interactivity, and testing various missions that players can appreciate will keep individuals returning again and again.
  • Perfect for one to five players who need to play either this game without help from anyone else or joined with other D&D table games that are available.
  • Features 42 unique beasts and saints that are moved around on the 13 distinct sheets of cardstock tiles.
  • Because the game board is diverse for each game, it’s not difficult to set up another experience that no one has played previously.
  • All of the segments are extraordinarily strong, creating this game one that can tolerate upping to normal play.

Castle Panic

  • Exciting interactivity is extraordinary for individuals who haven’t messed around in some time, as it is intriguing, however extremely straightforward.
  • A great choice for players who aren’t keen on an extremely cutthroat gaming experience.
  • While it is loads of amusing to play with up to six players, one individual can play this game without help from anyone else and partake in the ongoing interaction.
  • Through drawing, disposing of, battling beasts, and moving pieces, players make a solid effort to protect the palace in the game.
  • Has various diverse extension packs that can be added to make the game really fascinating, included, or extended.

Wrath of Ashardalon

  • Enjoy agreeable interactivity through various distinctive testing situations and journeys that make certain to keep you keen on this incredible game.
  • Thanks to the quick and agreeable interactivity, there isn’t a ton of vacation in this game, which can in general be exhausting for new players.
  • Enjoy excellent segments that are intended to withstand long periods of utilization and gaming without giving indications of mileage.
  • Game rules are included, however are by and large exceptionally straightforward, which implies that you can undoubtedly begin playing, regardless of whether you have very little involvement in table games.

Ghost Stories

  • Supernatural ghastliness game that requires around one hour for one to four players to play.
  • The excellent segments are intended to last through long stretches of play, they are alluring, and they include brilliant tones that make them exceptionally simple to see and utilize.
  • Choose a trouble mode dependent on the abilities of individuals you are playing with, and gradually advance to harder modes as you improve at this game.
  • Fast arrangement implies that preparing this game to play doesn’t consume a large chunk of the day by any stretch of the imagination.
  • Even the most straightforward mode is as yet troublesome, which makes certain to make progressing more fun.

Escape! The Curse of the Temple

  • This game is ideal for players who are searching for a game that has an extremely short playing time, as it averages around 10 minutes.
  • It’s ideal for players who have a more limited ability to focus or for when you have relatively little an ideal opportunity for a burdensome and convoluted game.
  • The rules are exceptionally straightforward, and since the game is cooperative play, there isn’t a great deal of contention between players.
  • There are various developments that can be utilized to change the interactivity and make the game more agreeable.
  • The speed of the game joined with the entirety of the activity of different individuals moving dice and moving is loads of fun and will hold individuals back from being exhausted.

Fury of Dracula

  • Game of deduction expects players to think and prepare to ensure that they can dominate the match.
  • One player plays as Dracula, while the others are trackers who are attempting to find him.
  • The standard-size playing a card game are simple for players, all things considered, to hold and to deal with.
  • Offers extraordinary replay esteem as players can stretch switch between characters when they are in the state of mind for something other than what’s expected.
  • The upgraded rulebook makes keeping the principles and setting up the game simpler than any time in recent memory.

Scotland Yard

  • Offers a short playing season of just 30 minutes, which is wonderful when you don’t possess energy for any longer game.
  • Players need to attempt to get a criminal driving force in Scotland.
  • Fast-paced game is extremely exceptional, however is inconceivably simple to realize, which implies it is great for players who may not be comfortable with this sort of game.
  • 13 rounds are played in each game, with Mister X moving and afterward the players attempting to catch the criminal.
  • There are a couple of various ways that the game can end.
  • While it’s best with three to six players, this game can be played with two in the event that you don’t have any other individual to join the game.

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