14 Best Board Games for 8-Year-Old Boy

Are you someone who has long been trying to find the most appropriate board games for your 8-year-old child? Well, to be honest, it is a tricky choice as this is a confusing age range where the kids are no longer kids and not yet teens. If you’ve never found the right choice for your kid, you’re not alone.

Now that you’ve clicked on this post, all your doubts will be cleared as we will help you with a list of the 14 best board games that you can get for your 8-year-old child.

List of The Best Board Games for 8-Year-Old Boy

Best Board Games for 8-Year-Old Boy


This game called Classic Monopoly is a bit too advanced for boys who just turned 8 but it is a good option for families who wish to enjoy the game with their children. This is designed to be fun for both kids and parents. It is a fast-paced game.

  • A scaled-down version of the game has fast gameplay
  • Easy to understand
  • Counting is easy and fast due to the simple money system
  • Cute figures and gameboard will interest your boys
  • Transactions are simple and the system of buying property makes it fun for boys
  • Fun game for younger boys


This game has a setup that is easy though the game takes a long time to complete. 8-year-old kids who have an analytical bent of mind will love this game as they have to take the game slowly through different levels. All they have to do is move trucks and cars out of the way.

  • Classic strategy game which is perfect for players who can plan things on their own
  • There are 40 different challenges which are made for a long time
  • Players have to watchfully move through levels to work on challenges
  • Pieces are brightly colored


This game doesn’t only feature fast-paced action but also the easy turn system and card mechanics keep players moving fast. This means that the players, irrespective of their age, will find it easy to understand how the game works and how you can heighten the chances of winning the game.

  • Cards lead to basic counting and it is a perfect way to practice this skill
  • Includes bright cards, pawns, and gameboard
  • Easy directions make learning the game faster than other games
  • Digital content transforms the game into an immersive one
  • Players learn to strategize their pawns to fight against their opponents


This game shows how educational games can also be fun. Through this game, the boys will not just love to learn science facts but also act out gross things. This game is sure to evoke laughter. The funboard and other components can add to the excitement of the game and make sure it doesn’t turn boring.

  • Ideal for boys who prefer gross science
  • An engaging game as it includes acting out fun challenges
  • Perfect for up to 4 players
  • Topics include chemistry, astronomy, anatomy, biology, geology, and physics


Coding is undoubtedly one of the most vital skills that boys should have and this game helps you with the same. Once the boys play this game, they can easily understand the nuances of coding. They have to create code and use it to move the tokens across the board. When you can create a sequence, the token moves in the right order through the map.

  • Perfect for developing skills of critical thinking
  • There are multi-level challenges for boys
  • There are 60 solvable levels and 10 maps to select from
  • Durable tokens and clear instructions let the game last


This is indeed a perfect strategic game that demands deep thinking and analysis. Only one boy can play this game or enjoy it with others. It is by solving the clues on challenge cards that you can place cat tokens across the board to reveal the puzzle.

  • Thanks to clear instructions that the game is easy and fast
  • There are 40 challenges that range from beginner to expert
  • New players may choose from familiar puzzle style games
  • The challenges are different and have different clues that the players should consider
  • Sequential reasoning is needed to place cats across the table in multiple locations


Unlike the classic Trivial Pursuit game, this is a rather fun game for families with young kids. Thanks to the fun questions that the players will always stay on their toes. The game also brings forth lots of fun and laughter. It is a great game for family parties and can be enjoyed among a small group of friends.

  • Features 1200 questions and has a high replay value
  • Players can play in teams or even separately
  • There are separate cards for kids and adults to help them enjoy the game
  • A fast-paced game that is ideal for 8-year-olds


The fantasy lovers will definitely love this fast-paced game which has clear-cut rules and beautiful artwork. The humor and wit that are captured in this game will make it an awesome option for families that have members with a great sense of humor. You can enjoy a laugh together.

  • Players get an option on each turn to grab a creature from opponents
  • This dice rolling game has a fast pace and is hence not boring
  • With 42 cards, the deck is changing constantly and hence has a high replay value
  • Simple rules make the game pretty easy to play


This is a fun game where kids compete with each other to become Wimpy Kid Champion. Players have to complete each of the challenges mentioned on the challenge cards. They move across the board to reach the last four spaces as fast as possible. Failing to complete the challenges will make you lose points.

  • Players should complete the challenges before time runs out
  • There are 90 game cards and original art is done by Jeff Kinney
  • Fun tokens make it easy for 6 players to play the game
  • Fast gameplay doesn’t allow boredom


When you can keep a secret from other players about the treasure that each player is rushing after, this strategic game makes the game even more difficult. The players are after a specific treasure but with a changing board and players blocking the path. The way to winning the game is tougher than you thought.

  • This constantly moving board makes it tough for players to grab their treasure
  • The board has simple illustrations for young kids
  • Has high replay value as the goals and the board change with each game
  • Thick cards make the pieces durable enough


The non-readers and also seasoned players can enjoy this fast-paced game. Most boys love the idea of playing with robots and hence looking for the right head for each body becomes fun. It is a perfect way of sharpening your visual abilities without the boy realizing how much he is learning in the process.

  • Players have to work to match heads with robot bodies
  • They use the Robot Randomizer and look for a match where players can find the right head as soon as possible
  • The game has 120 different robot heads and 20 scoring tokens which make the game fun and interactive


It can be tough to get the boys playing this board game, particularly if they love spending time with their electronics. This is a fun board game that can definitely capture the imagination of any baseball fan. This game offers opportunities for balance and social interaction.

  • Ideal for baseball fans who can’t play the game during the offseason
  • Relies on chance and strategy and this means that nobody can predict the result
  • Offers advanced and basic play options to keep players glued to the game
  • Flexible rules are easy to understand and can be changed accordingly


With this game, the boys can not just get a chance to express their creative side but can also make their own video game rooms. This game makes this a great option for the boys who wish to learn how to code and create their personal games.

  • It is a perfect alternative to playing usual video games, this board game lets boys to build their own
  • The free companion app is easy to use and lets the game be played on-the-go
  • Digital and physical tools are used to allow the creation of enjoyable games
  • There are 320 blocks included in the game to make levels easy


The second edition of Stare is a junior board game that features new images and large cards. This is an effective game in helping children improve their ability to concentrate, think with enhanced imagination, and also develop memory skills.

  • There is a total of 960 questions available in the board game
  • The game includes 160 image cards, a sand timer, playing pieces, and die
  • The game improves concentration among children
  • Helps with social skills
  • Few questions might be slightly difficult for 8-year-olds

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