15 Board Games With Timers

Are you someone who loves to play board games with timers? Are you someone with a fast mind or someone who wishes to adopt the habit of thinking fast? Whichever type of person you may be, there are board games that may be of immense use.

Did you know that there are board games with timers? If you didn’t, read the article to know about the 15 best board games that’ll make you think faster.

List of Best Board Games With Timers

Best Board Games With Timers


  • Once you are done with selecting a card, players just have 5 seconds to name 3 things that are best in accordance with the listed topic.
  • The categories of this board game aren’t tough but the short time period within which players need to answer will keep the people on their toes. There is pressure in this game.
  • As the marble races down, the timer makes a loud noise, adding to the interest of the game.
  • Fun categories are perfect for players of all ages, making it a fun game for families.


  • Each player will be given a long list of categories and a player will roll the die to determine the letter with which everything should start.
  • As the timer is on, the players have to note down as many things that come to their minds with that letter.
  • Once the timer goes off, you have to compare the answers as well as try to score more points.
  • Players earn a point for every correct answer but in case none in the group thought of the answer as well.
  • When a player has multiple-word answers, they can earn multiple points.


  • In their turn, the player put all the pieces back to the game before the timer runs out.
  • Since the pieces can go towards one spot because of their shape, the game needs a lot of speed and concentration.
  • The player is allowed to put 9 pieces back to the board and the fastest player becomes the winner.
  • Players can compete not just with each other but also against the timer.
  • As the timer goes off, all the pieces on the board pop out.
  • When the game can be set up easily, it is best for young children.


  • This is a cooperative board game that demands the players work with each other for saving the ship.
  • Emergency cards may totally derail plans and put the players back in the pavilion when they deduce a new strategy.
  • Players can save patients by keeping the dice in the right places of the board.
  • The companion app offers a timer so that all know the remaining time to play.
  • You get just 45 minutes to win this game.
  • This game is ideal for 1-5 players who are above the age of 13 and is willing to take on the challenge.


  • Before the timer goes off, the players should try to name 3-6 things within the mentioned category.
  • As there are a plethora of subjects and difficulty levels for different cards, this is a perfect game for the whole family to play together.
  • Players are given a chance to select how tough a category they wish to answer depending on how far they can move the piece on the board.
  • By naming objects, players can move on the board while trying to be the one who moves farthest.


  • The companion app’s timer gradually counts down to destruction and players have 10 minutes to defuse bombs by rolling the perfect numbers.
  • The game is best for 1-5 players who are above the age of 10 years.
  • As this is a cooperative game, it is great for players who might not feel confident while winning a game and who require extra help from others.
  • There are more than 20 bombs that you have to defuse and the game can last for a really long time.
  • Players get involved in the game.


  • Players have to begin by choosing a category and then turning on the timer on the wheel.
  • With just 10 seconds to name a word that matches a category, players should press the first letter of the word which they named, reset the timer, and pass the card along.
  • The game gets tougher when played and players may reuse the same first letter while coming up with the answer.
  • When a player can’t remember a word on time, then they are out from that round.
  • The last one standing till the end of the game is the winner.


  • With 5000 phrases and words for players to describe or act out, this game may last for a long time and get replay value.
  • The built-in timer will go off whenever a team runs out of time. This makes tracking easier.
  • There is not just an in-built timer, the game keeps monitoring scores and offers the words on the screen.
  • Teams don’t wish to be the ones holding the game as the timer is put off and this gives them a chance to win points.


  • This happens to be an ideal game for 12 players who love to share their life experiences, not worrying about knowing the answers to trivia questions.
  • The 2-minute timer offers enough time for players to answer questions and match answers to earn points.
  • There are no such right or wrong answers, players just have to match the answers from other questions.
  • Players move the Queen Bee via the garden and try to prove that they should remain in the game and keep matching questions with answers.
  • Perfect for players of all ages.


  • There are 3 rounds that are packed with action where players compete acting out Biblical phrases, church jokes, and conventional cliches.
  • Clean fun, great for the long term, and players can compete against each other.
  • In the first round, players answer questions, in the second round, they should try physical challenges. In the third round, players can choose to say a quote from Bible.
  • The game has more than 250 playing cards and 2 sets of erasers, boards, and markers.
  • The timer plays the music of the church and fits the theme of the game.


  • This is a symbol recognition game where players work hard to find out the matches within the two cards.
  • The players not just compete against the other but they should also try to move fast to beat the timer.
  • The timer turns on and stores the cards inside, which is perfect for continuing the game.
  • The game has 55 cards and also a talking timer.
  • The timer may be used for 10 seconds and can be set in a random setting for more stress and fun during the game.


  • This one is a perfect travel version for Boggle lovers who love playing their favorite game while on the go.
  • Players initially twist and raise the lid so that the letter cubes can be shaken to mix them properly.
  • The timer allows 3 minutes of desperate searching so that players may find as many words as they can.
  • This timer is soft and it alters color to let the players know when the time is up.
  • As there are no loose parts, there’s no concern about the pieces getting misplaced.


  • Players usually work in teams and they love to give their teammates a few clues to let them rightly predict the name, place, thing, or any other item on the card.
  • There are few timed rounds and the timer here plays attractive tunes to keep the game moving and make sure things are fun.
  • There are few rounds for all to play at least once and this makes the game difficult and crazy to maintain.
  • Players will get a better chance to perform well in the game in case they’re acquainted with celebrities.


  • Players work quickly to get a word that matches the letter and fits the one with category cards.
  • The timer has 3 different settings so that the game is played by advanced players, beginners, and people who are pros in this game.
  • This game is perfect for the development of vocabulary and for motivating players to stay on their toes.
  • Though it’s easy to learn, the games are different as the categories and letters in the game change.
  • The game board makes choosing the letter for every round.
  • The game has 100 cards which are for advanced players and beginners.


  • During each round, the players can speak out answers as they race others to receive the final word before the sound of the buzzer.
  • Players have to come up with words that fit into the category but which even start with a similar letter.
  • The game is perfect for 2-8 players who can be loved by players who are a minimum of 14 years of age.
  • The game includes 230 subject cards and 56 letter cards.
  • Since players give their answers, it gets more difficult to speak one which is not said already.

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