11 Board Games Like Descent You May Not Have Seen Before

If you’re someone into board games, you’ll know that Descent is a dungeon-crawler epic that fits perfectly into the collection of all board game adventures for several years now.

Hence, it makes absolute sense when you’re watching out for board games like Descent. You must have played the game a thousand times.

Now that you’ve started loving this game and you’re looking for board games that are similar to Descent, keep reading to know more about them.

Board Games Like Descent You May Not Have Seen Before

Unique Board Games Like Descent

Here are the names of 11 board games like Descent which might be new to you.

Prisons and Dragons: Wrath of Ashardalon

  • Perfect game for up to five players, though a single player can play it without anyone else and still get a great deal of satisfaction out of the time with the game.
  • Cooperative board game that permits players to cooperate, rather than contending with one another, which can be an invigorating difference in pace for individuals who would prefer not to fight.
  • Players investigate another land, visiting chambers and burrows lastly battling a red mythical beast in their journey to beat the game.
  • There are various situations to be appreciated with this game, which implies that you will not need to stress overplaying a similar game twice.
  • With testing journeys, top-notch parts, and something new each time you play the game, it’s not difficult to perceive how players can play this game again and again.

Quest: A Time of Heroes

  • Offers 60 to an hour and a half of interactivity for two to five players.
  • All of the parts are top-notch and have been planned explicitly for the game.
  • Contains 4 legend sheets, 25 coins, 3 quest master sheets, 1 map, 18 miniatures, 120 cards, and 5 experiences.
  • Players cooperate to work on the capacities of their characters, find fortune, and go face-off against sorcerers and heroes.
  • The Quest Master attempts the insight and expertise of the players.
  • Players need to address conundrums and battle adversaries together in the expectation that they will actually want to dominate the match.
  • Unlike other comparable games, this one is extremely simple for new players to learn and even has various undertakings for new players.

Warhammer Quest

  • Great game for somewhere in the range of one and four players, offering players the opportunity to investigate prisons and quest for interesting fortunes.
  • Unlike numerous different games, this is a helpful game that permits players to collaborate and cooperate, making it simpler to win and to fight bigger beasts and animals.
  • Based on the exemplary dungeon crawl, players use experience cards to investigate and fight.
  • All players need to cooperate with their cards to attempt to win.
  • Even however it is viewed as a deck-building grade, this game takes into consideration a great deal of character redesigning and can wind up being truly challenging.
  • There are five fundamental situations for players to appreciate, just as two distinct ways.
  • With four legends to browse, players can partake in a great deal of replay without playing a similar game again and again.


  • Players can select to play the game according to the point of view of the marine or trespassers.
  • The player decks are largely adjustable, which permits players to endeavor to work on their player’s capacities and will enhance the game.
  • The initiation stages are randomized, which makes them substantially more erratic and charming.
  • Thanks to the always-changing fight conditions, players should have the option to think and react quickly, act rapidly, and make acclimations to their arrangements to encounter the best result.
  • The unbalanced activity of this game keeps everything fascinating and guarantees that all players will remain mindful of the game.
  • The figures are completely nitty-gritty and alluring, and since they can be painted once the game is bought, it’s not difficult to redo this game much more to make it really your own.

Level 7 Omega Protocol

  • Includes 37 plastic figures to be utilized with the game.
  • Players can select to assume responsibility for the outsiders and work to take out the group of commandos.
  • The other alternative is to play as the world-class group of commandos who are clearing and afterward clearing an underground office trying to free it of any outsiders.
  • Two to six players can partake in this semi-helpful game that is science fiction based and loaded up with strategic firefights and fights.
  • Mission books are exceptionally careful, creating this a game that anybody can appreciate, regardless of whether they haven’t played Escape to Omega Protocol previously.
  • Players have more power over the commandos than they do the outsiders, yet interactivity remains somewhat adjusted between the over-burden and all of the players.
  • Players need to utilize action points before any turns.

Star Wars: Imperial Assault

  • There are two games included, one that is an encounter game, and the other that is a mission game.
  • Players can choose to either order storm troopers or to be a saint from the Rebellion, contingent upon what side they need to be on.
  • Players in the skirmish mode will battle about destinations, attempt to win head-on-head fights, and endeavor to clear out their rivals.
  • With a surplus of 30 missions to browse, it’s simple for players to play various games consecutively without getting exhausted or playing a similar game once more.
  • There are numerous extension packs that incorporate plastic figures, two extra conflict missions, and a mission side mission.
  • Figures can be painted or left unpainted, contingent upon the time that you need to plan to play and how rapidly you need to begin a game.


  • An overlord rules followers, and somewhere in the range of one and four different players will battle against them in a journey to ensure the city.
  • There is a wide range of situations that players can appreciate, all with wizardry and battle, to keep players inspired by the game.
  • With staggering maps, stunning situations that are intriguing and top to bottom, and noteworthy battle mechanics, this game has a smidgen of everything for everybody.
  • Players have energy diamonds that they can use to cooperate with the world, move, or assault, and can likewise lose these pearls when they are injured.
  • All players should know about the number of energy diamonds they have remaining so they will have a system for the remainder of the game.


  • The players of this game will shape a gathering who depend on the situation book to make various undertakings and situations.
  • Unlike different games, players can select to rather play any uncovered situation in the game as an independent encounter without demolishing or disturbing by and large interactivity.
  • Each player is a meandering soldier of fortune who has their own arrangement of particular abilities and their own purposes behind making a trip to this space, so every player has their own inspiration.
  • Heroes aren’t stale, as players can upgrade their capacities as they plunder, loot, investigate new regions, and settle on choices about their future.
  • The game is intended to be played over a progression of various gaming meetings so the storyline will proceed.

Arcadia Quest

  • Unlike other comparable games, there is certifiably not a game expert in this game, which implies that all players will play like the legends.
  • Designed for two to four players to appreciate 45 to an hour of play.
  • This is a game with a particular mission framework, which implies that as players play through various situations they will start to see the Guilds gradually recover the city for which they are battling.
  • Combines PvP and PvE gameplay, so players need to battle the beasts on the board, yet additionally, different players, which keeps the game from becoming exhausting or players from becoming smug.
  • Players need to make their own Guilds with various legends and take them on a mission that is loaded up with various situations, so no two games are ever something very similar.

Super Dungeon Explore

  • Offers two methods of play with the goal that players can all the more likely modify their gaming experience.
  • The typical mode has one individual who plays as the prison ace and is accountable for controlling and moving all the beasts on the board.
  • In the arcade mode, the game has irregular bringing forth points for the beasts, and a prison ace isn’t needed.
  • All of the figures should be collected prior to playing, which a few players love, as it permits them to truly interface with the game.
  • The rules are simple and straightforward, settling on this is an incredible decision for players who are new to this kind of game.
  • Players need to have a methodology for how they will dominate the match and furthermore should make changes to their arrangements as the beasts move around them.

TMNT: Shadows of the Past

  • This is a battle-filled, situation-driven game where players embrace the job of their #1 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or can decide to play as Shredder.
  • There are various distinctive 60 to an hour and a half missions that players will fight their direction through.
  • As players progress they can make changes to their characters and work on their battling styles, qualities, and gear that they use during a fight.
  • Great for up to five players, yet in the event that you play with short of what one individual might have to bend over and take on more than one turtle to guarantee the most ideal play.
  • The player who is Splinter has a deck of cards that they use to pick their activities during the game.

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  1. Why is the writing so horrendous in this article? I’ve lost interest in nearly every one of these games just from the sometimes arduous explanations of the games themselves. The writer wastes so much time basically saying “Co-Op” or “Cooperative” when he could have said it to begin with and focused on more interesting aspects of each game.

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