14 Best Board Games for 10-Year-Old Boy

Were you having a hard time finding out the best board games for your 10-year-old kid? If yes, you’re here for some exciting and useful information.

Considering the pandemic situation that the country is going through, kids are locked up in their homes to stop spreading the virus. But how are they going to spend their time apart from studying? Well, you can certainly introduce the best board games that are age-appropriate for them.

We have compiled a list of the best board games for your 10-year-olds. Have a look at your options.

Exciting Board Games for 10-Year-Old Boy

Exciting Board Games for 10-Year-Old Boy


While there are multiple fast-paced board games in the market that can make your boy feel pumped up, Azul comes as a slow-paced alternative. This game is perfect when played between 2 and 4 players and uses a relaxing strategy. You need a lot of planning to create an appropriate tile layout and score points.

  • Tile drafting game is not boring as it needs strategic players
  • Players gain additional points depending on the placement of tiles
  • Bright designs and colors imitate Moorish tiles
  • Unused or wasted tiles will hamper your score
  • Creating patterns raise a player’s score


In this game, there are teams of delvers who move around mountains, caverns, islands and forests to keep back the ruins to their actual place to retain their power and beauty. Players can get control over the board and win by enhancing the ruins and claiming them.

  • Players have to keep their teams on different ruins to be able to claim them
  • The key is to understand how to place dice and move them for control
  • By building palaces, players can work to restore the gorgeousness of the ruins
  • The End of Age card shows time to be running out and hence players can succeed faster


Unlike some other games which are a bit complex, this game needs a shrewd strategy. The game involves players who keep trying to guess the forthcoming moves of the competitors. This makes each game a huge challenge. There are funny illustrations that add a unique feel to the game.

  • It is a dynamic yet simple game that is great for two players
  • No matter whichever team you think of representing, players should come up with tactics and strategies
  • Players may choose to become dinosaurs or scientists
  • Players can take the upper hand with a little bit of warning


This can be a tricky game for players to know how to bring about a balance in building their empire while preventing the opponents from succeeding. You can learn how to strategize in tackling moves and the different steps that are required to be taken to control the overall game.

  • A unique draft system that is perfect for one-to-one play
  • Players should not just concentrate on building their empire but also sabotage the opponent
  • The small deck of 18 cards will make it tough for players to build their civilization
  • There are 3 rounds of play within which you can build your empire


This is yet another simple game that is quite easy to understand. Thanks to the advanced strategy that players need to utilize for winning the game, the game becomes a bit complex for 10-year-olds. However, players looking for a strategic game will love this streamlined game collection.

  • Shorter duration game and hence is ideal for boys with a short attention span
  • Includes premium quality pieces which are attractive
  • The players set up a trade route to look for the jewels and goods found all over the world
  • The more powerful merchant you become, you can improve your trading


You can play this game called sequence in teams and it is always a perfect option for adults to play with their boys so that they can improve their skills. IN the game, players have to form a sequence of 5 cards without communicating with each other.

  • Players may play on their own or work within a team to score sequences off the board
  • Great strategic game to enhance STEM skills among young boys
  • Wild cards make the game more interesting and can excite the players
  • A blend of tokens and cards make the game immersive and exciting


This is a very popular word-building game that not only requires skill but also creativity and holdover spellings to form new words. Players should also know how to add the score. You have to focus on the additional bonus spots on the board and this lets players improve their score fast.

  • The classic game is perfect for learning to spell and improving vocabulary
  • It is a perfect game for boys who are not good at spellings
  • Premium quality and durable components
  • Different letters’ scores vary from each other
  • The board is ever-changing and is hence not monotonous


In this game, the player who can reach 10 points before the deadline of the game is the clear winner. However, each player can take their own course to success. By starting to build roads and upgrade settlements, players try to gradually take over the board and increase their chance of winning.

  • Each of the players is adventurer who are trying to tame the land
  • Through lucky dice, trading, and cards, players are able to find resources with the help of which they can attain success
  • Players work hard to prevent the opponents from getting resources
  • Random games each time make it less boring


Regardless of what kind of role a player plays, they are definitely going to have fun as the game is not just fast-paced but immersive too. It is easier to locate the murderer when multiple players cooperate. But only the determined players win the game.

  • This is an investigation game which means that all the players in the game will either win or lose
  • This is perfect for a larger group and will support till 7 players
  • One player will help the other players in locating the culprit
  • The game has an immersive storyline that involves the kids


This game called Photosynthesis is not only fun but it is also striking at the same time. You have to be carefully cultivating trees so that they can grow to their largest size. This will give you an added benefit over your competitors. You can gain energy from the sun and collect points.

  • Great game for players who are in love with nature
  • Players have to plant trees
  • They have to know where and how to plant trees so as to earn points
  • Blocking others from the light will help you gain points
  • Games are different each time


As and when the player improves in learning the game, they learn how to make complex decisions about the game. This way they can score points and get an edge over the opponents. This game is not as fast-paced as the other games and hence it needs a lot of planning.

  • A strategic game that is perfect for abstract thinkers who prefer thinking in a different manner
  • Lining the tiles in rows and groups lets players in scoring points
  • 108 wooden tiles have various shapes and colors, making it a lovely game
  • Tactical planning is the key to winning the game
  • Simple rules can be understood easily


Unlike few other board games, this is a little intense and serious. It is a great game that can make everyone laugh their lungs out. There are many fun cards to choose from and an array of monsters whom you may defeat, this game has a rather too high replay value.

  • If you’re a fan of the Munchkin game, this one’s great for you
  • It offers you around 2 hours of gameplay
  • A large board is perfect for extended games
  • Players may choose to work together or kill their friends
  • There are 6 colored tokens that represent each player


This is a super fun game that can be played by the entire family along with the 10-year-old kids. You’ll need 4-10 people to play this game and it is great in teaching social and communication skills to your kid. One player of a team utters a word with which the other team has to think of a song that includes the word. The song has to be sung out loud.

  • The game is ideal for enhancing your social communication skills
  • Helps you develop your teamwork abilities
  • Can be tough at times
  • Perfect game for long parties


This game comes with 160 image cards, playing pieces, one game board, a sand timer, and a total of 960 questions. Hence, you can be sure that kids will love playing this game for a certain period of time. This board game asks many questions and uses image cards for getting the right answer.

  • This game improves social skills
  • It improves your ability to concentrate
  • Develops your memory skills
  • Helps in improving concentration
  • The waiting period is long for other players

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