13 Fantastic Board Games that Start with K

Hey there! Are you trying to find board games that start with K? Well then, you’re in luck. We’ve listed out 14 of the best board games that start with K and that you probably didn’t hear of. Keep reading to know more.

13 Fantastic Board Games that Start with ‘K’

Fantastic Board Games that Start with K


  • Each player is a Lord who needs to extend their region and area.
  • While players need to investigate regions around them to track down the best area to assume control over, they additionally must know about different rulers who are searching for a similar property.
  • By interfacing dominos with land plans on them to their current realm, players can gradually begin to assume control over the board.
  • As players place tiles, they make the game board, and they need to place their crowns on the tiles to get them and to keep different players from having the option to catch the domain.
  • Once every player has occupied a 5×5 space, then, then the points are counted dependent on interfacing tiles and crowns.


  • Not just is this game extremely straightforward and to begin playing, however, the interactivity is quick and engaging, which assists with keeping everybody included.
  • Players can own magnetic pucks that they need to flick across the game board to score whatever points would be prudent.
  • By repulsing, pushing, or drawing in different pucks, players can impact the score and attempt to keep their adversaries from winning.
  • Puck clusters are not difficult to make, because of the attractive properties of the pucks, and they permit players to twofold, triple, or fourfold their scores.

Kings of Israel

  • Set in Israel before obliteration from Assyria, this game is agreeable and requires all players to cooperate to assist with eliminating icons and evil from the country.
  • Players go about as prophets and need to eliminate evil, form special altars, and battle against Assyria.
  • There are 4 stages during each round, which makes gameplay exceptionally straightforward, in any event, for new players.
  • If the players can cooperate to assemble enough specially raised altars in the country before the finish of the game, then, at that point they win.
  • Players lose when Assyria annihilates Israel or when they run out of icons or sin cubes.


  • Since the board is made by players laying tiles, no 2 games will at any point be something similar.
  • Players compete to move their pioneer pawns to the sanctuaries to procure points, however coming, they can gather points by getting things from the ways.
  • The game is over when one player has the entirety of their pilgrims at their temples or when the last tile of the game has been set.
  • Navigating through the wilderness is troublesome and takes a great deal of focus; in any case, players will not have the option to get to the sanctuaries rapidly enough to win.
  • There are numerous impasses coming, which can hinder players and cause them to lose time.


  • Inspired by painted Katsushika Hokusai, this game has exquisite fine art that is motivating and adds to the happiness regarding the game.
  • Players contend to attempt to make the most lovely work of art out of all the contenders.
  • As supporters of this popular painter, players work to extend their studios and make amicable prints by focusing on changes on the planet and the seasons.
  • Players alternate choosing to take cards or to pass with expectations of improving ones and afterward use them to further develop the composition they are chipping away at or add them to their studio to update capacities.


  • In this 2-player game, rivals have cards that they need to use to make spans between the 12 islands on the map or to eliminate bridges that their adversaries have set.
  • When a player has most of the bridges around a specific island then they can put their marker on it and eliminate the extensions from their rival.
  • Strategy is significant, as eliminating bridges from one island can make a player lose the larger part on another.
  • There are 3 rounds in the game and everyone closures when all cards that were face down are utilized and the face-up cards have been guaranteed.
  • If a player doesn’t have any bridges on the board, then, at that point the game is finished; else it is over when each of the 3 rounds is done.


  • This quick round of retention is fun and ideal for players 6+.
  • Not just is the craftsmanship delightful, yet the distinctions can be exceptionally inconspicuous, which makes it hard to differentiate between some of them.
  • There are 3 rounds in the game and every player has coins that they can lose when attempting to wager whether there are similar veils in a heap.
  • Accusers who predict that there are masks in a heap can take coins from different players in case they are right, or they will lose a coin in case they are incorrect, which makes focusing staggeringly significant.
  • Rounds end when a player runs out of coins or the deck runs out, and the player who has the most points complete after every one of the 3 rounds is the victor.

Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot

  • This expandable game expects players to attempt to gather carrots, trusting that one they gather will be the enchantment carrot.
  • In expansion to gathering carrots, players need to zero in on keeping their rabbits alive, while simultaneously attempting to kill the ones their adversary’s control.
  • Players must be in charge of a living rabbit when all carrots are asserted or, more than likely they won’t get an opportunity of winning.
  • There is a wide scope of weapons in the game, and some are considerably more remarkable and will actually want to cause more harm than others.
  • With 165 cards, it’s not difficult to chase for carrots, secure your own bunnies, and assault rivals with an end goal to dominate the match.

Key Harvest

  • This middle age farming game expects players to have a characterized procedure to score the most points interfacing fields and developing harvests.
  • Players need to gauge how significant certain field tiles are at the point at which they are building their fields, as they need to offer for them and may need to offer against different players.
  • While there are 4 potential activities that a player can take, they can just take 2 on each turn, and each activity must be performed once a turn.
  • Actions incorporate putting specialist tiles, setting field tiles, and gathering crops.
  • The sturdy and brilliantly shaded tiles are intended to endure being flipped and moved without wearing out or fraying.


  • By outfitting the forces of old Egyptian divine beings, players attempt to win in fights and to attack different regions.
  • There are typically 8 or 10 points to win, and players can acquire these through controlling temples, winning assaults, controlling pyramids, making penances, and having supernatural forces.
  • There are 2 stages to the game – day and night – and players need to pick activities during the day and assemble supplication focuses during the evening
  • There are extremely definite miniatures included with the game, which makes it difficult more sensible, yet in addition considerably more amusing to play.

Kill Doctor Lucky

  • This game appears to be like Clue, yet is really a reversal.
  • Players are altogether contending to see who can kill Doctor Lucky and not get caught.
  • All players need to plan to figure out how to make their endeavor on his life stealthily, or they hazard going to prison.
  • During the game, players move around the mansion attempting to accumulate murder weapons.
  • Using murder weapons in the right area will make the assault on Doctor Lucky more grounded and bound to succeed.
  • With disappointment cards to frustrate adversaries from having the option to assault and development cards to endeavor to be distant from everyone else with Doctor Lucky, players should have an extraordinary system as a top priority when choosing how, when, and where to assault.


  • Designed to just last around 15 minutes, the quick play on this game is invigorating for more youthful players, which implies that they will be cheerful playing with grown-ups.
  • The 11 splendid plastic kangaroos and the solid and appealing cards make certain to make the game more captivating for all players.
  • There isn’t any language reliance in this game, which is the reason it’s a particularly extraordinary alternative for players who are 6+.
  • Every player attempts to get however many kangaroos as would be prudent using capable play from the cards in their grasp.
  • In expansion to getting kangaroos, players should shield the ones that they have gotten, again utilizing cards that they have.

Kill the Overlord

  • The player who is the overlord is the ruler in this game, however different players, who are the subjects, are plotting murder.
  • The major parts in this game should attempt to send the killer from the overlord after their rivals, while as yet attempting to avoid their direction.
  • When a player bites the dust, the entirety of the survivors move up the political stepping stool, taking the title, influence, and abundance of the expired.
  • The player who can take both the title and the abundance of the overlord will turn into the champ of the game.
  • While the game mechanics may appear to be interesting to comprehend from the start, the game moves rapidly once the standards are perceived.

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