Best Fantasy Board Games for Beginners

Are you someone new to the scene of board games? If answered yes, it can be an intimidating experience to go through the popular board game titles mentioned in this article.

As long as indoor entertainment is concerned, there are thousands of interesting and engaging board games that you can try.

Best Fantasy Board Games Of 2021

Best Fantasy Board Games

But once you delve deeper into the topic of board games, you’ll wonder which of the games are apt for beginners.

Can you imagine opening a box of board games and seeing a variety of tokens, meeples, and a rule book that you have to read and understand? When you’re subject to this, you’ll be left wondering, ‘What am I getting myself into?’

In the world of board games, fantasy is one of the most famous themes that you may choose. Don’t think this is believable enough? You can type “fantasy board games” on any reputed website that sells games and you’ll find the number available.

Keeping in mind the fact that fantasy is the most imaginative genre in the market, it isn’t surprising to note that board games imitate this genre for creating an escape for the gamers.

However, these games are often scary if you’re a beginner. The games may have hundreds of pieces and claim to be easy but you won’t feel the same about them.

So, we have listed the names and descriptions of the best fantasy board games for beginners. Keep reading to know about them.


This is a rather famous game for all those who think they are overwhelmed by the thought of complex board games. The creators of this game have redesigned the rulebook of this specific board game so that beginners find it extremely easy to understand.

The sessions of this game are fast-paced and one game of Carcassone will last till half an hour or 30 minutes. This is not a game where the exaggerated rules need hours to interpret and understand.

The game’s premise is also simple enough. Players usually take turns in adding tile one by one to the board, adding grass, connecting existing roads, or expanding cities.

Each of them will have their personal followers and get points by grabbing the followers on board. This happens as and when tiles are added to the board.


  • Designed in an easy manner that can be introduced to novice players.
  • Games are fast-paced and narrowed down with options.
  • Fun-looking and colorful pieces.
  • Suitable for a huge range of ages, starting from 7+.
  • Extremely popular and you’ll find tons of tutorials if you require added guidance.


  • There are many mechanics who depend on the luck of the draw instead of the skill. So, even though you seem to be an expert in the game, you can never be dead sure that you’re going to win. This could turn out to be positive for few players.


To be honest, Mice and Mystics may be deemed to be one of the toughest games to learn on this list. Nevertheless, we thought of including this in this list as we thought that this is a totally addictive and interesting game.

As and when you get the hang of it, this is definitely something that you would love to play more than once.

In this game called Mice and Mystics, each player will assume to play a character in the castle which has been transformed into a mouse.

Since these animals are tiny, they should struggle hard to escape from a castle that is currently filled with dangerous animals like a giant cat.

Players in this game are allowed to choose from a range of one to four various characters. Each of these characters will have its benefits and pitfalls. Hence you may be able to select the one that fits your style of play the most.


  • Has an immersive and funny story that is enjoyable.
  • Players can play various characters with unique abilities.
  • You can play alone if you wish to.
  • Stunning artwork and unique pieces.


  • Might be tougher to understand than all the other game options.


This game is self-described as a ‘gateway’ board game for introducing new players to board games. This board game has an effortless and simple learning curve.

This product page includes an educational video that teaches you the rules of the game in case you feel confused about the rules.

Are you looking forward to something that motivates people to play together, think together, and work together? If answered yes, this can certainly be the game for you.

Unlike few other games mentioned on this list, this one is a cooperative game. Hence, you can be sure that players can play together in this game.

The main aim of this game is to save the tower that lies in the middle of the board from a score of monsters. You can complete this game in an hour and so you needn’t worry about having to take too much time.


  • Designed keeping beginners in mind.
  • Games are rather too short, taking just an hour.
  • The game has several fun expansions to select from in case you want more from it.
  • An ideal choice when you don’t prefer competitive games.
  • If you don’t find a partner, you can even play it alone.


  • There are some who feel that the gameplay and artwork may be too straightforward for adults or seasoned players.


This is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable games on this entire list. Straight from the get-go, you’ll find this game to be covered with interesting and unique art that you’ll love to check out as you play the game.

The best thing about this game is that it has been created in a simple manner and hence it is certainly for beginners.

The aim of the game is to design a thriving settlement of lively and bright creatures. Each player, on their turn, has to select from 3 basic actions – placing cards, placing workers, and prepping up for the following season.

The game has a table presence that is rather too impressive. One part of the game has a 3-dimensional tree which makes the game feel like the lush green forest that it represents.


  • Can be learned really fast.
  • Attractive pieces and artwork.
  • Each game is different and hence has a high replay value.
  • Looks great when set up with the 3-dimensional tree.


  • Fonts on the card are sometimes not readable.
  • The tree makes it tough for the other players to view the board.


If there could be a makeover for the old classics, the Dragon Chess Set would certainly be the best option. Though it is not a game that fits in well with the fantasy setting, yet the pieces and the board have been rejuvenated with scary dragons.

Chess is a game that many know and is also easy to learn but tough to master. However, with this specific set, you’ll have fun wondering how the dragons fly through the board as you practice skills of critical thinking.

The pieces of this game are made of solid pewter and hence there’s no chance of breaking. The board is made of glass, revealing the bottom portion that is filled with mountains and dragon bones. Overall, it is an attractive set for beginners.


  • Dazzling appearance.
  • Old classic that has been redesigned with a fantasy element.
  • Gameplay and rules are fairly easy to understand.
  • Pieces are made of sturdy material and are not brittle at all.


  • Some owners think that it may be tough to predict which dragons associate with which chess pieces.


It is not that the board game that you choose has to be something that is totally new. There can be a twist at times too. This old classic board game called Clue will give you an amazing experience as a beginner.

This game called Clue has been entirely redone so that the players may easily step into the shoes of their favorite Harry Potter characters like Hermione, Harry, Ron, Luna, Ginny, or Neville.

The board of this game has been given a makeover in such a manner that it looks like Hogwarts. The goal of each player is to find out a student who has been missing from school, track down the reason, and also the suspect.


  • An easy game that has a magical twist to it.
  • The board has been recreated in such a way that it seems like Hogwarts.
  • The new board has feature wheels on the board which can be moved to alter the looks of pieces and unravel hidden passages.
  • You can play the role of any favorite character from the story of Harry Potter.


  • There are many who complain that there are added rules that can at times get confusing.


While it is true that board games are overwhelming, complex, and reserved, they are also fun to play with, especially when you’re new to board games. Check out any of the above-mentioned games if you’re a novice.

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