Best Board Games for Double Dates

Depending on the experience that you gather on a double date, they can both range from being a perfect night for four people having fun or the most awkward encounter that the four can ever endure.

No matter you and your girlfriend are going with another well-informed couple or the four of you are single, you will definitely need some form of entertainment to keep the spark alive.

Best Board Games for Couples to Play On Game Night

Best Board Games For Couples

There’s no doubt when we say that double dates can be fun. On a double date, you can bring forth your partner and also some close buddies without even feeling that someone is on the third wheel.

Nevertheless, when you keep hanging out with a couple too often, you will soon run out of topics for conversation and activities.

This is where board games come in. Board games are probably the ideal way of enjoying an evening without having to talk too much or participate in debates.

They can accommodate a fixed number of players; they have many different themes and they also give you a feeling of engaging in something new all the time.

If you’ve been looking forward to knowing the names of the best board games that you should play for double dates, you have clicked on the right post.

Don’t worry if you just ran out of ideas to pull the double date into a memorable experience. Take out the board games from your shelf and immerse your friends in a world of magic.

Ideal Board Games to engage your friends in Double Dates


This is a famous and beloved game that puts players in the roles of railroad moguls. In the game called Ticket to Ride, each of the players has to compete with one another for gaining access to the perfect routes for connecting cities. This game also offers the best train cards for the players.

If you’ve arranged for a double date during a rainy evening, this is certainly one of the best choices to go for.

This gameplay involves building routes and while you’re into the game, you will most probably feel that you’re traveling through the country. You will forget that you’re cooped inside a place on a date night.


  • It is a fast-paced game that picks up momentum very soon. You won’t be bored while playing this game.
  • The game won’t take to complete more than an hour. Hence, you’ll get lot of time to pursue with other activities.
  • Designed to be fast and simple enough for players who are beginners.
  • Compatible with Alexa and hence you will get help while running the game.


  • This game consumes a lot of space. Hence, make sure your tabletop is cleared while playing the game.


Among all the other board games that are covered in this list, Catan is certainly one of the most revered and popular ones.

The majority have either played this game or come across the box at some point in their lives. Thanks to the premium quality of this board game that it has been successful in gaining a good reputation.

As this board game is set, you step into the shoes of settlers on the lush green island of Catan. While other players also look forward to gathering resources, you too have to do the same as a part of the game.

Work in combination with other players and trade peacefully. You can also constantly try to lock down other resources.


  • There are several strategies to use for winning and hence you may try new techniques each time.
  • Beginners can very easily learn the tricks of the game.
  • The average duration of the game is around an hour.
  • Board looks different each time you play.


  • There are times when winning depends entirely on a good dice roll rather than your skill.


Did you ever feel nostalgic about the movies that you used to watch as a child? In case you’re someone who has grown up watching Disney movies, you’ll simply love revisiting them while playing Villainous.

In this game, players are allowed to choose one among the 6 legendary villains like Jafar or Maleficent.

Each of these villains has their individual infamous goals for being a winner in the game. In this game, you will get a guide that is filled with strategies on how to play the game tactfully.

The best part of this board game is that you get to meet the heroes that you all love and know, whether Aladdin or Ariel.


  • You get a chance to play as your favorite villains throughout history like the Disney villains.
  • Each player can play through their own story but they can bar each other from obtaining their individual goals.
  • Board is dark but beautiful with oversized pieces that can be easily moved or held.
  • You get to meet famous Disney heroes like Aladdin.
  • An ideal game that takes you back to your childhood memories.


  • Few say that the game is a bit tough to learn for beginners.


Are you a double date couple that loves to watch horror movies on your date nights? If answered yes, there’s no better way to bring in the board game called Mysterium on your date night.

Mysterium is usually called an ideal option for the spooky people who are looking forward to infusing a little bit of horror on their date night.

A player plays the role of a ghost who has forgotten how he was killed. All the other players become investigators who will keep thinking of solving this mystery.

In a process of helping the players, the ghost gives them abstract pictures which are used as clues. It depends on the investigators to understand the meaning of the cues.


  • A spooky and fun atmosphere is great for horror fans.
  • Cooperative gameplay makes everyone play together.
  • The game can be played repeatedly and offers different solutions at different times. Hence has high repeat gameplay.
  • Has attractive gameplay artwork on the board and on the pieces.
  • This game can be played repeatedly for best results.


  • When you play with the same people, this can develop predictability which leads to an easy understanding of the clue cards.


Now that you’re on your double date night, you must be looking for something that is easy and that offers an immersive experience. For all this, Carcassone is just perfect. This game’s rulebook has been redesigned and this even streamlines the entire process of learning.

If you or the other couple is a fan of fantasy movies or medieval books, you should certainly take out this board game from the shelf.

This one is not just a famous game but it is also super easy to learn. As a single-player, your objective as a player is to conquer as many tiles as is possible by manipulating the board and placing the pieces on the tiles.


  • Simple and easy gameplay that people can easily understand.
  • Quick-paced games that complete within half an hour.
  • Board looks different each time and hence it is never monotonous.
  • Medieval and fantasy lovers will love this game.


  • There are times when winning the game will depend more on luck rather than the tiles that you draw on the board.


If you give a quick glance at this board game, you might as well get bored due to the forestry and plant theme involved.

You may also get a notion that the game is a peaceful one that is slow-paced. But this is totally a wrong notion. This game is exceptionally simple and also has a number of in-depth techniques that should be tried.

The players have to grow trees and at the same time soak under the sun as much as they can. While this may sound easy while you read but there are several factors at play. You have to choose a good spot and also guide trees via their life cycles.

By the time the game ends, you’ll feel as if you’ve grown a tiny forest. This is definitely a beautiful game.


  • Has a strategic technique of playing and players have to use their brains.
  • Looks beautiful and gets even more beautiful when you start playing.
  • Games can be completed within an hour.
  • The board and pieces are of high quality.


  • Manufacture notes that this game is best suited for players who are intermediates and not beginners.


So, this concludes our list of board games that are perfect for double dates. We keenly hope that you get inspiration for your next board game that you plan to play with your friends and family. Which game do you prefer playing when you’re on a double date with your couple friends?

If you ask us about our recommendation, we will certainly tell you to go with Mysterium. Although there are tons of options on our list, this game would motivate all to work together and engage in telling a story. Hence, it is ideal for bonding with people on the board game table.

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