14 Phenomenal Board Games That Start with P

Have you been looking for the names of the best board games for your kids? Now that your kids are confined in their rooms and have nowhere to go, it is vital to keep them engaged. Although digital games have taken over the popularity of board games long back, yet when you’re looking for engaging the entire family, board games are the best.

Phenomenal Board Games List That Starts with ‘P’

Phenomenal Board Games That Start with P

Check out the names and short descriptions of the 14 most phenomenal board games that start with P.


  • In this game, the players try their best to supply maximum power to the cities.
  • They mark routes within the cities and try to connect. This way, the players plan on expansion and creating a grid.
  • Apart from just supplying cities with maximum power, they also have to compete with one another in purchasing power plants.
  • You will need a lot of strategic planning to upgrade the power plants, find out fuel sources and expand power routes.
  • Players should also find materials that are required the power up the new plants and also upgrade them in order to make them fuel-efficient.


  • This is a specific board game where the players have to build a proper hand utilizing their cards and also the community cards that are accessible to all.
  • Each of the cards involved here will have various abilities and they can influence the game in various ways. Players will keep bragging about their abilities.
  • In each round, the players require making bets and claims on how proper their hands are.
  • This board game can be played in 2 different ways. In a first way, players will be gradually eliminated during the rounds. The other way has a specific condition of winning and here none gets eliminated.


  • Pandemic is a cooperative game where the players have to cooperate with each other and try their best in stopping the spread of diseases all over the world.
  • There are several hotspots that break through the globe and this requires the players to set a strategy and keep themselves on their toes.
  • Players have a role to play and should design a strategy through which they can lead the group.
  • Each character has his own strength and weakness and players should work within these limitations.
  • If the diseases get cured, the players will win but if it keeps spreading, everyone will lose.


  • In this game, players will be in charge of the US Navy Tactical Fighter or US Air Force Squadron located in Vietnam.
  • The players have to target their personal prey and at the same time be aware of political repercussions.
  • In case the players strike too hard, they may delay the moment of win since their offensive strike will be delayed.
  • If you strike too light, it will cause a player to be blamed for losing at war.
  • Each mission takes nearly 30 minutes to set up, plan and resolve things.


  • In this game, players will remove a cube at a time from the pyramid, leading the other cubes to move down the pyramid to reach the base.
  • When you come up with a strategy through which you can gain maximum cubes without losing points, players try to gain points before the game finishes.
  • Cubes are of high quality and will have a durable surface that won’t flake off.
  • Cobras are included within the pyramid at the lower point.
  • With the reversible tray, you get another way to play.


  • This is a game of infection, evolution, and extinction that can be played with only 1 player. However, it has been designed for 4 players.
  • The players will play the role of a deadly disease that is competing with others and trying to infect and harm the whole world.
  • 4 fatal pathogens are included in the game and it is the role of the players to spread this pathogen all over the world while preventing other rivals from being the primary disease.
  • Pathogens are weak and they have to evolve quickly.
  • Players can work against each other to knock down a good player to fast spread the disease via events like the Olympics.


  • Each player tries to reach the center of the board without one more player being able to knock them to the start zone.
  • Prime Climb focuses on prime numbers and is fun and creative.
  • Players may control 2 pawns and take turns in rolling the dice.
  • They can move the pawns within the circle by applying 4 math operations to the numbers.
  • When a player lands on a rival, they are able to send it back to the beginning.
  • Collecting Prime cards lets players added boosts and perks that can be used up later on in the game.


  • The 100 cards in the game provide too many options for equations which the game won’t be boring.
  • Players need to find some equations on the number cards of the table.
  • In case the players are stumped and not able to reach an equation, 3 cards will be added over to the board.
  • As the players can find out hidden numbers, they can keep the cards and the main goal is to attempt to be the player that has the majority of the cards till the end of the game.
  • The game usually lasts till 15 minutes and hence is perfect for players who are in a hurry.
  • Perfect for players with math skills.


  • This game begins with each player in charge of pawns in their corner of the board and then they require trying to move away from their pawns through the board.
  • The movement of the pawns is entirely decided by the dice.
  • Players move on a similar path and may capture the pawns of the opponent and send them to the starting corner.
  • The player who’s able to move the pawns through the board into the home will become the first winner of the game.
  • The wooden game board is sturdy and foldable and hence you’ll find it extremely easy to store it in a proper way.


  • This is a 2-player game that amalgamates strategy and design to build a quilt made of patchwork on the board.
  • The patches are placed in a random circle and the players get 5 buttons that play the role of an in-game currency.
  • Players need to buy pass or patches and they may select spending buttons and take the patch until better patches are available.
  • Apart from keeping track of how much amount to spend on buttons, players should also keep a close watch on the time.
  • It is easy to build a quilt but you have to ensure that the patches fit within the right spaces. This is tough and needs a well-thought strategy.


  • This is a strategy game where players have to cultivate the seeds which they have in order to grow the strongest trees.
  • Trees grow through their lifecycle, they begin in the form of seedlings and then bloom to die later on.
  • Players earn points when the leaves begin to collect energy from the sun.
  • Players decide not just where to plant trees but also when is the right time to grow them and optimize the light they’re in.
  • The components of this game add to the enjoyment of playing the game.
  • It is easy to learn the rules and begin playing, mastering the game which takes strategy and time.


  • In this game, knowledge of world cultures is tested where players have to trot through the globe.
  • Each player should answer questions on drink and food, places and people, greetings, customs, and world treasures.
  • There are 636 questions and 48 different scenarios, hence the game has a high replay value.
  • Offers one of the best ways of exploring the world while learning interesting trivia in a non-threatening way.
  • Great for 2-6 players but more players can be added to the team.
  • Great game for middle-schoolers and adults as they can play together.


  • There are 1200 questions across 6 trivia categories, which gives the game a high replay value.
  • The categories include law, music, politics, history, movies, technology, TV, and others.
  • With a variety of politics, it is easy for the majority of the players to find a question which they can answer.
  • Players can answer questions without taking resort to smartphones for assistance.
  • Since players may use smartphones to compete in few categories, it makes the game accessible for teenagers to compete against adults.
  • The game can be played by 8 people and teams have a good option for other players to join in.


  • Great party or family game as it’s ideal for groups
  • Players have to match their photo cards with captions provided by the leader.
  • The rules of this game are basic and can be understood easily
  • The game is perfect for younger players
  • The game includes 144 caption cards and 504 full-color photos, there are various combinations and matches for the game.
  • There’s not too much strategy involved in the game

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