Best Board Games for the Blind

Living with a visual impedance can mean restricting numerous parts of your life. The world everywhere appears to accept that everybody is gifted with a sigh, which, as we probably are aware, is simply not generally the situation.

Best Adapted Games for the Blind or Visually Impaired

Board Games for the Blind

Luckily, over the long haul and society gradually develops more comprehensive, openness is being worked on in all respects. One angle that is seeing a significant availability improvement is tabletop games, also known as board games.

We believe being visually impaired or outwardly disabled shouldn’t imply that you can’t appreciate a decent table game with companions. That is the reason we’ve accumulated a rundown of the best board games for the visually impaired.

Keep reading the rest of the article for motivation on what to play in the event that you or somebody you love is born blind.


In the event that you’re a bibliophile, you’ve presumably known about Scrabble previously. It’s a brilliant game for the individuals who love words and building their jargon, on the grounds that the more words you know, the better you’ll perform in the game.

In this version, the game has been totally patched up so that the visually hindered individuals can play easily. Each letter tile has both content and Braille on it.

The actual board presently has raised edges, permitting players to feel where the tiles ought to go. These raised edges additionally hold tiles back from sneaking off the board if someone knocks the table.


  • A classic table game that is incredible for bookworms.
  • Each tile has print and Braille on it for simple perusing.
  • There are raised edges on each tile of the board and hence pieces fit properly and will not slide off.
  • The spinning configuration permits players to pivot the board, allowing simple access from all sides.
  • Includes instructions in Braille.


  • Can be somewhat costly.
  • Some felt that the tiles ought to have arrived in a better-quality bag.


This game is somewhat similar to Tic Tac Toe, in case you’re in the temperament for a game that’s more strategic. The distinction, however, is that you need to get four circles of a similar color in the same row to win.

Like the Tic Tac Toe board, this game has been re-imagined to be cordial to visually disabled individuals. The red circles have openings in the middle, so players can tell with a speedy touch which will be which.

It’s an extraordinary option for kids as well. The guidelines are straightforward, so even novices can get it rapidly.


  • Players can tell which circles are which by feeling them.
  • Easy to figure out how to play.
  • Set up and cleanup are speedy, as there aren’t too many parts.


  • As it resembles Tic Tac Toe, the reason is basic and may not be engaging for more seasoned and mature players.


A basic game with a simple reason, Tic Tac Toe is presumably one of the primary strategic games we learn as kids. At the point when you’re visually impeded, however, feeling where the X’s and O’s are on the paper can be troublesome.

Luckily, there are delightful material sheets like this one. The X’s and O’s have been changed from little stamps on paper to huge, effectively discernible pieces. Lines on the board can let the blind predict where the squares are.

When you’re not playing, the board capacities as a dazzling beautification to your room. It looks classy and could heighten the beauty of any coffee table without upsetting the appearance of the room.


  • Interesting design.
  • Large pieces that can be felt and differentiated easily.
  • Perfect size for storage.
  • The X’s and O’s can be set within the board post each game.


  • Some have said this board is excessively small.
  • It’s a lovely basic game, so it doesn’t generally attract the grown-ups.


Backgammon is an exemplary game known and cherished by many. This antiquated game doesn’t require some investment to learn, and this variant of it brings to you a delightful board made completely from wood.

It was entirely made keeping the blind in mind. The pieces are material, and the imprints on the board are raised so that feeling them can be easier.

The best thing about this game is that it folds. Whenever you’re finished playing, you can overlap it down.


  • Tempting wooden design that is hand polished.
  • Tactile pieces that are obviously discernible for the blind.
  • Can be learned easily.
  • Raised edges on the board keep pieces in their place.
  • Folds into equal parts which makes storing easy.


  • There are a few reports that that board is too small.


Everybody has played a round of chess basically once in their lives. The normal board, nevertheless, would be hard for somebody who is not able to see.

This board cures all the visual concerns that the standard Chessboard may have. Each square is set apart with an opening that the pieces space easily into. That guarantees they will not get pushed over if the board is knocked or as visually impaired players feel the space.

The actual pieces are made to be not difficult to distinguish. White pieces are cut with enormous spots on top.


  • The pieces are kept properly by openings in the squares.
  • Dots placed on the white pieces make them simple to differentiate.
  • There is a place for storage on both ends of the board.


  • There are a few reports that the pieces are outwardly ugly.


Othello is one more ageless system game. Despite the fact that its principles are genuinely essential, there’s such a lot of technique included that even grown-ups will have a ton of fun thinking about each and every move.

The objective of the game is to have more stakes in your color on the board than your rival. Each stake has one side painted one of the two tones, so when a player flanks a rival’s stakes, those flanked stakes are flipped over to the color of the player.

Either side of the stake is set apart with a spot, so visually impaired players can tell which stakes are theirs. Toward the finish of the game, the board likewise incorporates a smooth wooden top that transforms the board into a crate holding every one of the stakes.


  • The board becomes a playing surface and a box for storage.
  • Each stake is set apart on the two sides so everything players can tell which ones are theirs.
  • Wooden design is awesome.


  • None revealed yet.


Alright, so Jenga is certifiably not a game that was initially proposed for visually impaired individuals. Notwithstanding, the normal plan of the game makes it feasible for the blind to play with ease.

There are no cards or anything to peruse. You should simply stack the squares, haul them out, and set them back on the stack.

This is something you can do regardless of whether you can see. Indeed, a few fans even play blindfolded for a test. Hence, we figure out that the blind could appreciate this pleasant game as effectively as a sighted individual.


  • Players don’t have to attempt to observe between pieces.
  • You can play exclusively by contact.
  • It is a fun game that is learned easily.
  • Well-cherished by fans globally.


  • The box is somewhat too enormous to hold the game perfectly, so you can’t stack your pieces in the crate as a pinnacle and slide them out totally for the following match.

Things to Consider before getting a board game for the blind

Material Features

At the point when you’re playing with a visually impaired individual, it’s significant that they’re ready to tell the pieces of the tabletop game besides their own.

Indeed, you could peruse the content or work their pieces for them in case you’re sighted, however, this could get disappointing throughout the span of numerous games.

Material highlights permit the blind to play the game completely through touch. They can incorporate things, for example, raised specks on pieces to differentiate them, or edges on tiles to hold parts set up.

Number of Players

In some cases, you need more individuals around to get a game moving. The fewer are the players needed for a game, the less you need to battle to discover a group to play with.

In case you’re gifting the board game to a companion or relative, this is something worth considering.

Braille or Raised Lettering

Like material highlights, Braille or raised lettering give your visually impaired friends and family freedom as they play the game.

This sort of lettering makes it workable for them to understand guidelines or determine what different parts are without requesting a third-party reader.


Fun isn’t something anybody ought to forfeit, irrespective of their incapacities. Any of the tabletop games on this rundown make it possible for a visually impaired individual to bounce back on to the good times.

We recommend Deluxe Scrabble Game as you could spend several hours playing this game.

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