Best Board Games for Middle Schoolers

There are many modern and contemporary board games which have been designed in the form of educational tools. Rather than the lucky dice roll, there are board games which demand critical thinking, strategy, alliances, and even teamwork which can keep middle school kids involved.

Everyone will have fun and they’ll love the way they spend quality time with each other. If you want to make your game night transform into an educational experience, educational board games are probably the right choice.

We currently live in an era where electronic games are lying at our fingertips. During such a time, you may feel that the need of moving back to board games is unnecessary. However, there are experts who are of the opinion that these board games are great tools for making the process of learning enjoyable.

If you take a middle-schooler, he is socially trying to develop his critical thinking skills along with learning all sorts of social techniques of behaving with people. As parents, you are the most important example of teaching the development of skills to your children. Board games are the best way out.

So, check out the names and short descriptions of the best board games for middle schoolers. Grab their phones and engage them in real-life games.

Top Board Games List for Middle Schoolers

Best Board Games for Middle Schoolers


This game offers awesome interlocking dungeon tiles that make sure that each time you play this game, it will not be the same as the last time. The game has more than 225 cards and 300 tokens and players enjoy the excitement and suspense each time they open the box.

  • Players get multiple situations to choose from and hence there is no question of boredom
  • The game lasts for an hour and hence can be a good option for longer nights
  • The game can be played in groups or even as single player
  • Players should try to utilize traps and spells to prevent monsters
  • Several high-quality components heighten the interest in the game


In this game called speed charades, players will compete against each other in doing a better job of acting words and leading their team towards success. Each team will guess 4 out of 5 words that are there on the card and this will help them earn a point. There are 10 rounds in the game and the winner is the team with maximum points.

  • This game is a fun game for middle-schoolers as there’s a twist in their old favorite
  • The fast-paced gameplay keeps all players engaged in the excitement
  • Players compete with each other and try to get their teams in guessing few words
  • Includes 1400 words so that players don’t repeat the same word more than once
  • Ideal game for breaking the monotony of the same old boring game nights


The gameplay gets completed in just 30 minutes and is one of the best games for middle schoolers who are not interested in games that need too much involvement. In this game, the rules can be understood easily and it can soon become a favorite among kids who wish to dominate the board. Those who love to beautify their city with better crops and tall buildings will love this game.

  • High-quality pieces of this game last through the long term
  • Players are the major of their town and their aim is to enhance their city
  • It is an easy game after the rules have been revamped
  • Players can improve their prestige by making business and planting crops
  • The key to winning the game is watchful earning of money and building landmarks


Would you like to enjoy the fun of an escape room at a very nominal price? If yes, this is the ideal game for you. It has got a unique storyline and locked jars, boxes, and puzzles that make the game tough to crack. However, that doesn’t take away the excitement of the game. When the players work together, they can prevent friends from transforming into werewolves.

  • It is a fun and cooperative game where you have to solve 19 puzzles
  • You only have 1 hour to win the game and hence there is added pressure
  • There is a perfect mix of physical and mental puzzles which means that all players can contribute
  • Players should solve both 2D and 3D puzzles to win
  • The game connects to Amazon Alexa and this makes it more involved and immersive


With such cooperative games, it is easier to build a team where players rely on each other for achieving success. This is an enjoyable game that demands the players to think differently and support each other while playing. This way they can launch a rocket before the duration of the game is over.

  • This is a cooperative game that middle schoolers can enjoy and work together to form a bond with each other
  • If you can maintain the speed of the game and think fast, you can avoid being electrocuted
  • Players should connect cables to launch a rocket for succeeding
  • The interesting board adds to the interest and fun of the game
  • All players have to work in a team lest they fail


Jenga is a strategy game that demands players to think about each and every move and plan ahead of time. This is a game that is tough to master and it is also easy to grasp. You can easily plan where you should place the blocks once you pull them out of the tower. This will give the players an edge over others and let them stack in more blocks.

  • This is a classic game that needs a lot of strategic thinking and skill to win
  • The last player who pulls the block without breaking the tower is the winner
  • The blocks are made of hardwood and hence they won’t ding or dent when they fall
  • This game is great for any number of players
  • Each of the pulled blocks should be placed above the tower, making it less sturdy
  • Perfect for any number of players


This is a rather quieter strategic game that needs a lot of planning ahead of time and thought process to devise the best winning strategy. By watchfully keeping the tiles on the board and trying to match them on their own and also block opponents at the same time, players can think of winning a game.

  • This game needs a rather impressive technique where players need to plan their moves while blocking their opponents
  • The pieces are strangely shaped and this makes it difficult for them to move even if you spill the board
  • Each player tries to grab as many pieces on the board before time runs out
  • Every piece should match one of the same colors but also at the corners
  • Practicing the game makes it simpler for the players to win


Not only do players have to be on their feet and arise with answers that are believable by their opponents while playing the game, but they should also be able to predict when they’re bluffing. Calling bluffs and hiding the truth from your rivals are both keys to achieving success in this game and make sure it is a lot of fun.

  • Ideal game for players who love to stretch their trust
  • With a blend of four different categories to select from, players will definitely find out questions that can be answered
  • Opponents can decide when the other players are calling them out on it
  • Even when players don’t know the answer, they can pretend and participate that they can answer


This is an ideal competition game where there’s not much that you can put at stake and this is why it is famous among middle-schoolers. There is a super fun way in which the players can get out of the game by adding an element of surprise to the game. This game keeps the players on their toes, making them think continuously.

  • This is an ideal party game for bigger groups but lasts for 15 minutes
  • Fast-paced gameplay structure that keeps the game moving fast and thereby prevents boredom
  • Trying to get others to explode while saving yourself is the key
  • Players should have few cards in their hands to avert being exploded
  • With a fast pace and fun graphics, the game is extremely enjoyable


This game is too popular among middle schoolers who wish to play a cooperative game that will let them work together and save the world. In this game, you will get a few of the biggest diseases to fight against and few resources for use. Players have to learn to set aside their personal differences.

  • Players can work together to save the world
  • There are several expansion packs that can enhance the gameplay
  • While diseases spread rapidly, players can use their resources to stop them
  • Players run against time to stop the diseases
  • As there are many outbreaks, the game can be demanding and stressful

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