Best Board Games for Small Groups

Playing board games can be one of the best ways of spending time with family members and friends. There is a wide arrange of board games or tabletop games that are available in various formats and themes.

From silly card games to in-depth games to strategic games, there are games that will be perfect for everyone’s taste.

A lot of board games need a different number of people to make the game run smoothly and in the right order. This is fine for people who have a group of five to six friends who wish to get together for an evening. But not all can gather so many friends for a game night. Well, if you’re one among them, you needn’t worry as there are good games that are perfect for 2-4 people.

Are you someone who is looking for the names and descriptions of the best board games for small groups? If answered yes, you’ve clicked on the right post.

We have for you a few of the best options that will keep your small group entertained for several hours at a stretch. You will be entertained to such a level that you’ll forget to use your smartphones. Without much ado, let’s take a look at the games.

Good Games That Are Perfect For Small Groups

Games That Are Perfect For Small Groups


The rounds played in this game are pretty fast but still, it is a fun experience for the gamers. You will soon start loving this game once you start playing it. Players should participate in the game and strive to help one another in mending the spaceship, shouting over each other. Through this process, their efforts and plans can be heard out.

  • Players have to play together and the main goal is to mend the spaceship before time runs out
  • A fast game that takes just around ten minutes to play
  • It is crucial to initiate teamwork as this is the only way of salvaging the spaceship
  • The beautiful cards are made from plastic and hence they won’t be damaged even if you spill a drink on them
  • You get expansion packs that help you extend the fun time for a longer span


By the name of this board game, you can well understand that the game was set in the 1930s. It is a tense game that holds on to the excitement of the gamers. They have to decide who is a fascist, who is a liberal, and who can be trusted and relied on. If you have a little bit of luck to support you, things will be interesting as the game constantly makes you think.

  • The game is not only fun but has gorgeous wooden pieces
  • It is a fast-paced game that depends on deception and so the shrewd players win
  • Gamers are divided into 2 teams but they are not aware of the members of the team
  • The game has an abundance of political intrigue and betrayal and is a dramatic game
  • Demands players to think outside the box as this makes the game fun


This is not a fast-paced game as the other usual word games but this is no less a fun game that makes you think outside the box. Players have to focus on what their teammates are saying. With the help of a proper choice of words that the players can reveal their secret agents without the fear of being killed.

  • Two teams of players play against each other and their main goal is to look for their secret agents
  • Great game for only 2 players but it works also perfectly among bigger groups
  • Players find out the secret agents through verbal clues and their power of guessing
  • Players have to try hard to stay away from the chance of being assassinated and revealing the agents of the other team
  • The team that uncovers agents sooner will become the winner


This is an extremely fun game where your friendships are going to be tested for sure. The players in this game have to move ahead in obtaining the maximum number of unicorns for their armies. At the same time, they also have to focus on how the competitor players are faring so that they can backstab them at the right time. If you can, you also have to slow them down.

  • This game is great for up to 8 players and you can stay engaged for 30-45 minutes
  • Gamers have to work on their own to build the group of unicorns so that they can use them to backstab their friends
  • Players can learn the game very soon due to its simple drawing and playing rules
  • With at least 7 unicorns that you can capture, the game needs strategy and some amount of luck
  • Players are usually more focused to backstab the potential winners and hence it is vital for winners to maintain a pace


Anyone who owns a smartphone will be available to participate in this game which is not just fast but also interesting at the same time. This game can easily transcend generations and make sure that the players involved in the game feel interested throughout the game. These questions are all different and none will be able to dominate or get an edge over the board at any given time.

  • There are 1200 challenges and questions and the game has a high replay value
  • You can choose from 6 different categories and this means that everyone will get a chance to win the game
  • This is a perfect game for people from 13 years of age till a higher age
  • It is a perfect trivia game for players who are still not good at regular trivia
  • Players rush to answer the questions by seeking help from their smartphones


Players who can’t sing properly can also love playing this interesting game. However, they have to be familiar with the songs so that they can think of something outside the box. This game is real fun as the players can constantly keep laughing and having fun while trying to find out the names of the new songs.

  • Players can participate irrespective of their singing talent
  • Players can come up with new songs that have the mentioned words in them
  • It is a good game for 10 players or even more and playing in teams is recommended
  • Players can come up with the best tunes featuring a specific word playing the game against each other
  • No such specific skills are required for playing this game
  • Perfect for all age


In this game called Quickwits, players will have to try to take control of the majority of the cards in order to be victorious. They also have to put a limit on the words which are used on the future cards. This is certainly a loud game as the players will end up shouting against each other in order to be heard above the noise.

  • The game is enjoyable as it is perfect for adults
  • The rounds are short and can span for around 20-30 minutes; hence keeping the players engaged
  • You can choose from 150 cards and the game can be played time and again
  • The game will definitely cause bouts of laughter with more than 3 players
  • Players will draw out the cards from different categories, match the symbol and race to give examples


This game is a fast-paced game that gives the players lot of fun. They get enough time to think of new things while playing. Apart from handling their hand of the game, the players also require keeping an eye on what the competitors are doing. This helps them control the game with the best combinations.

  • The expanded version of the game is perfect for bigger groups
  • Players need to understand how to manage a hand, draft cards, and set collection
  • Players are able to obtain points by making combos of sushi
  • The simultaneous action selection chooses this game to become far less than boring
  • Players can improve scores by selecting from a la carte dishes


This is believed to be a perfect game for breaking the ice among players of all ages. This is a rather fun game that engages the players and is enjoyed even when the game is played over and over again. Telestrations is a fast-paced game that needs the players to think constantly while trying to understand what the other players drew, even though the sketch is awful to be understood.

  • The actual sketching game is played on the telephone
  • Gamers needn’t be good artists as this is the fun part of the game
  • With eight books, cleaning cloths, erasable markers, this is great for any group
  • Players can draw whatever they see and then the other players have to guess what the other person drew
  • There are more than 1700 rods that can be sketched in the game

Therefore, if you’re someone who has been wondering about the best board games for a small group of people, you can take into account all the above-mentioned lists.

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