14 Best Cooperative Board Games For 2 Players

We all know that the best cooperative board games are those that are easily put off by heightened competitiveness around the table. Games that keep offering unique challenges are the ones that can be solved together. Cooperative board games stress team works instead of a scramble to win a game.

Board games for 2 players are perfect when you don’t have enough manpower or players who are willing to play the game. These games are ideal for date nights and competitive head-to-head games with friends. Here is a list of the 14 best tabletop games for 2 players.

List Of Cooperative Board Games For 2 Players

Cooperative Board Games For 2 Players


Though it is true that this game can welcome more players but it seems to be a perfect game for 2 players. Both these players have to work together and get off an island before time runs out. It is an action-packed game that needs players to keep aside their interests in helping each other.

  • Pieces of this game are durable
  • High-quality graphics add to the visual appeal of the game
  • Perfect for ages 10 and upwards
  • Game time is of 30 minutes
  • The game requires strategic thinking, cooperation, and skills of problem-solving


This game is a popular one where players need to work as team members of a disease control department. Their main job is to keep deadly diseases at bay. By working together and utilizing actions for treating hotspots, players can stop the spread of the disease and lose while trying.

  • This game is perfect for 8-year-olds and up
  • Members of the team have different strengths that can be relied on
  • Graphics are impressive and the colors of the game are bright, making it enjoyable
  • Markers and cards are durable and can last for several years
  • Game is fast-paced


This game is perfect for players who love words and language. It is a new spin on the Codenames game and is designed for only 2 players. There are 400 new words that you can use with the original game, if needed, letting this game double in the form of an expansion pack.

  • Set up of the game is fast and hence the game gets started in a second
  • Players take turns in working together trying to locate their undercover agents without revealing any assassins
  • The game moves pretty fast and this is perfect for players who love speed


Unlike other 2-player games that don’t have replay value, this one has. This game needs players to work together for investigating and following a definite storyline with weapons, ghosts, and several suspects to select from.

  • Players work together to reveal who committed a crime
  • One player works by making the other reach the culprit
  • The key is to understand what ghosts are trying to say
  • Players have to depend on their senses and gut feelings
  • Cooperation between players leads to a successful game
  • Players assume various roles in the game and this makes it enjoyable


By utilizing a system of action point, this game is deemed to be a cooperative game which is not just engaging but also a lot of fun. Players will enjoy avoiding explosions, defeat skeletons, and reach chests that they’re trying to attack.

  • It is a fast-action game with a lot of disruptions that make it a fun game for players
  • Numerous pieces and constantly changing games make it interesting
  • Each time, the game is different
  • Perfect game for up to 5 players
  • Longer playtime of around 6-75 minutes makes it perfect for game nights


This is a fast-paced game that takes just 30 minutes to end but has the power of leaving players exhausted. You will experience something totally new as players get immersed in WWI. They should work together in surviving the trenches. You have to work together and keep playing to win the game.

  • A total of 5 players will love this game
  • Soldiers should protect each other and the success of the game depends on this survival
  • Cards, tiles, and tokens make the game interactive and fun
  • Multiple rounds make the game move quickly


This Lovecraftian board game has 4 campaigns to select from, letting players choose a perfect game for the time. This game has an included conversion kit to let the use of first-edition components. This is therefore a great option for following up.

  • The game has more than 500 components to add the immersive experience
  • It is an ever-expanding game with new monsters and characters and several scenarios
  • The companion app is needed but you can download it on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS
  • This app lets you solve puzzles, fight death and collect weapons
  • Players have to work together to win


The unique process of this game lets players relive their past. This game offers interesting artwork and has a rejuvenated take on this board game. It offers immersive scenarios and players will get a new experience when the game is played.

  • Agents in the game work in different worlds to complete their individual missions
  • Lovely illustrations and components set the game apart from others
  • Since players can attempt missions, there is not much stress in this game
  • Every scenario will have new rules, new characters, and new surprises
  • Players can decide on how much roleplay he wants


This is a cooperative board game that lets players act as Taoist priests whose aim is to safeguard their village members against ghosts. Wu Feng’s dark forces were defeated in the past but presently they’re arriving in the village, ready to seek revenge for their deaths.

  • Players work together to save their village, responding to threats
  • If the priests are killed, the players lose
  • There are 4 levels of difficulty to select from
  • If the ghosts make villagers escape, the players will lose the game
  • Each of the priests has unique powers to fight the array of ghosts


This is a game where players should work with each other to obtain the goal and travel to the center of the board. It is only by fulfilling emotional gains by discarding cards, players need to depend on non-verbal clues from the partner to succeed.

  • Each of the players should empathize with his partner to get the best chances of winning a game
  • Players need to move towards the center of the board and stay in a normal state
  • The card-splaying mechanism lets players adjust their perspectives when they need options


This is yet another deck-building game that is fun to play as it seems like a video game rather than a normal card game. As the deck doesn’t get shuffled, players should know the role of deck management to make proper decisions.

  • During each game, players need to face enemies with their set of abilities and skills
  • All players work in order to transform energy into spells to assist with their defense
  • Each player has his own set of abilities, spells, and smarts
  • Careful card discarding is required to ensure that the players don’t run out of energy


Instead of spending long hours setting the game, this game is all set to go from the start. There are four different ways of using these cards, letting players enjoy the immersive experience of more advanced games without any hassle.

  • Intuitive dice mechanics and thematic skills let the game flow pretty fast
  • Each game is unique by choosing new characters and various dungeons
  • There’s a light option for players who are looking for the dungeon crawl
  • Every character class has its benefits and disadvantages to consider while playing the game


Lovers of this game called Pandemic will love the fun new twist of this game. The custom figures help in bringing the reality of Cthulhu to life and make this game more immersive and enjoyable.

  • Players work and play the role of investigators to find portals to cosmic prison
  • Players race against the clock but also against their insanity
  • Attractive artwork is bright and this features drawings to improve the feel of the gameplay
  • The rules of this game are simplified to make this game easy but the challenges keep players glued


Disney Villainous is one of the most satiating board games for 2 players. Apart from letting your play in a Disney-themed toybox, it has layered strategies that will keep you hooked on the game. This can be tricky to learn but the efforts are worth the while. Your goal is simple with a happy ending.

  • The game is deep and tactical
  • The game has gorgeous artwork
  • The rules of the game are often tough to understand
  • The mechanics of the game are based on the characters
  • There are tons of Disney Villainous expansions that you can try out

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