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About Us Page for BoardGamesLife.

Regardless of whether you’re trapped indoor due to the current worldwide pandemic situation or you’re able to go outdoor, there is nothing that can outshine the importance of board games.

Although we live in a digital era where kids and adults are always online to play games, yet board games have not lost their popularity.

About Us Page for BoardGamesLife

Amidst the gloomy times we’re living in, having a one-stop board game website is a big thing indeed. Keeping in mind the surging demand of netizens to know more on board games and their various types, we have designed this website Board Games Life.

So, Welcome to Board Games Life!

What is Board Games Life?

Board Games Life is an online resource community which has the ultimate goal of being a definitive source for card game, puzzles and board game content.

This website is usually updated by our dedicated team on a real-time basis. It has a large and growing user base and thanks to them that we already have hundreds of registered users, making Board Games Life one of the best up-to-date places to get information on gaming.

You can become a registered member of our website BGL for free but at the same time we welcome your contribution to the site in the form of reviews of games, ratings and your opinions on the games that already exist in our database.

BGL features several hundreds of board games and we give you a detailed description of each game, how they are played, what tricks should be applied, how many players are needed to play the game and how they’re different and better from other games. If you’re new to this site, keep reading this page to know more about us.

What are the types of games you’ll find here?

Well, in Board Games Life, you can get a wide variety of board games which include thousands that you may have never noticed in a store. We make sure that we not just cover board games but also puzzles, card games, dice games, tile-laying games and games that require high level of dexterity and skill.

BGL features economic games, abstract games, city-building, dungeon crawls, negotiation and diplomacy, puzzle games, trading, party games, strategic games, war games, and many more. Our gamut runs from the serious empire building game like Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition to the whimsical and light Carcassonne.

There are also other well-known and popular games like Monopoly in our database. However, you will most probably find users choosing the modern games which have lots of advancements in the gameplay.

Sounds intriguing, but how can I find these games?

No, we don’t sell games through our website but the games that are in print here are mostly available in the local independent game store. In case you don’t find these games at your local game store, you may try looking for them with an online retailer.

They often have a wide array of imported games. Though the names might be new to you, yet you will see that they are easily accessible.

How do I find players to play the games with me?

Well, this is a good question as all these board games will require a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 8 players. You can initially start off by reaching out to your family members and friends.

This is because you can make the best group over a game table with the people you know and love. However, there are several other people with whom you can play these games.

You may get lucky enough to find a game store that hosts these board game nights or you can also locate a local nexus of board gamers in the community.

You can also meet up with new people to try out games. And you can also check out the game enthusiasts who comment on the articles of BGL and start interacting with them.

Do I need to register with BGL?

No, as of now, there is no process of registering with our website. You can read and use the content of our website without being a registered user. However, you may contact us if you wish to add a new game to our database or contribute your comments on a specific board game.

Guide to Board Game Life

Board Game Life (BGL) is a website that is fully dedicated to physical board and we already have a huge database of board games. Thanks to our active users that they discuss about board games, argue about them, buy them, sell them, gain experience on them and share their opinion with us.

Each game mentioned in our database has its game function and information on the game. The game has its own user ratings, forums for detailed discussion and a lot more.

Major Content Areas of BGL

Board Games: In the section of ‘Board Games’, you’ll find detailed information on different types of games. There are sections for groups, for 2 players, for kids, for adults, for kids with autism or elders with memory issues. In short, you’ll get a wide array of details on board games.

Puzzles: Apart from board games, there are puzzle-based games too and this section will cover that. You will get a detailed description of puzzle games, how they are played and the techniques to use to increase the chances of being a winner.

Is BGL a family-friendly site?

No. Several games featured on this website have morbid and uncensored content. Being a information and database resource, we have always given priority to accuracy as long as database entries are concerned. We don’t censor the titles of the games, videos, images and any other material linked with these games.

Hence you need to be of at least 18 years of age to read the content or use them. Anyone below 16 years of age isn’t allowed to use the site. Nevertheless, you may view BGL at your own risk.

So, if you’re a fan of board games and you are eager to introduce them to your kids at home, you may choose to stay updated with the content of Board Games Life. We can promise you to deliver something new every time you visit our site.