Best RPG Board Games for 2 Players

Considering the era that we live in; it is pretty easy to get carried away by the glow of video games. But at the same time, it can’t be denied that it is certainly refreshing to spend time playing different board games with a friend.

Best RPG 2-Player Board Games to Play In 2021

Best RPG Board Games

Are you someone who thrives on multiplayer cooperation, competition, and more? If answered yes, there are several 2-player board games that can give you the best kind of pleasure that you always wanted.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term “RPG”? Does it give you thoughts of heavy and lengthy video games where you can play several characters at the same time?

If you’ve always been a lover of RPG games, you’ll be rather pleased to know that the RPG elements are not just restrained to video games. You can now find them in board or tabletop games too.

Are you searching for a viable option where you can imbibe your love of RPG gameplay apart from video games? If yes, you’re here for some valuable information that will come of use.

We have compiled a list of the best RPG board games that are designed for two players. The games mentioned in this list won’t require too many people but just two at a time for one hand of a game. Keep reading.


From all the RPG games that are available in the market, Gloomhaven is certainly one of the most popular and loved among the players. What is the reason behind the sweeping popularity of this game?

This game called Gloomhaven has got several classes so that it perfectly suits various play styles. They have offered 17 classes, to be specific. In a way, you can call this an adventure story that you choose for yourself, since the game plan alters depending on the actions of the players.

Above the incredibly designed game structure of this board game, the world is also viewed through a wide array of miniatures and pieces. You won’t require too much thought to immerse yourself into the world of Gloomhaven. In short, it is particularly portrayed with all its pieces.


  • Provides around 17 various classes in which you can play.
  • The game changes each time you play it.
  • Requires 1 to 4 players to play the game.
  • Offers an incredible yet detailed story that lets players make the right choices.
  • Has stunning pieces on the board like cards and miniatures.


  • As there are too many pieces, setting up can take time.
  • Can get costly.
  • The box is a bit too heavy.


In this game called Mage Knight, gamers can explore the ancient Atlantean Empire as one of four powerful mage knights. During the game’s course, players can get to learn strong and new spells, travel through the whole empire, and also recruit others for the same cause.

Players are allowed to work with each other and also compete with one another. The choice is totally theirs. Due to this, the game can easily be shaped according to the unique preference of the players.

Although it is a fact that this game takes a little bit of time to learn, but you can rest assured that once you learn it, you’ll have a blast.


  • Players may cooperate or compete.
  • Supports 1-4 players.
  • Includes several beautiful pieces like painted miniatures.
  • Includes an array of mechanics like dice rolling, deck-building, and tile exploration.


  • There are few players who find it tough to learn the rules of the game.


Are you someone who simply loved the Redwall book series? If yes, you’ll most probably love this board game named Mice & Mystics. In this game too, the players play the roles of heroes who were all transformed into mice

Due to their new tiny size, the heroes should navigate through a castle that is filled with different types of scary feats. Players have to be brave enough to fight against monstrous cats, spiders, and cockroaches.

Just as other mentionable RPGs, here too, you will get a wide choice of characters. Each of the battle-hardened mice, from which you could choose, has its own benefits and disadvantages.


  • Cooperative gameplay mechanics motivate the players to work with each other.
  • Characters are shown with unique miniatures.
  • Four different characters are there to play as.
  • One to four players may play the game.
  • Games will end within one to one and half hours.


  • Few players report that the game is a bit too complex for the young.
  • The mechanics of the game depends on dice rolling, which randomizes the gameplay rather than being based on the stats of the character that you’ve already gathered.


Did you ever try playing any RPG board game like Dungeons and Dragons? If you only had to struggle to find a DM, you’re right.

There are times when it is a total hassle to locate someone who wishes to just sit and operate a game. While it is true that players are abundant, it is also true that there is a shortage of DMs depending on where exactly you’re playing from.

This is what makes this game called Mansions of Madness unique. In this game, all the players get their own turns as the complicated scenarios are all operated by another app. You just have to download the app, set the board up and start the game with your family and friends.

Technically, you won’t require another person to play. As the companion app is running the game, you can play solo when you’re not able to find a player.


  • The horror theme is something loved by the players.
  • Comes with a suitable companion app that runs scenes for you.
  • Supports near about 1-5 players.
  • The box comprises several detailed and stunning components.
  • Has several creepy scenarios to play through.


  • There are some owners who think that the scenarios are tough to win.
  • Too many pieces and hence setting up can take time.


Middle Earth is yet another fantasy universe that several of us have heard of. And in case you’ve heard about this fantasy universe, there’s a great chance that you’ll also love the books or movies associated with it.

Journeys in Middle Earth allows the players, who have already enjoyed the movies, games, or books to dive into the universe once again.

Just as you’re able to do in the books and movies, players can design their own fellowship that ranges anywhere from 1-5 members.

There are six legendary heroes and you can choose one of them. Among them, three are familiar to us like Gimli, Aragorn, and Bilbo.

With this fellowship, you can travel into the Middle Earth, where you may write your own story as you fight monsters and explore the fantasy lands.


  • Pieces are gorgeous enough, including cards, miniatures, and tiles.
  • Perfect board game when you have long evenings to spare.
  • Players may choose from the six heroes where each has their benefits.
  • Has a free companion app to help you navigate through each campaign.


  • The game can’t be played without the app.
  • Few players think that it may get tough to win.


As long as RPGs are concerned, Dungeons and Dragons are certainly one of the most popular ones. This board game has made its way into the recent pop culture everywhere, so the majority of the people have heard about it.

The Castle Ravenloft board game makes it easy to travel into the universe of D&D without the requirement of setting any havoc campaign or complex characters. Here, the characters play the role of guests to the extremely mysterious Ravenloft castle.

Things are different from what they actually seem, however, the players require fighting through obstacles and the evil monsters that you find within the castle.


  • The game can either be played solo or up to 5 players.
  • Has the intricate and rich story of the D&D universe.
  • Games can get completed within one hour.
  • The game comes with several pieces, including interlocking dungeon tiles and miniatures.


  • Since the game has several parts, it can take a long time to set up.
  • Few think that some of the miniatures are a bit too fragile to handle.


So, now that you’re aware of the RPG board game list, what are you waiting for? Get them from your nearest store and start playing them with your partner.

The best part about the games that are mentioned on this list is that they can all be played with either one or two players. Moreover, they also include detailed RPG characteristics, like the ability to select and customize the characters while playing.

If you ask us about what we recommend, our hot favorite would be Mansions of Madness. This is because we simply prefer the horror theme which sets this game apart from all other RPG board games. This is one board game that you’ll love to play with your friends.

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