Best Board Games for Cabins

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned camper or a novice to this outdoor camping experience, it can’t be denied that cabin camping is certainly something that is worth trying.

For campers who are already passionate about cabin camping, it is one of the best ways of shaking things up and to witness the wilderness from an entirely different perspective. This is the best way you can take a break from the tantrums of setting up tents and worrying about the weather.

Best Board Games to Play At the Cabin

Best Board Games for Cabins

If you’re someone who wishes to ease your way into camping, cabin camping is possibly the ideal option. However, while a cabin can be a perfect getaway from the tensions of daily life, not every day will the weather be favorable. Nature rules the cabin but the weather won’t make you feel good always. This is when you need indoor activities to uplift your mood.

Your idyllic vacation to a cabin needn’t be boring or devoid of any form of entertainment. Despite your plan to switch off all electronic gadgets, you can always have space for board games. In fact, the peace that you find in cabin camps will add to the mood of enjoying board games.

Let’s take a quick look at the best board games for cabins. Scroll down to know more about the games and their pros and cons.


Playing Catan is almost an award-winning experience and it is a game that you and your family members will enjoy every time they play. In Catan, the ultimate aim of the players is to keep exploring the Catan isle which is rich in resources. The players also have to work towards developing their individual settlements.

This game has space for trying out several techniques. You can easily win over the board and stack up resources or work in tandem with other players to trade for resources that you require.

One of the most favorable things about this game is that the board looks different every time you play the game. The dice rolls that are involved in gathering resources are designed in such a manner that no two games will look alike.

So, you can play this and expect varied experiences every time. Hence there’s no question of boredom.


  • It is possible to win through various strategies. So, players of varied styles can play.
  • Board looks new every time you play.
  • The game can be learned in as little as fifteen minutes.
  • Randomized dice rolls can ensure a new game each time.


  • A bit too complex for kids.
  • The competitive nature of Catan might lead to arguments when you’re playing with players who are too emotional.


There are some players who believe that these days they don’t design games like the previous way they used to. In case you love everything that is ancient and vintage, you should add the 1986 edition of Clue to your board game collection for sure.

Clue is considered a classic murder mystery game that has been brought back to its previous glory. Artwork that is entirely vintage-styled and pieces that can soon take you back in time have been added. The best part about the game is that it has high replay value. You are able to play it time after time and get varied results each time.

In case you’re on your cabin camping with kids, this is certainly an ideal board game to start with. Clue is extremely easy to learn. It has a tight and intriguing murder mystery that can pique interest in children and adults. Here are the pros and cons.


  • Retro design that appeals to fans of vintage and ancient art.
  • Takes very little time to learn the tricks of the game.
  • The solution of the game is different each time and hence has a high replay value.
  • Can be set up easily.


  • Few opine that the cards and pieces are too fragile to be used by many.


Are you looking for a board game that rewards teamwork and cooperation? If yes, Pandemic is the ideal option for you. This is a game where each player plays a role within a team that is created to fight against the disease.

Roles that can be played are that of a researcher, medic, scientist, and many more to pull out and save the world from a new deadly disease. Pandemic is not a game where you play by yourself, you will also have to strategize with others for creating a solution or a cure.

In case you don’t have too much time to play, you will love the average runtime of this game since it is just 45 minutes. The difficulty level of this game can be adjusted by adding other epidemic cards to the deck to heighten the challenge.


  • Cooperative gameplay enhances strategy and teamwork.
  • Games won’t last too long and hence you get more time to enjoy the camp.
  • You can adjust the difficulty level to make the game interesting.
  • Has a colorful and beautiful board and pieces.
  • Easy to clean up and set up.
  • Each player chooses a role that offers unique benefits.


  • There are few roles that are more powerful than others.
  • Winning depends on the role that you choose.


In this game called Ticket to Ride, each player is taken back to a time when railroads were built all over the US. The players have to fight for gaining access to train routes and cards before any player.

The ultimate aim of the game is to connect various cities with railroads. This is said to be an ideal game for rainy days when you’re stashed inside and you feel like traveling. The rules of this game are straightforward.

This is not the game in which you have to spend several hours reading the rulebook. Therefore, this game is so simple to play that the range of age goes down to 8 years old and hence children can also play it.


  • Alexa compatible.
  • Games take just 30-60 minute to complete.
  • Ideal to give you a feeling that you’re exploring a country.
  • You can play with as few as 2 and as many as 6 players.
  • You can play with Alexa if you don’t have anyone to play with.


  • The board takes enough space and so you’ll require a huge table.
  • Be careful about not bumping into the board after it is set up.


A cabin is usually an ideally spooky place. When you go to a camp, you are actually isolated from the remaining part of the world and surrounded by wide lakes and trees.

When you’re wondering about the ideal time to play a board game that has a spooky twist, Mysterium will certainly be one of them. This is a game that is more like charades.

In this game, one player is a ghost and all others are investigators who are striving to deduce the reason behind the ghost’s death.

The ghost isn’t allowed to give verbal hints to the other players. Instead, he should use picture cards to give clues and indicate how he died. The players have to understand the meaning of the picture through the clue.


  • Can be easily played.
  • The game can be completed in as less as 45 minutes.
  • You can play with two to seven players.
  • There are different results each time and so the game is not boring.
  • Splendid artwork.
  • Interesting spooky theme.


  • When played with the same people time and again, the guessing game could become too easy for the players.


Whenever you make a list of the board games which are heard by everyone, Risk is certainly the most important one. It is a pretty old board game and, in this version, you can get a nice 60th edition.

Apart from getting the game, you can also get premium packaging and great artwork. The game has premium pieces which all look stunning when they’re set up.

There are many ways in which you can win this game. You may build friendships with other players so that you can double-cross them. Your main aim would be to conquer the world, whatever it may take.


  • Includes interesting new packaging, pieces, and artwork.
  • Suitable game for highly competitive players.
  • Allows people to play in various playstyles.
  • Can be learned easily.
  • High replay value as there are different results each time.


  • Few players believe that it is extremely simple for the pro board game players.


Even when you’re using cabin camping as a relaxing experience, a cabin doesn’t always mean that you should ditch all forms of entertainment.

Considering the board games mentioned on this list, you may enjoy a fun night enjoying without any electronic devices. Among the options given above, the most recommended is Catan.

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