Best Board Games for 6-Year-Old Boy

Do you feel that your 6-year-old is all set to participate in competitive games with friends or join in on an engaging session of the family games? If you’re a family that often gets involved in playing board games, you must be wondering about when to make your 6-year-old kid ready to join in and add to the essence of game evenings.

Teaching them the best board games can help them learn great gamesmanship and improve their concentration, strategy skills, and the way you can face and beat challenges. Therefore, introducing board games to your kid will not only help him stay involved with the family but also transform their personality and their thought process.

Now that you know how these board games can benefit your child, are you looking for the names and descriptions of the best age-appropriate board games or tabletop games that you can bring into your house? If answered yes, you’ve clicked on the right post.

We’ve compiled for you an engaging list of the best board games for your 6-year-old. Keep reading to know more about them.

List of Best Board Games for 6-Year-Old Boy

Best Board Games for 6-Year-Old Boy


By reading the name, you can get a clear idea of how the game is structured. The teams have to try finding the appropriate words without uttering a word. While they do this, the other teams keep track of the countdown with a buzzer. The first team that wins 100 points is the winner of this game but uttering a word will lead to a loss of points. Losing points will certainly make the game tense for all who are involved.

  • When players act in teams, there is no stress involved in the game
  • Great game when there are multiple teams and becomes a party game
  • Players have to try to get their team members to guess the right word without speaking
  • There are 100 cards with 200 topics, thus offering a high replay value
  • Best for expansion of vocabulary and teamwork


In this game, players wander around the board and while wandering, they’re supposed to gather cheese pieces and aim to have the most of them. This is a game that entirely depends on skill since players will try to keep the mousetrap at bay. The player who is able to stay away from the mousetrap will have the highest chance of winning the game without having to surrender.

  • The element of building your cheese pieces makes the game more fun
  • With the movement of players, they work as a team to build the trap that the others are trying to dodge
  • Players race to move their mouse all over the board without the chance of getting caught
  • The last mouse that remains uncaptured wins the game
  • The game has durable pieces with bright colors


In this game called Enchanted Forest, players may look over here and there to find out the treasure. However, in order to heighten the chances of winning, they should concentrate on remembering the location. For winning this interesting game, luck, memory, and strategy, all come into play. This can be a great choice for family get-togethers.

  • This is a magical game that includes players who hunt for treasure in the forest
  • Updated messages make sure that all the kids can play
  • Graphics of this game has been improved lately to make them look more appealing
  • The first player who finds the treasure is the winner
  • By rolling the dice and moving all over the board, they try to find out the hidden treasure


This is a board game that is ideal for the 6-year-old boys who have a knack for working together. Kids who still couldn’t muster the courage of losing can also find this game fun to play. They all have to match their wits against one fox. All they have to do is track the fox and stop him from running away with the pot pie. The one who is successful in stopping the fox can win the game.

  • This is a cooperative game that lets go of the pressure that players feel for winning a game
  • Players should gather proof regarding who stole the pot pie
  • The game is completed within 30 minutes and hence can be an ideal game before going to bed
  • The deduction elements manage to keep the young kids on their toes
  • As evidence is ruled out with the help of a special scanner, players can feel immersed within the game


Does your young boy love the idea of toilet humor? If yes, this game will never disappoint him. This is indeed a great game for boys who love silly fast-paced games that can keep them engaged on their toes. The boys have to focus minutely on their monster and move quickly.

  • This is a hysterical game that demands players to control 3 rolls of toilet paper for winning a game
  • Participants have to search for an empty toilet for their monster and flush properly in order to play
  • Players should use the plunger to gather the toilet paper
  • The monsters that only remain seated on their toilet will get a chance to earn more toilet paper
  • Thanks to the fast action involved in the game that the boys get satisfied very easily


By the name, you know this game is related to the kitchen. Players have to watchfully move utensils over the board to design a path. Players will have to work hard to trap the bug inside the kitchen. It is only when the bug is tempted within the trap that the player that has the trap gets the token. The first player that gets 5 tokens, wins the game.

  • High-quality parts are designed to make the game durable
  • The fast dice-rolling game keeps the players engaged
  • The game is completed within 15 minutes and hence is perfect for younger boys
  • The HEXBUG nano is included and it adds more fun to the game
  • Players have to design a path to trap the bug


This game is perfect for boys who are trying to learn the spelling of new words. Most 6-year-olds won’t even realize how much they’re learning while playing this game. There is a matching aspect of this game that plays a part in reducing stress and making the game an ideal option for young boys. By matching words and building new words, you can keep the score increasing.

  • The best alternative for the grown-ups
  • Has a 2-sided game board with an advanced side that is perfect for older children
  • Fun tokens can help young people feel involved and interested
  • Players try to match letters that are there on the board to design complete words
  • There are colorful picture clues on the board which make the game easier


When your kid is a pre-reader, he has to focus on noticing words that are attached to pictures. This game usually does a great job in helping your kid learn words and this is an easier way of learning. Often, teachers and parents make use of Zingo to help kids learn new spellings. In this game, players play against each other in a race to fill their cards.

  • Ideal for developing skills of critical thinking among pre-readers
  • Clear messages let boys start the game right away
  • It is a fast-paced game that doesn’t leave the players bored
  • The first player to grab a full card in the game is the winner
  • Tiles are not only colorful but also durable


The classic buzzer of this game is perfect for adults who already played the game before. Now, this is a refurbished version for this new generation. While it needs some adult people to supervise, the game helps the young boys a lot as they start learning the virtue of patience. This is a game that completes within few minutes.

  • It is a perfect mixture of sound and fun graphics and is appealing to young kids
  • It is a funny way to speak about the body and include a fun play with words
  • The game needs the coordination of hand and eye to be successful in winning
  • The game is fast-paced though it is turn-based
  • Has classic ailments for players to solve through an operation


When you play this game called Guess Who!, you have to know how to extract characters that don’t fit into the mold is vital for the players to win this game. This game has a fast setup of the board which makes sure that no player doesn’t gets bored while playing.

  • This is a classic guessing game where the players have to decide the chosen character of the opponent
  • Players can get to know the description skills so that they can streamline the choices while playing
  • The fun drawings are pretty engaging
  • The game has a high replay value as there are several different pieces to choose from
  • Flipping down the characters help the younger boys in feeling entertained

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