14 Best Board Games for 6 or More Players

Did you just arrange a game night with five or six of your friends? If yes, you must be wondering about which games to choose that will be perfect for 6 or more players. Six players can at times be an awkward number as far as board games are concerned. You could either split the group among two groups or find out apt games to play with 6 players.

So, if you’re someone who is looking for the best board games for a group of 6 or more players, you’re at the right place. Keep reading.

Best Board Games for 6 or More Players To Play

Board Games for 6 or More Players To Play


Each player has to command one among 17 civilizations and gradually move towards conquering the universe. Through political allegiances, moves, trade, and warfare, players can eventually conquer the board and also their rivals.

  • The game has more than 1000 components and has a high replay value with 6 people
  • Great for people above 14 years of age who are ready for a long game
  • Random set up of board makes sure that the game is never the same
  • The game has innovative features that demand players to make strategic decisions
  • The game needs impressive storytelling and proper strategy


All players who enjoy the game should be aware of the religion, diplomacy, policies, and economic of 1517 to 1555 in Europe. This is one of the best board games that can be played as a 3–4-hour tournament or in the form of an entire campaign for twice the duration.

  • This game was set during the Reformation period of European wars
  • The game is involving due to army composition, detailed economics, and siege systems
  • There are 110 color strategy cards which add to the fun and thrill of the game
  • Players should consider the exploration and religious conversion and more


Though the base game works up to 5 players, yet by adding expansions, you can let in more players to participate in battles. This game is a fast-paced game with impressive components and cards. The game is never boring as there are interesting aliens to select from.

  • The game has 100 plastic ships along with 50 alien races and it can never be boring
  • Players can play this game for up to 2 hours
  • Each planet is under the control of someone else till the battle begins
  • Players are supposed to control alien civilizations throughout the galaxy


It has never been an easy task to fight against a corrupt government, particularly when there are spies working in the government. This game is not just demanding but also tricky with its premium deduction elements and social elements.

  • In this game, every player is specifically involved till the end of the game
  • There is no boredom in the game
  • The playtime is short, for about 30 minutes and hence can be considered a fast-paced game
  • Players need to be confident about lying to opponents
  • Players play the role of resistance fighters who are working against a government that’s corrupt


All party games usually are not blessed with a high replay value but this one is. This game has been particularly designed in an easy way so that the rules are clear. The clear-cut rules are simple for odd and even number of players who can join the game. As there are different rules, players are on their toes.

  • As there are more than 800 titles, this is a nice game for parties
  • Players should guess the names of TV shows, famous books, movies, songs, and more
  • Includes rules that keep the game going
  • The game divides the players into teams that let teams compete against each other


The game needs players to build and plan their personal track and also learn how to control and manipulate the car to win the game. This is a fast game and an ideal option for young players who love enjoying. Thanks to the fast action that the players will remain intrigued throughout the game.

  • Each player needs to build their car and this has an element of design
  • By changing the technique of flicking and adjusting, players can improve their winning chances
  • Players move forward to flick their cars down the track
  • Made of wood and is hence durable


This is a game where players will love the capacity to alter the political scenario of the game to better suit their goals. They can control the political and military setup and grab deals. The game is pretty fast-paced for ambitious players.

  • An ancient Roman theme makes this game perfect for history lovers
  • Provides you around 5 hours of play
  • Enticing art makes players engrossed in the game
  • Players compete against each other to control the Senate
  • Each player has to balance their ambitions and also the welfare of the Senate


The board of this game has been created with the help of tiles, it is always changing and is different. This adds to the pressure and fear that the gamers feel while playing. There are 44 room tiles to select from and 80 cards that can affect your play. It is a rather stressful game that players will love.

  • Stress is reduced as it is a cooperative game
  • Special tokens and painted plastic figures bring back life into the game
  • There is a perfect blend of horror and strategy in this game where people will keep guessing


You can not just play this game on your own but you can also play with added vampire and werewolf games to increase the stress and the number of battles. This is a great game that has simple rules and which lets bigger groups to start playing the game.

  • As the players may select new roles on games, it has high replay value
  • All players in this game have a certain role to play
  • There is a secret night phase that demands players to change roles
  • Players are constantly trying to find out who is the werewolf among them


As the name of the game suggests, you can well understand that this is a city-building game where you have to tackle resources and try to expand your control. You can choose from several characters and fine art on all the cards. This is undoubtedly an engrossing game to play.

  • The new version includes 12 districts and 9 new characters
  • Players compete with each other to be the Master Builder
  • The game can be easily adjusted and hence enjoyed by younger players
  • By building districts and gathering gold, players can impress the monarchy
  • Plotting and scheming are encouraged in this game


Unlike the other games which need military domination and expansion, the simple design of this game is something that makes it appealing and difficult. Players should know where to plant the beans and should also try to sell few beans to opponents.

  • Each player has to collect maximum beans to sell for gold
  • There are 154 bean cards and this means that the players can easily pack their fields and make them full of beans
  • By collecting and trading beans, players pack maximum growth within smaller fields
  • Strategy is vital while planning to plant beans in fields


This game is a strategic game for players who wish to compete against each other to have control of robots. If you can select the kind of robots and keep in mind the obstacles that are on their way, players can move across the board to reach their targets.

  • The playtime of this game is short within 30 minutes
  • Ideal game for a maximum of 16 players all at once
  • Players should learn how to heighten their moves to move the robots to their destination
  • Color-coded targets are the main objectives of each robot, thereby creating havoc on boards


This game called Diplomacy demands few players keep a strong alliance to win a game. Once you play this game, you’ll find subtle struggles to achieve the power to be a common strategy.

  • It is a classic game that deals with treachery, intrigue, and trust, which is perfect for seasoned players
  • Players can control Europe only by forming a strong alliance
  • Players are all set in Europe and they can make allegiances to put control over the continent
  • This is both a competition and cooperation game which is easy to learn
  • The game is interesting and engaging


Medici was a game that was first published in 1995 and again republished in 2016. In this game, players will try to gain maximum points at the completion of three rounds by acquiring lots of goods to load onto the cargo ship.

  • As per the turn of the player, he can reveal a maximum of 3 cards from the draw deck
  • Points are money and hence players bid points to gain goods cards
  • Each player bids once during the auction and hence players only have one chance to give their highest bid

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