14 Board Games With Words

When you bring out board games on cozy Friday nights or on long holiday weekends, you know that they are going to benefit your kids in the best possible way.

Apart from teaching them patience, teamwork, and how to lose and win gracefully, board games also have a positive impact on the brain and language development of kids.

If you’ve been thinking of investing in board games with words for your kids, here are 14 options for you. Keep reading to know more about them.

14 Extremely Unique Board Games With Words

Unique Board Games With Words


  • By utilizing tiles from their hands, players usually have to spell the long words that are there on the board.
  • Words need to connect with other words on the board and this makes the game tougher. However, players may use a few of the letters which have already been played with.
  • There are few places on the board which give players bonuses when they touch these spots.
  • Players have to continue with the game until they’re no longer playing letters or until all letters run out, whichever situation arises first.
  • Each of these letters has a point value and hence players can gain points by adding them.


  • This is a game that is in many ways similar to Scrabble as the players have to complete building words using letters that they have in their hands. Rather than maintaining a flat game, players may even build words on top of other letters.
  • Players can obtain points for placing letters and creating stacks of letters. This helps them make an incentive.
  • In Upwords, players are allowed to play on top of the words that have already been played by the opponent. This is not the case in Scrabble.
  • The player with maximum points is the winner of the game.


  • In this game, players have to play against each other to capture letter tiles by selecting words that comprise the letter which they want. Then, they have to pull them off the board before the competitors pull those back.
  • Teams usually have a specific amount of time to find out the word which they’re looking for on the board. They have to ensure it fits into the category and later on move the letter towards them.
  • As soon as the timer goes off, the other team grabs the opportunity to draw a card, name a word and accordingly move the letters.


  • Before playing, players should keep in mind that rotating the game board is necessary. This will help the letters to move and change position.
  • All players will have to work at the same time to find out the hidden word lying on the board.
  • Words may be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or even backward. But they have to be straight.
  • Whenever they find the words, they can cover them with colored markers.
  • As players find out words that cross the words of their opponents, they can remove any of the colored markers and replace them with one of their words.


  • During each round of the game, players have to divide the teams and compete to create 5 words using the letter which were revealed on the dice of the game.
  • While one of the teams will try to create 5 words, the other team will try to guess what they are trying to make.
  • The team that makes words needs to work as fast as possible so that the opposing team doesn’t guess the words as this will make the gain points for this game.
  • As teams create words, they move their pawn around the gameboard so that they can become the first team to win the game.


  • This is a game that is paid between 2 and 4 players with 20 letter tiles each and you can use these tiles to spell 5 words way before your opponents.
  • Players have their letter holder and this lets them move their tiles to create words without the opponents seeing them and what they’re planning on. They simply turn it while they share.
  • Players can also trade out letters to make words but this even slows down the speed. Speed is vital in this game.
  • All players count points from their letter tiles while determining the entire score for the round. The player who makes 5 words first adds points to the final score.


  • Young children who have to learn sight words will love playing the game which helps with comprehension and retention.
  • Players can earn points when they put other toppings on their pizzas.
  • While these are difficult challenges, they’re fun.
  • Besides earning points from designing their pizza, players may also earn points through the end of all challenges.
  • While these challenges are a bit tough, they’re fun.
  • The sooner the players can identify sight words, they’re able to reach the toppings of the pizzas.


  • In this game, players race against each other to create words in their personal 4X4 grid by leveraging tiles that have both letters and symbols printed.
  • By utilizing letters, players may create words that they require for winning. However, the symbol tiles have to be incorporated correctly to increase the score. This means that the players should have a strategy for how they can use the symbol tiles.
  • There are 3 different rounds in the game and players can get rewards as they do not just earn the maximum points but also when they can beat the highest score.


  • Players should take turns in this game to draw cards with esoteric words printed all over them. They then have to read the words to their rivals.
  • As the player is able to guess the word’s meaning properly at the first guess, they can gain 2 points.
  • When the player is not aware of the definition right away, 3 options are read out to them from where they have to choose.
  • The first player making it to 10 points will win the game.
  • Players take turns reading the card and the definitions on it and this gives both players chances to guess the word.


  • This is not just an anagram game but it is also a game where players should have a strategy so that they can make large words that use the right colors.
  • Players build their personal crossword by connecting the words carefully in each round.
  • In each round, players have to match the chosen color combo shown on the dice. This will limit the letters which you can use during the game.
  • Players should have a fixed number of letters that they may use. The first player to utilize all the letters is the winner.


  • In this specific game, players take turns in adding letters to the board to create words horizontally and vertically.
  • Players should follow the rules as to where they may place the letter tiles to make sure they don’t make a word that’s illegal.
  • By arranging tiles to form a single meaningful word, the players may easily achieve higher scores.
  • Players add the value of the letters which they have played, count up the bonuses which they’ve earned while placing the letters on a fixed square, and also get bonuses for using all letters at once.


  • The main aim of this game is to locate as many words as is possible in the letters which constitute the grid.
  • Players will be given a sheet of paper and a pen and they have to begin the game by dropping letters on the lid, put the grid on the lid, turn it over and shake it till the letters fall in place.
  • As the lid is removed and the timer starts, the players should search words that have a minimum of 4 letters.
  • Letters can’t be used more than once within the same word.


  • Players are given letters to hold their hands which are later on used for creating words while playing the game.
  • Each word that the players make will have a separate value, based on the angles in the letters of the word.
  • As players may obtain points in designing bigger words, these may be tricky to create. The player has to roll a number on the dice which is higher than the word’s value.
  • Players not just need to own pawns till the end of the game but they also have to win the game and own the highest score.


  • In this game, the players will be given a 3X3 grid and hence they have to spell words that have 9 letters.
  • All the words need to be made from the letters which are touching in the correct order and skip letters that are present in the way.
  • While players are searching for words, they need to consider the total number of tiles that they can add to their stack. The player with the highest stack at the end of the game will be the winner of the game.
  • There are bonus tiles included within the game which players have to include in the stacks to make them look taller.

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