14 Board Games for Seniors With Dementia That Are Simple & Fun

These board games for seniors with dementia were selected because they’re fun, simple, and easy to understand without any majorly complex rules. You can even modify a few of them to make them simpler.

Board Games You Can Play With Dementia Patients

Board Games for Seniors With Dementia


  • Made for two players, this game is incredible for both beginners and further developed players.
  • There are a couple of rules to recall, making it ideal for individuals who have cognitive decline.
  • The brilliant tones will assist with holding an individual’s attention.
  • The surface of the pieces makes them a lot simpler to get and to move than different kinds of game pieces.
  • Come in different sizes, which is incredible in the event that you need a game that has bigger parts so they will be significantly simpler to deal with.
  • Doesn’t include a mind-boggling number of moves or colors that you need to deal with taking a gander at for extensive stretches of time.


  • A fun dice game is pleasant for players, everything being equal.
  • Small enough to get together and take with you when visiting individuals.
  • The sound of the dice in the can is extremely interesting to certain individuals and connects with another sense, which is an extraordinary method to assist with keeping the psyche sharp.
  • There are more decisions in this game as you mark your scorecard, which is extraordinary for players who are in the beginning phases of dementia.
  • Some math is incorporated, and this assists players with rehearsing their numerical abilities without understanding that they are doing as such.


  • Great for assisting players with recollecting their numbers and their letters.
  • Plastic chips can be discarded and big-sized markers can be utilized if the smaller chips are excessively hard for players to have the option to effortlessly oversee.
  • The interactive game takes into account different individuals to will play without a moment’s delay, which is incredible when you are playing with a gathering.
  • There isn’t a ton of individual tension on any one player, as their card is private until they choose to show it to the gathering.
  • The guest can be somebody of all ages or abilities, which implies that this is an extraordinary cross-generational game.
  • Can be played for quite a while.

Connect Four

  • A fun game that can be played with various ages.
  • The rules are exceptionally straightforward and simple for a great many people to comprehend.
  • Since the games are so short, there isn’t a ton of tension on players when they lose.
  • The pieces have splendid shadings, making it exceptionally simple for players to distinguish which colored pieces they are utilizing.
  • Players should take turns, yet as the turns are so short and the game advances rapidly, there is next to no tension on players to move rapidly.
  • Does take into account some procedure, which is incredible for assisting players with sharpening their abilities and keeping their brains sharp.

Finders Keepers!

  • The visual game doesn’t expect players to do any perusing, which is incredible for players with further developed dementia.
  • A fast-paced game can be played by two to four players, although one individual could play without help from anyone else on the off chance that they just needed to coordinate with the photos that they were searching for.
  • The game can be as short or as long as players need, which implies that there is almost no pressure or tension on players who need to stop.
  • Using colored chips makes it simple for players to monitor what they have seen, and the brilliant colors are exceptionally simple for most players to perceive when searching for their own pieces.


  • The pieces are not difficult to deal with and to control, simplifying it for most players to put them down on the table.
  • Matching the number of spots on each piece to the specks on another is genuinely simple and requires insignificant tallying, simplifying it for the vast majority to play.
  • The rules are not difficult to disclose and follow.
  • Dominos with colored spots are considerably simpler to use as players can zero in on coordinating with the shade of the dabs in the event that they have issues with tallying all the dots.


  • Players work to dispose of the cards in their grasp by coordinating with cards that were played or utilizing exceptional capacity cards to change the interactivity.
  • Can be made simpler to play by eliminating the exceptional capacity cards in case they are too hard to even think about comprehension.
  • Very straightforward and essential guidelines that most players can handle when they begin to play this game.
  • Ideal for various players, and players can easily group up together in case somebody is striving
  • Perfect for traveling as it can effortlessly slip into a handbag or pocket.


  • Strategy is needed for the most ideal result of this game, yet thinking ahead is genuinely simple because of the plan of the board.
  • Brightly hued pieces are for the most part various shapes, making players truly wonder how they will fit them on the space.
  • The pieces are adequately simple to get, however little enough that they are extraordinary for working on fine motor skills in all players.
  • With a play season of under 30 minutes, this game is ideal for players who might not have the best ability to focus and will need to move onto something different.


  • Slower interactivity makes this an incredible choice for playing with players who aren’t keen on speedy and exceptionally serious games.
  • While you can keep track of who’s winning, it is discretionary, as the score isn’t clear on the pieces, which will lessen a ton of the pressure that players have about their exhibition.
  • The tiles are sufficiently huge to be not difficult to hold, yet aren’t substantial, which could make them harder for players to lift and to move.
  • Thanks to the straightforward guidelines, this game is straightforward.
  • Requires some procedure for the best ongoing interaction, which keeps players continually contemplating what their best course of action will be.
  • Can be made pretty much troublesome by playing with covered-up or open tiles.


  • Work on fine motor skills, just as dynamic abilities, with this exemplary tower stacking game.
  • Offers a lot of wooden pieces that are not difficult to move and hold, making putting them on top of the tower fun and simple.
  • The hazard of the tower falling is a good time for some individuals.
  • With restricted guidelines that must be followed, this game is simple for a great many people to get and begin playing without dissatisfaction.
  • When the tower falls, the uproarious clamor draws in another sense, making this game ideal for touch, sight, and hearing.
  • Games aren’t extremely long, which is extraordinary for players with shortened abilities to focus.

Crazy 8’s

  • Helps to further develop fixation and focal point, all things considered.
  • Players should have the option to zero in on the cards that they have, yet additionally, realize how to distinguish and classify them for best play.
  • Bright tones and fun delineations are engaging and will decrease the pressure that players here and there feel when playing serious games.
  • Offers extraordinary possibilities for social advancement with different players.
  • Helps further develop checking, managing, and recalling various numbers.
  • The classic game has been played for ages and might be simple for individuals to get and even recall playing previously.

Say Anything

  • Perfect for getting a larger group of individuals engaged with a game.
  • There are no off-base answers in this game, which decreases the pressing factor that players feel when playing.
  • Can be rearranged with the goal that players just need to reply and they don’t need to pass judgment on the appropriate responses of different players to think about who recorded it.
  • Can effectively be played verbally, with no composition, making it simple to use as a conversation starter for a bigger group of players.
  • Many various sorts of inquiries will engage a large group of people, and permit players to shout out when they hear an inquiry, they are alright with replying.
  • Allows players to associate with one another in a place of refuge.

Candy Land

  • Because this is, even more, a game of luck, it is ideally suited for patients with dementia.
  • Players don’t need to stress over speculation ahead to future moves, as their moves are totally dictated by drawing a card.
  • It’s not difficult to know where you will move by coordinating with the color on your card to the following square on the board with that tone.
  • Players experience a few mishaps, however, they are effectively overwhelmed by drawing another card and moving on with the game.
  • There is almost no pressing factor in this game, as it isn’t skill-based.

Let’s Go Fishin’

  • It’s extremely simple to set up this game and can be played by four players on the double.
  • The turning of the game makes it substantially more captivating than other stagnant games that can be a bit exhausting and will not hold an individual’s consideration.
  • It’s amusing to attempt to get the fish as they open and close their mouths.
  • The brilliantly hued fish are not difficult to distinguish from one another and make playing loads of fun.
  • Short games imply that the game can be played again and again in very little time.

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