14 Best Board Games for Teenage Boy

Now that social distancing norms have left us spending maximum time with friends and family, it is probably the right time to start playing a new game. There are different kinds of fun games available in the market but you’ll find it hard to find out something that can be enjoyed on a game night.

As we know board games have become popular among teenage boys, we’ll give you a list of the best board games for teenagers. Here is a list of 14 games to take note of.

List Of Board Games for Teenage Boy

List Of Board Games for Teenage Boy


This game is not just easy to play and set up but it is also a fast-paced game that makes sure none of the players is left out. Players may move slower whenever they wish to discuss questions in detail.

  • The game has more than 300 cards and hence gives you endless possibilities
  • It is a great team-building game that lets you have a good session of laughter and giggles with your friends
  • Each player gets a turn to play the role of a judge and this helps in decreasing boredom in the game
  • The ‘Would You’ questions are fun and exciting and can open up a great conversation


Do you remember the card game ‘Apples to Apples’? with this game, matching card games became highly popular but this game is a step ahead of the others. It is an ideal game for players who aren’t scared of playing in an inappropriate way. This game can surely evoke laughter and is ideal for adult humor.

  • Great game for a bigger group of players
  • The actual set contains both ridiculous and sensible rules
  • Expansion packs are available
  • There are 500 white cards and 100 black cards
  • Adult themes are not applicable for young teenagers


During this particular game, each player is important and has a specific role to play regardless of whether the team will make it off the island. Players have to gather sacred treasures. Through teamwork and open communication, players can spend the moves helping the team progress and heighten chances of winning.

  • A fun game that needs a specific strategy to play
  • Modular board is different every time you play the game
  • Players should work with each other to capture treasures
  • With the rise in waters, players should fight to remain on dry ground
  • Setting the difficulty level at a beginner’s level will make it great for beginners


Have you heard of games where players hurt other characters? This is the one for those who think of a game that has something different to offer. There is dark humor in the game which will definitely appeal to teenagers.

  • Players play the role of family members, where they make others suffer before they die
  • By cheering the characters of the opponents, you can improve the stand of the game
  • In this game, each character makes the others suffer
  • Card design makes seeing modifiers to the card in an easy way


Did you ever wish to move deep into the jungle? If yes, you’ll just love this suspense along with the drama that the game offers. This game can be played in several ways and has many decisions which players should make.

  • Players act in the form of a team of explorers who are searching for someone lost
  • If you choose the wrong path, this leads to death
  • You have to decide carefully as ammunition and food may run out
  • Tempting drawings on the cards add an element to the game
  • Players may choose to play solo or cooperatively


If you’re a zombie fan, you’re definitely going to love this game. The game is played between one to six players and in the game, every second count. Within the given time, you have to survive the zombie apocalypse. Each of the decisions plays a vital role in whether or not the team will survive. In this game, each moment will count.

  • There are 10 scenarios to choose from, there is a high replay value
  • You can use various boards that fit the abilities of the players
  • The modular map tiles make sure that the game is not set up in the same way twice


It is never easy to remain alive when you’re faced with a score of zombies, particularly on a modular board. The zombie players have to attack their opponents and eat them up. This is a perfect game for two to six players and can have a great replay value.

  • The game has a long playtime of 60-90 minutes
  • Heroes fight against zombies in this survival horror game
  • Players decide to be heroes or zombies in this game
  • Has expansion packs to turn the game into a more involving one
  • Has a cinematic feel


Any teenager who has dreamt of conquering the world will definitely love this funny and exciting game. Though the gameplay is a bit slow yet it needs a lot of willingness and concentration to risk the things that you win. The key is to take enough time to plan an attack.

  • Players compete against each other to conquer the world through conquest
  • Includes 12 secret missions to accelerate the game
  • Moving and rolling armies let players advance their teams
  • A strategic game requires a perfect plan to win and patience is the key


Once you start playing this game with the thick premium cards, you’ll get a great feel. Soon this game will turn into one of your hot favorites. This game has fast-paced action and is not ideal for the younger generation but teenagers will love it.

  • Perfect game for teenagers above 17 years of age
  • Players compete to make the funniest memes of their friends
  • There are 360 caption cards and 75 photo cards that can be endlessly reused for creating memes
  • Great for about 20 players


This is yet another fun game that tests the number of players who are aware of the conspiracy theories and the cover-ups of the government. It seems easy enough to gain a matching set of cards by answering trivial questions.

  • It is an enjoyable game that tests whether the players have knowledge of digital conspiracies
  • QR code on every card lets players know more about the conspiracy theory
  • The game has 5 categories of conspiracies and hence is a surefire hit


There is a spin on this classic game as it pits players against one another while they fight their way through the game board. There are 27 Fortnite outfits from which you can choose and fun graphics and cards. Players will love the feel of the video game while playing with friends.

  • This game blends the action of classic Monopoly game along with popular video game
  • Gamers claim locations, they fight to survive and battle opponents
  • Fighting against opponents is easier
  • Well known locations are included
  • The last gamer of this game is the winner


Regardless of whether teenagers wish to play as a team or individually, this game will surely make other players struggle to memorize the fun facts. Thanks to the structure of gameplay that the players know how to answer questions without having to lose points. This can be a challenging part of the game.

  • There are more than 400 questions about things you should know
  • Fast game action makes sure all players are involved
  • Perfect game for at least 2 players
  • Great for teenagers with a competitive mind
  • Players lose points for the wrong answer


By using magical abilities, magic weapons, and spells, the players play together to move their way through a dungeon in search of treasure and monsters. The players are supposed to become more powerful by leveling up post the assassination of monsters. This makes them go deeper into the dungeon with the continuation of the game.

  • The game continues for about an hour
  • The game can be combined with several other D&D games
  • Players can work together to fight their way through battling dragons, dungeons, and other monsters in a quest for victory
  • Each player selects a different hero and uses the powers and benefits of the hero


This game has action cards that can definitely wreak havoc to your best-laid plans that keep everyone on their toes. The game called Goat Lords is an enjoyable game especially for teenagers who have a competitive set of minds. The humor and funny graphics of this game keep the gamers expecting more from each game.

  • It is an ideal game for 3-6 teenagers
  • Players compete with each other to become the lord of goats by owning the biggest herd of goats till the end of the game
  • The game evokes a lot of laughter and light-hearted fun
  • Giving birth to goats is another way of adding goats to your herd
  • Other gamers can choose to fight against each other to win herd of goats

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