13 Board Games To Play With Teens

There are few things in life that never lose their charm, no matter how old you get. Board games are one of them. Though it is true that current day kids won’t play Chutes and Ladders as they did when they were just five years old but there are a plethora of board games that you can gift your teenagers.

No, that doesn’t mean that Sorry and Monopoly will lose their appeal but with the brand-new games in the market, teens can open up their chances of crazy adventure and fun. Finding the best board games needn’t always be difficult as there are thousands to choose from.

If you’ve been trying to find the best board games for your teenager, here’s help for you. Here is a list of the 13 best board games for teens.

List Of Best Board Games To Play With Teens

Board Games To Play With Teens


  • If you wanted a family-friendly version of ‘would you rather’, this is the one. Pick your Poison is a great game to play with young teens who are still not ready to play mature games.
  • With more than 300 cards, players will get a wide variety of card combinations.
  • The game sparks funny conversations among the players and makes the environment enjoyable.
  • Each round has a judge who will decide which of the players played the best.
  • The judge will then select his favorite poison and the winner automatically gets a point.
  • All players get a chance to play the judge’s role.


  • This board game is perfect for teens who love pop culture and enjoy memes. However, the game is also interesting for the whole family.
  • Players work hard to design the funniest meme by combining a photo card with other caption cards.
  • The judge takes out a photo card and the others choose caption cards which according to them is the funniest fit.
  • All players take turns in being a judge.
  • The judge decides who showed the funniest card and this person automatically wins the round and grabs a point.
  • The player who won maximum rounds will win.


  • Being a strategy-based game, it is of extreme interest to players. Players have to collect unicorns to build their unicorn armies and later on utilize the same to destroy opponents.
  • This game is ideal for kids above 14 years of age.
  • It has a gameplay of 30-45 minutes and hence won’t be a boring game.
  • Each person will collect 7 unicorns to form his army and their turn will comprise playing and drawing cards.
  • By playing a card, players can add unicorns to armies, utilize magic to move ahead, and upgrade their stables.


  • Adults and teens who prefer smartphones will love playing this kind of board game which requires them to match their skills and wits against each other.
  • Apart from being able to complete digital searches efficiently, players can also take on new challenges using their smartphones.
  • There are a total of 1200 challenges or questions which implies that this game can be played for a pretty long time and this has high replay value.
  • The game involves rolling a dice, choosing a card, and trying to answer the question and take on the challenge.
  • Players who are confident with their phone doesn’t require any special skill.


  • There is a Spy Master in this game and also operatives who are trying to communicate with spy teams.
  • Setting up the game takes few minutes but then lets Spy Master check which spies are of which player.
  • The Spy Master has one-word clues for the players and tries to reveal his spies without contacting the spies of the opponent, regular people, or even the assassin.
  • Each player takes turns in contacting his spies but they should focus on the whole game.
  • When a player reveals the murderer, he automatically becomes the loser.


  • This game is ideal for teenagers who love advanced board games but who are not ready to compete with others.
  • This is a cooperative game that demands the gamers to work with each other so that they can contain the spread of deadly diseases.
  • The players will play a unique role that allows them different abilities and skills that should be used to keep an edge above others.
  • Players have four actions that can be completed in their turn. As one set of players handles the disease, another new set helps in spreading the disease.
  • Players may lose together or win together.


  • This one is a classic game but at the same time, it is a tough board game.
  • The rules of the game are easy to understand and the reward is pretty high for teenagers.
  • Players have pieces that are placed on the board and these pieces represent the armies.
  • Each player moves his or her armies around the world to take over areas and defeat his opponents.
  • Battles between opponents can be completed by rolling dice and the winner can move his piece to a definite zone.
  • Before each one gets their turn, players can add more armies to the board.


  • Each player will own a marker, a sketchbook, and a word card.
  • By rolling the dice, players will decide on the word that they draw and then begin drawing till the 60-second timer is on.
  • As the 60 second time ends, the players will pass on their books towards the left and each player tries to predict what has been drawn.
  • At this point of the game, players have to inform each other what they were actually drawing.
  • This game doesn’t need great artistic skill but this is fun no matter how well you draw.
  • This game is similar to the game of ‘telephone’ without any drawing.


  • This game is somewhat similar to Russian Roulette but it is much cuter and more fun. It is an ideal game for beginners and for game nights with 2-5 friends. Nevertheless, even 9 players can play if needed.
  • There are a total of 56 cards in the deck and all of them are of premium quality which is built in a durable way.
  • There are cards within the deck that let you peek ahead to make sure you don’t suddenly draw one exploding kitten.
  • There are other perk cards which include ones that let you shuffle the deck or force another player to draw more than one card.


  • This is a card game that is ideal for 3-6 players who compete against each other who strive to create a big herd of goats.
  • You get an expansion available that gives you more intense gameplay.
  • While you need the luck to play this game, the players require having a fixed strategy as to when they’ll hold on to their cards.
  • Players can build their herds by gathering pairs of goat cards that match. Players also have to steal cards from their competitors before the pile becomes empty.
  • Players should know who and when to attack as this affects the total points you win while the game is over.


  • All players have a unique, new, and secret identity as the game begins.
  • Players try to get all items from their countries and then move to the winner’s square.
  • As the players are trying to get items that they need to win the game, they are simultaneously guessing the identity of other players.
  • When the player is not able to guess correctly, he is out of the game.
  • If a player correctly guesses the identity of his opponent, the opponent is out.
  • Players should focus on the actions of their opponents and try to bluff to increase the chances of winning the game

BACK & 4th

  • The game is perfect for teams and this makes it ideal for parties and large families.
  • Each team has got one minute playing on the timer when they start the game and players instantly begin to offer clues to their teammates.
  • Players give clues to their teammates in an effort to help them guess the card’s category.
  • There are several easy categories in the cards but some are tougher and will need advanced skills to succeed in the game.
  • The game continues with teams that try to guess categories till the timer runs out.
  • As one team is done, the next gets its turn, and the team which guesses the maximum categories gets a chance to move the piece on the board.


  • Escape rooms are highly popular and this game lets players enjoy the gaming experience from the comfort of their homes.
  • There are 4 types of 60-minute puzzles in this game and hence it is ideal for long game nights.
  • Players should use images, maps, words, shapes, gears, and keys to solve the puzzle.
  • The centerpiece counts down the total game.
  • When the game is too tough, the players may get a clue by showing a hint card towards the decoder.
  • The four rooms in the game vary in difficulty level and are great for beginners and advanced players.

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