Best Board Games for Dinner Parties

When someone is locked inside the house due to the current pandemic situation, the most important thing that keeps us going is entertainment. But staying stuck inside our homes leaves us with very few options as we are still not allowed to go out and utilize the other forms of entertainment.

Best Board Games for Adults Who Like to Party

Best Party Board Games

No matter whether you’re living with your parents or spouse or partner or your kids, games can always be a fun option for entertainment. How much time would you like to invest in cooking or other household chores? Even after completing every odd task, you’ll be left with enough time to play games.

Board games are undoubtedly a great way of passing time and forming a bond with your near and dear ones. Not only that, but they are also helpful in enhancing your skills of thinking critically and challenging your brain while you stay entertained for long hours. While there are numerous board games that are family-friendly, there is also a wide array of choices for dinner parties.

Influence of board games in dinner parties

If you’re the one who is hosting a dinner party among your family members, you have to take on a lot of pressure on your shoulders. You’re not just liable for arranging everything from refreshments to the main course mail but the entertainment also lies on you. You’re bound to arrange some form of entertainment for the guests.

Even though you call the most adjustable friends, they can still be disappointed when you make them endure a boring dinner party. This is why it is vital for you to plan something else apart from just the food.

How about introducing the idea of board games? We all know that playing the right board game can unite people in long hours of frolic, fun and also turn your simply arranged dinner party into a memorable experience.

So, if you’re looking forward to knowing the board games that are ideal for parties, keep reading the remaining concerns of this post.

Ideal Board Games for exciting Dinner Parties


If you’re someone who loves the gameplay from Clue but you’re not satiated with the level of spookiness and wish to take it to a new level, Mysterium is probably the right choice for you. Just as in Clue where players are engaged in solving a murder mystery, in Mysterium too, the gameplay is almost similar.

However, the only difference is that here, a single player is a victim. Players, here, play in the form of a ghost to give them clues to other players.

These clues are given through properly illustrated surreal picture cards. Those who are investigating the mystery find it tough to interpret the meaning of these picture cards or what the others are hinting at.

This way, the game Mysterium is a weird amalgamation of Clue and charades. It can certainly be a great option for your dinner party guests.


  • Splendid artwork on pieces and board.
  • Interesting murder mystery theme that will leave everyone in awe.
  • User-friendly gameplay.
  • Has high replay value.
  • Cooperative gameplay that makes everyone think together.


  • Sometimes there are players who think that the clue cards are too easy to figure out when the game is played a number of times with the same players.


If there is a game we grew up with, Clue is something that you must have been familiar with in several other dinner parties. Among the best, this is the best version of Clue as it is designed to look exactly like the version which was played in the 1980s.

Thanks to the vintage looks of this game called Clue 1986 edition, this game is ideal for a walk-back memory lane. Once you play this game with your guests, you’ll get a blast from the past when you begin to solve the murder mystery of this game. Here are the pros and cons of Clue.


  • Can be learned very easily.
  • Murder mystery theme is fun to play with.
  • Retro looks will appeal to the player’s nostalgia.
  • The solution of this mystery is pretty different each time you play.
  • High replay value.


  • Reports reveal that Colonel Mustard wears orange in the game whereas his conventional color is yellow.


If you wish to move out of the territory of murder mystery, you can shift back to something basic or conventional – trivia. Wit’s End is a special trivia board game that brings forth a brand-new twist to the ancient well-acquainted genre.

Rather than just answering few questions, there are several other challenges of this game. The cards in this game let you solve puzzles, choose an item that is the odd one out or sort out things in the right order.

This is therefore a board game that will force everyone to use up their mains and brag about their memory skills. Here are the pros and cons.


  • Familiar style of trivia but with a wide range of challenges and hence not monotonous.
  • 1200 question cards; so you won’t run out of cards or remember them anytime.
  • Can be played against each user or in teams.
  • None will face a tough time while learning to play this game.


  • Few said that there are questions that seem too hard.


Have you been looking for an easy-to-play board game? If answered yes, Carcasonne is the best game that you will ever come across. This is especially a user-friendly game that has rewritten its rulebook in order to make it ideal for beginners.

This board game takes place in a medieval setting and it is fun. The players will draw the tiles and build the map together.

They also claim landmarks on their own in a way of earning points. Carcassone is one of the easiest board games that can be played at dinner parties. Not only is it fun, it is also very easy to interpret the rules of this game.


  • Anyone can learn to play this board game.
  • Each time you play, the board will give you new possibilities.
  • Has an appealing and interesting medieval theme.
  • Games can be played fast.


  • The base version of the game supports up to 5 players. Hence you may need extensions if you wish to include more people.


There are several lists of names of board games where you will find this name Ticket to Ride. There are too many reasons why this game is loved by all. However, among other reasons, the players choose this version due to its compatibility with Alexa.

Do you use the Alexa speaker at home? If you do, you can utilize this speaker to guide the new players in playing this game. When there are several beginners at your table, this is certainly a perfect game to play. You don’t have to explain the rules of this game.

As the game gets moving, it moves pretty fast. People keep fighting against each other for connecting cities and grab the best train cards before anyone else. As you pull this game out of the shelf, none of your guests will be bored.


  • Has a pretty fast pace.
  • When alone, you can also team up with Alexa.
  • Alexa can explain the rules of the game on your behalf.
  • Games can be finished within an hour.
  • The rules of the game are too simple to learn.


  • The table has to be cleared up as this game consumes a lot of space.


How about trying your best to make your guests laugh? Would you want to ignite a bout of comedy in your dinner parties? If you do, you should definitely play this random and wild game that will test your creativity, called Off Topic.

As the name of the game suggests, a card is drawn with a topic mentioned on it. A dice is then rolled where a letter is mentioned. Now each player has to arrive at a response to the topic which begins with the letter chosen. This has to happen within a certain period of time.

However, this is just the first part. As time runs out, each player should argue about their response and explain the reason why this is the best one at the table. Here are the pros and cons.


  • Wild and wacky gameplay which will make everyone laugh.
  • An ideal game to make all guests interact with each other.
  • So easy game that you don’t even have to go through the rules.
  • Can be played with up to 8 members.
  • Has erasable boards where you can write your answers.


  • Might not be a suitable board game for children.
  • Introverts usually don’t like the game as it requires too much debating.


According to us, any of the above-listed board games can be an ideal addition to your dinner party. Nevertheless, if you asked us about our favorite game, we would certainly recommend Off Topic.

It is a perfect game for lightening your mood and making everyone enjoy their best moods. It also supports a decent number of players. Hence you can make many players join in it.

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